November 23rd, 2008

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  • mikachu

When Waitresses Attack!

3 friends and I got out of a theatre performance late at night (around midnight) and went to an interesting rockabilly/yuppie 24 hour diner for some late night grub. It was pretty busy when we got their and a 10-15 minute wait turned into 30-45 minutes. They called our name just as we were about to leave.

Our waitress was cute and nice enough but as far as actually waitressing, she took our drink orders and then our food orders and that was it. She wasn't very attentive, but I guess that could be blamed on how busy they were? We ended up with a $45 check for the 4 of us and we just handed our share of money to the one guy in the group who left the money in the check book thing and we left. There was no rambunctiousness or messing up the table (as I've experienced when out to dinner with other friends of mine even at 20-22 years of age) and there were no excess demands of any sort.

Right as we're about to reach the car, she comes running out of the diner and down the block yelling "EXCUSE ME!! HEY! EXCUSE ME!" and proceeds to tell us that we didn't tip her enough and goes into a long-winded explanation of how her establishments does the tip pool and tips everyone out at the end of the night and with the tip we left her, she "essentially paid for us to eat there". There's was not asking if she'd done something wrong, she apparently just assumed she deserved more. I'm just too stunned with what she's done and the guy ends up giving her another $10 which I know ended her up with a +20% tip, because when he asked if she had change for a $10, she said she could give $2 back but it'd still only be "6%" ($6.75 would've been a 15% tip). One of the girls I was with is a waitress at a chain steak restaurant and even she was appalled and mentioned she would've been fire for doing such a thing.

It's really too bad she did that because I was sincerely planning on telling my husband about the place and return but I'm definitely not after that.