November 21st, 2008

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This is more wtf than bad service. Or it's accidental bad service rather than the person was trying ot be rude.

I was shopping in Primark yesterday (those of you who have been inside one, esp. in the evening and to boot this was on Oxford St., will know how mad it gets in there) which is a cheap shop in the UK.

I picked out a few things, spent more than I meant to, you know, the usual. After queueing for an eternity (hey it was busy so no big) I got to pay and the cashier holds up my top and comments how nice it is and I agreed saying it was cute. He then looks at it a little more and at me and says am I sure this will fit, I look bigger than the top. o_O I mumbled that they sized big and it would be fine but he keeps going on about how he doesn't think it will, and I can bring it back for a refund (which it just isn't worth it. The check out till queue is nothing compared to c_s in Primark) and on and on.

I would have thought he had a brain fart moment if he hadn't gone on as long as he did. He was trying to help so he wasn't being a dick but it just threw me at his lack of tact.
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First post here in a long time . . . I've been lucky, I guess

A few weeks ago, I came out to my car after work to discover a flat tire. As it turns out, due to my own lack of checking it, my spare was also bad, so I had the car towed down to Costco Tire Center for a replacement tire.

The guy there told me that it's Nevada State Law that if a car comes in with a flat, they have to replace all four. That really makes no sense to me!! But, since all the tires were getting pretty bald anyway (1/32" tread), and I was already planning on getting them replaced shortly, I went ahead and had him give me all four.

But I was thinking: Why would there be a law like that? Was the guy trying to con me? CostCo has an excellent reputation, so I was wondering if any of you have heard anything like that.

As for the service otherwise, no problems. I was out the door within an hour, four new tires ready to roll. (Still need to replace the spare, though.)

Is there really a law like that, or did the guy try to play me for a sucker?
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I WILL stab you.

Ummmm, you're embarrassing me, idiot!

My boyfriend, friend, and I recently moved to a new town so that my friend could go to college (he didn't want to go alone and my boyfriend and I were looking to move out). So far, just about every eating out experience has been a major bust, but we live in a college town full of fledgling spoiled brats, so what can I expect?

This one just pissed me off to no end.

Discovering that Subway's five dollar footlong deal was a lifesaver, my boyfriend and I often went to the local sandwich shop. We hadn't ever gotten bad service there, in fact, the night crew was downright amazing and funny for college guys with a part time job.

I order my sub first. I'm fully aware that I have odd tastes, but I've never had a service person comment about it. So I get my tuna sub dressed with lettuce, red onions, and vinegar. Strange combo, but just typing it up makes my mouth water. :3

And the first thing the girl says who's making my sandwich? She overreacts about me wanting tuna, onions, and vinegar on my sub. She comments about how my breath will smell after I eat it, among other things.

At this point, I'm really embarrassed because my boyfriend is right beside me. He made a joke about me being lucky that he can stand it to make the tension lessen, but I just felt annoyed that she wouldn't let my choice of food go.

But for the record, he likes the same kind of sandwich I do. He just can't eat the whole thing because cooked tuna bothers him in large amounts.
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I hate 1-800-FLOWERS

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent to them (1-800-FLOWERS) explaining the situation:

On Tuesday November 18th 2008 it was my sister's birthday. Her husband was overseas on business and she was very lonely so I decided to cheer her up with some birthday wishes from your company. I had to order over the phone as the website did not register her zip code. On the phone, the first thing I asked the agent was will this get there today? She assured me it would and was very helpful. She took down the address, confirmed it was in Ontario and the Postal code and placed the order for product code 2296, saying it would be delivered before 7:00PM.

Later that evening, I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday and asked her if she liked what I had sent her and she said she hadn't recieved anything. I called customer service, pretty upset as she now didn't get that special pick me up I payed for her to have. Someone told me they would check it out and call me back within 15 minutes and we hung up at 8:00PM. I recieved no such call and called back again at 9:30 PM. After being disconnected twice I got numerous apologies and was told they'd take 20% off my order and guarenteed me they would have it there the next day. I said okay for the delivery.

I got a call from my sister on Wednesday saying she was called by the driver who couldn't find her. She gave him directions and he promised to return the next day. I called her this morning, Friday November 21st asking her if she had recieved it and she said she hadn't. I called customer service once more, now in tears over my ruined birthday gift and she again apologized many times. She assured me after putting me on hold that the florist had promised to take care of the delivery herself personally and asserted it would be delivered today.

I called my sister around 7:30 PM and asked her if she had gotten it She said that she hadn't recieved anything all. I called customer service again at 7:40 PM and spoke to someone who said that it had been delivered on the 18th. I told him that it had not and the lady I spoke with earlier in the day confirmed this. Then he told me the reason it hadn't gotten there was because on the original order it said "United States." I then asked him how that was possible when I had told the person Ontario when I ordered. I also pointed out that American postal codes are numerical and do not contain letters so it was impossible to confuse a Canadian one with an American one. He even confirmed to me that it said Ontario. Then he asked me if I would like to cancel. I told him I would call back once I had called my sister and asked her what she would like.

My sister advised me to just get my money back and forget the flowers now that it was ruined anyways. I called back at 7:50 PM to cancel my order. I was told that I couldn't cancel. I asked once more and she said she couldn't cancel it again. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for 20 minutes. When a supervisor got on the phone they told me they couldn't cancel until they got ahold of the florist and that would be any time within the next 72 hours and they would call me back.

