November 22nd, 2008

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I work in the security department at a local hospital. I was filing some of my old work emails and came across a complaint I sent to my managers in July regarding the Information Desk. Just as a quick note - we've part of a major healthcare network, so whenever we have a tech-related issue, we have to call in to the entire organization's offsite help desk, which then assigns problems to the in-house staff. The email posted below was sent on July 23. "*" indicates in-house IS staff.

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TL;DR - off-site IS help desk didn't assign a priority issue to anyone on the first day. On the second day, they assigned it to someone who had the day off and even after being informed of this never reassigned it. By the time the issue was checked out on the third day, the computer had died - all caused by the off-site help desk not communicating with the in-house staff.