November 24th, 2008

Pottery Painting Harpy

This weekend I took my daughter to one of those pottery painting places to make a christmas ornament.

How it works is, When you walk in, you grab a piece of pottery you want to paint off the shelves on the wall, find a table and grab your brushes and other stuff.

Usually by that time the workers come up and ask how many are painting, take the price stickers and will give you a spiel about the basics of how the paints work and such. It's not uncommon that it takes them a while to get to you if the store is busy or they are in the middle of helping another customer with some lettering or something tricky.

So Saturday night, we walk in and the place is pretty crowded. Not to big of a deal. I think there was only two workers in the place. So we went right to the wall and had her pick out the ornament she wanted to paint. It was a simple small wreath.

As we looked around, there was an empty table so we sat down. My daughter then went off to get the paint and brushes.

She sat down and we started to paint. We've been there several times before, so we didn't need the explanation on how to get good coverage with the paints and such.

About half way through painting, a worker FINALLY shows up. She looks at me and says "You weren't seated by us?!?! You can't just sit down without talking to us first! THERE IS A WAITING LINE!

(note: there was NO "reserved" cards on the tables or anything to tell a walk in customer that there was a line. Yes the place was crowded, but it didn't look like anyone was standing around waiting for a place to sit)

So I asked her what she wanted me to do. She started on this circular conversation with herself "Well I can't ask you to leave cause SHE'S already started painting and it would be a waste! But you CAN'T just sit down anywhere if there is a WAITING LIST"

Over and over, round and round. My daughter is beetred from embarassment. I just kept asking the girl what she wanted us to do. Finally she just said..."HURRY UP". and then walked off.

It took us only about 10 more minutes to finish the ornament (total time in store...MAYBE a half hour)

As we got up, I noticed they WERE finally putting "Reserved" cards on tables, but there were also probably 2-3 other tables that were clean and empty.

Just made me so mad, and my daughter who LOVES to go to this place was embarrassed cause this girl was screeching at us. Ugh.
Ohmiya bathroom

Wtf, MSN Movies?

-waves- Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm glad that I'm posting here for some minor wtf, instead of some really bad_service. I think this was much more hilarious and confusion when it happened, kind of a you had to be there thing, but I'm posting it here anyway 'cause it was just so odd.


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tl;dr: My family goes out to see a Japanese film, only to end up watching a quite random British film due to a website mix up. Website e-mails me back, and invites Tiffany to leave further feedback if she so desires.
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Comcast email suck

So this morning I go to check my email, and it won't let me because my password apparently won't go through. Huh, I think. Okay. I quit and restart the mail program. Nope, still won't let me get my email. I wind up inputting my password, variations on my password (not capitalized, slightly different number, all that) about twenty five times. When this doesn't work (read: I get bored and frustrated), go to the Comcast site and eventually wind up in this little chat thing.

Well, about three analysts came and went before I got a dude I'll call Reggie.

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tl;dr: email stops working, I contact tech support, and tech support tells me that all my settings are wrong. When I prove that the settings are right, they declare that the entire problem must be on my end. Problem still not resolved.
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Community College Academic Counseling Suck!!!

This is partly a gripe with my academic counselor at school, and partly a plea for answers if anyone happens to have them.

I'm in my 2nd year at a community college, pursuing a B.A. in Liberal Studies and a multiple-subject teaching credential. I'm in California. There are tons of universities that offer an integrated program where you earn your degree and the credential at the same time.

So I go into my academic counselor to make sure I'm taking the right classes. I've taken almost all the classes from the CSU breadth requirements, but few pertaining to my major, Liberal Studies. I want to know whether I should take these classes now, or whether I can take them at the university.

First of all, I get there and sign in. Long story short, 6 or 7 people that got there AFTER me went to see the counselor BEFORE me. So I finally said something, and the receptionist says that my name was magically deleted off their list of names to call on the computer. What? So that sucked, but wasn't the bad part.

The bad part is that when I finally got to the counselor, he was so strange that I left more confused than I was before. Script format:

Me: *Long clarification of my major, my goals, the classes I've taken, etc - everything he needs to know here* Okay, so I've been taking these general ed classes, but NOT the Liberal Studies lower division classes... so should I take them now at community college, or can I take them at University? Basically, which classes should I be taking now?
Him: Well, that depends.
*awkward pause, as I wait for him to elaborate*
Me: ...on what?
Him: Well, what do you want to do?
Me: Uhh, be a teacher? *didn't I just explain this in detail...?*
Him: Are you sure you want to major in Liberal Studies? A lot of the kids I know that do that end up hating kids, and the degree is worthless elsewhere.
Me: @_@ Well I'll deal with that later, if it happens. Thank you for your concern. But uhh, can you tell me if I should be taking these classes now? Like, will I be able to declare a Liberal Studies major without taking these classes first? And if I go to University, can I take these classes there? If I do, will it take me longer to graduate?
Him: Well it's going to take you like, four more years anyway. What's another year?
Me: *confused* Uh, what?
Him: *blah blah, he tells me the integrated programs don't allow me to finish my degree and my credential in 2 years, lots of stuff that doesn't make sense*
Me: D: Well, regardless, can you tell me what classes I need to take in order to go to THIS particular university, and graduate with a BA in Liberal Studies??? Will the classes I've taken be enough, or do I need other ones?
Him: I generally don't like to tell students what to do.

Basically, it was a run around. And I have no idea what the heck is going on anymore. Haha. I have emailed the university I want to go to, but they are understandably slow at getting back to me.

I ended up spending over an hour in there when it should have taken like 10 minutes, had I been called in the right order and had he just answered my question.

So here's part two: any teachers or college students have any answers for me? I'm terribly frustrated now. :/ Also, if anyone can point me to any teaching forums, etc I'd appreciate it :D