I work in customer service and have fully accepted the fact that we're all human and make mistakes. However to be ignored so constantly and recieve half hearted "sorry"s is absolutley infuriating. In addition, my sister did not recieve that gift to make her feel better on her birthday despite the 51 dollars I spent. This is unnacceptable and I want to be fully reimbursed for this order that never arrived and for all the uncaring I have encountered from your company throughout the past 4 days. I expect a prompt response.

- Kathleen ******
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Horrible Service at Elite Bridal in St. Charles

I recently got married a few weeks ago. It was kinda a rushed event (three months to plan) since my husband was getting sent out of town to work for who knows how long. So I looked everywhere that could get me bridesmaid dresses ordered in about two months. I searched wedding websites for the St. Charles area and found a shop nearby called Elite Bridal. I went over there, and I got help right away, even picked out the bride maid dresses. They told me I could get them in in about six weeks, but it was an extra $30 per dress for the rush. I told them no problem, I'll come back and order then in a few days.

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Also, one of the ladies there kept trying to push me to do stuff that I didn't want to do. My wedding theme was fall, and so was the lady's daughter, who got married the year before. She kept telling me I need to do what her daughter did, because her daughter's wedding was just SO beautiful. Like she kept telling me I HAD to have brown tuxedos for the groomsmen, and when I told her I didn't want to, she pulls out a photo of her daughter's wedding and says "Well, MY daughter did it and it looked ABSOLUTELY wonderful." (actually, I thought it looked ugly...)

Now, they were good about the tuxedos. We didn't have a single problem with those, but I think that was because they don't actually do anything with them. A separate company deals with the tuxedos. They were even cool when my husband's shirt came back covered in chocolate icing (I totally had NOTHING to do with that... lol) But the dresses were a completly different story.
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A month or two ago, I went to a pretty expensive salon to get my hair dyed - my hair was dyed white-blonde at the moment, and I know how tricky that color can be, so I wanted to go to a good salon to make sure they could handle it. I wanted it to go a sort of dark-blonde; something near my original colour so I wouldn't have to dye my roots so much anymore. I know this is tricky, so I asked when making the appointment (in person) if they thought it could be done; and they said 'yes, absolutely.'

Long story short: I came there, and they died my hair a dark, dark, red-brown. I had to pay 48 euros; so 60 dollars, converted. At the moment they convinced me that it would fade 'within a couple of days!'. It didn't. Basically, I went from this, to this. (I know you probably don't think it's ugly, but it's the complete opposite of what I asked for) I didn't want to go back, I just decided I would never go there again. However, I have a nosy mom who I'd strictly forbidden to call them, (while I was saying this she was on the phone asking the operator for their number) and since she does everything I tell her not to, she went over there with my picture and basically I got a call saying they would fix it for me, for free. Ok, fine, that's a pretty decent thing to do.

Sooooooo, today I come back. I made the appointment on Tuesday, and because I knew they were doing a freebie, I asked the woman behind the desk to make sure what they were willing to do for free - I know it would not be realistic to ask for the most expensive thing, etc etc etc. She assured me I could get a highlight job for free.

I come in though, and after talking to the girl who was going to dye me, (after a long wait - my appointment was at 2:45, I didn't get any help until 3:20) and assuring her she should talk it over with her boss first, (whatever she was going to do, I wasn't planning on paying extra at the end without warning) I get this senior hairdresser coming down on me all condescending; 'You must understand that we won't do the whole highlight job for free. We'll subtract the amount of your failed dyejob from this amount.' Note that 'this amount' is a 105 euros; 132 dollars. I, already a little irked, tell the guy that I wasn't making demands of any kind, and that it will be fine, but that he doesn't have to talk to me in this tone. We agree that I can pay on a bill, and won't have to pay right away.
The girl starts on my hair, something like three hours pass, yada yada yada. My dye gets washed out.

The girl who did my highlights has disappeared, and got some girl who had been working there for three days dry my hair. This girl gave me something like three strokes with the blowdryer, ruffles her hand through my hair and says 'Done!' ... My hair was still wet... and I looked like I'd just gotten out of the shower. I asked, weirded out, 'Um, can you maybe, dry my hair? And make it into a regular model? I have bangs... normally.' I understand that the girl had probably hardly ever touched hair before (that's what it seemed like) but she continued doing a shitty job at my hair, which as it dried, I noticed was completely off.

The blonde dye had been in way too long, and because of this, the highlights, in contrast to the light-brown hair I have now, looked white. Basically, it looks like I'm greying. At the same time, clumps and clumps of hair start falling out, breaking off because of the blonde dye having been in too long.

In short, it looks like complete shit, feels like complete shit, is damaged severely, and I'm standing there with some girl who doesn't know what to do while the normal stylist has run off. This is what it looks like right now. Only less red; that's the light.

I told the girl that I was sorry and that she could stop, went over to the desk where the guy who was being all condescending to me before was standing, and said that I would not pay a fucking cent. For the second time in a row, this salon, which is supposedly one of the best here, destroy my hair, and give me the worst service possible in the meantime. The best they could do for me was look embarassed... and agree that 'this one was one us' - no shit, I was really going to pay you 58 euros/73 dollars FOR FUCKING UP MY HAIR TO THE POINT THAT CLUMPS OF IT ARE FALLING OUT!

*Still pissed off.* Does anyone else notice though, that 'senior' people in stores never, ever take your seriously if you're younger than them? (Or just young?) While you know they would've had it been your mom sitting there. I had to yell before they actually took me seriously.
Sorry for the length. :(