November 25th, 2008



My friend (M) and I had lunch at Friday's a couple of weeks ago. From the start, the waiter was kind of sucky but not horrible. He brought us the wrong drinks twice before finally getting it right, but whatever. It was kind of hilarious because he would bring us something radically different each time. First it was orange soda and lemonade and then iced tea and Dr. Pepper. We'd ordered Diet Coke and Sprite. He brought out our mozzarella sticks with no sauce but brought the sauce out when asked. He brought out the meals with no problem. Whenever we needed something (refills, ketchup, etc.), he's nowhere to be found. It's not like he was even waiting on other people, only two other tables were being served and none of them were in his section. He's just gone. So we wait until he decides to resurface. He got us our drinks and a random cup of BBQ sauce that we didn't ask for.

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"I want to keep my job!"

So, story of my life. I went to Lane Bryant on a Sunday to pick up a few things, all in total around $104. I went home and threw everything, still in the bag, in the laundry room to be sorted and de-tagged the next time I did laundry. Of course, a coupon came in the mail on Monday for $25 off a $100 purchase. I've had this happen to me a few times and the store will simply give me cash/credit back in the amount of the coupon, so back to Lane Bryant I went with my still brand-new, still tagged, still folded and in the bag clothes.

I got up to the counter and said "Hi, I just got a coupon in the mail for twenty-five dollars off a hundred dollar purchase and I spent a little over a hundred here yesterday on these clothes. Can I get a credit back on my card or something like that?"

The employee said no, which I understood. What I didn't understand was the unbelievable attitude I got starting at that moment.  Head wagging, the "you're stupid" voice, eye rolling, the works.

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Hospital Billing Service Suck

I got into a car accident on Easter and had to go to the hospital as a result. About a month later, I received a bill for about $1,400 for services rendered. I called the number of the bill (which leads to their billing service) and gave my car insurance information along with my primary health care insurance information in the event that Geico would not cover any or all of the amount. The rep I spoke with told me that they would contact Geico, and if they rejected the claim or if there was still a balance due after Geico paid, it would go to Cigna automatically. However, I would still receive bills once a month during this time.

I did receive a bill once a month, and I also received phone calls from the billing service wanting to know why I hadn't paid yet. I always explained that they were waiting on Geico to accept or reject the claim, and then it needed to go to Cigna. The rep would always say something along the lines of, "Oh, right. OK." and then hang up.

It apparently took Geico forever to reject the claim, and then finally in July, I received a bill from the hospital with a zero balance, explaining that Cigna had covered the cost. I stopped receiving bills from the hospital.

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Tuffy Auto Repair Service

Backstory: My parents have been going to a particular auto service garage for as long as I can remember. I went to school with the owner's daughter, we weren't close but we played sports together. He's a little more expensive than some places, but because we're loyal customers and always sending people his way, he usually gives us some sort of break. For example, he no longer does free diagnostics, but for us that's standard, and on my car especially, he has a tendency to do little repairs for free or just parts.

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tl;dr: $1,222 versus $315, or nothing considering the repair I was quoted for didn't need to be done at all. And I'm wondering if they screwed up the last repair job they did for me.

Moral of the story? If you're in Ypsilanti, MI, take your car to Ed's garage. Amazing service even for the non-family, honest and they don't rip you off.