November 18th, 2008

Ugh, no more female servers.

I don't complain when I go out to eat. I don't like to make a fuss. I'm pretty much scared shitless of having someone spit in my food or do something equally nasty to it.

Let me preface this by saying my husband is in the Navy. He looks good in uniform. I'm not ugly, I like to think I'm pretty.. But I'm not skinny. I have curves, and big boobs and a butt. Apparently this means I can't POSSIBLY be with my husband. Even though I rock an engagement ring and a wedding band, and it's shiny.

My husband came home for 2 weeks and we had 2 incidents where we had female servers. One wasn't THAT bad, second one was UNBELIEVABLE.

First one:
I had just picked him up from the airport and he was in his dress blues, we went to Outback Steak House for dinner. We were seated, waitress comes and asks us for our drinks. I order a cocktail, she asks for ID. Husband orders beer, she asks for ID. He hands her his military ID and she just glances at the front of it (Uh, his date of birth is on the back, dummy). She comes back out, gives us our drinks and takes our order. The whole time she will not look me in the eye, but when she goes to get his, oh man, it was like she was undressing him with her eyes, and she giggled at him the whole time. Strike 1.

So, were sitting across from each other, and we're holding hands across the table. She comes over with our appetizers and another beer for him. She had PLENTY of room to set it down on either side of us. What's she do? Holds it there in front of him til he lets go of my hands and takes both from her. My drink was empty, and she goes 'Would you like a water now?'.. And I said 'No, I'd like a Sprite, thanks'. 5 minutes later she brings me back a WATER. Strike 2.

At this point my husband is upset. He sees that she's obviously flirting with him and being rude to me. She brings out our food. We ordered the same cut of steak, both ordered them rare.. Mine was well done, his was perfect. She stops by mid-way through the meal, my glass is empty, but asks him if he wants another beer when he still had half a glass. He said 'No, but I think she needs a refill', and she was like 'Okay, another water?' and I said 'No. Sprite, please.' and my husband goes 'The same thing she asked for last time'. So she comes back, sets my sprite down then puts her hand on my husbands shoulder and squeezes it and says 'Thank you for serving our country' and winked at him. Strike 3.

Husband is LIVID. He's mad she touched him, he's mad about how she's acted toward me all night. We get our bill, and she hasn't charged him for any of his beer. He ends up tipping her 10%, which is low for us. We typically tip 20%-30% always. And when we were leaving, the manager stopped him to shake his hand and asked him how dinner was.. My husband goes 'It was alright, but let your servers know that if they want a better tip, don't flirt with a married man and never treat the wife like shit'. She's out.

Second one:
We had went to an event during the day, he was wearing his service uniform. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We're seated, I order some kind of lemonade with alcohol in it. He orders a beer. There's 3 different sizes, he asks for the middle one. Well, she comes out with his beer, in the largest size and goes 'It's on me' and winks. And she goes to walk away and he's like 'Ma'am, where's her drink?' and she goes 'Oh! I got preoccupied with yours I forgot to check if hers was ready, I'll be right back with it.' 5 minutes later (He timed it) I had my drink. Strike 1.

She takes our orders. He ordered like 30 wings. I ordered 15 of the little boneless things, and she goes 'Wow' and I ask for a basket of the wedges and she goes 'Uh, it's really a lot of fries, would you like a single serving instead?' and my husband chimes in with 'We share those, thanks'. She asks if we need anything else and I ask for a water with lemon, and I didn't see her but after she walked away my husband goes 'You know that bitch rolled her eyes when you asked for your water?'. Strike 2.

So while we were waiting on our food my husband gets up to go to the bathroom. It was just on the other side of the wall where we were sitting. A few minutes later, after I'm sitting there thinking he's taking forever, I hear him shout 'I WANT A MANAGER. NOW.' I jump up, go over there because I know this can't be good. in the five years I've been with him I've heard him raise his voice twice. I get there right as the manager does and my husband goes 'You know, I come to a restaurant to eat dinner. Not to hear 2 broads call my wife a fat cow and ask each other why I'm with her'. Strike 3

The manager starts apologizing. Husband isn't done. He looks at the 2 girls and goes 'So, you think she's a fat cow, huh? You want to know why I'm with her, right?' And our server is in tears, and the other girl looks scared. I'm going 'Honey, it's okay, let's just go'.. Oh, no. My husband goes 'Because she's beautiful, because she has 10 times as many brain cells as both of you combined, because I don't think girls who look like you are attractive, and because I love her!'. Both girls are crying at this point. They're out

The manager made the girls apologize to me and my husband and also made it very clear that our server would be reprimanded 'to the highest degree'. The manager asks us if we still want our food and our bill will be covered. Husband says 'Hell no, I don't need your food or your freebie', takes out his wallet and gives the manager his debit card to pay for the drinks. The manager at that point asks for our phone number and address that way corporate could contact us.

My husband was pretty angry for a few hours. He told me had they of been guys he'd of hit them, lol. I mean, I guess people say shit like that all the time, but I guess it's different when the person you're talking about hears you.

I ended up getting $150 in giftcards from Buffalo Wild Wings.. My husband said to give them out for Christmas. Haha.

tl;dr female servers don't like me because my husband looks good in uniform.
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Upset about my GP and a question...

I've been really frustrated with how unprofessional my General Practitioner has been. Unfortunately, I can't find any new general medicine offices that are accepting patients at the moment (all have at least a 3 month wait.)

From my first visit, I was definitely put off by his demeanor and attitude. For starters, he only used a digital scale fro Wal-Mart to weigh me and asked for my height instead of measuring me. He examined my ears and confirmed that there was excessive damage done to my ear drums that would require getting a referral to an ear, nose and throat specialist for treatment (he even said that ear tube surgery would help with my constant infections.) He said that he would have the referral ready for me ASAP. That was in July. I still don't have that referral and my hearing impairment is just as bad. Awesome.

I also had quite a creepy exchange with him, as follows:

Him: So, do you need a pelvic exam? I can do it for you if you want.
Me: No thanks, I got my annual done at a gynecologist's office.
Him: No, really, I can do one for you if you want, I know how.
Me: No, I've definitely already had one.
Him: Are you sure? I can do one right now!

When I went back a few months later to get treatment for a back sprain, he told me that the only reason this could have happened is because I'm so overweight. Yeah, I know I'm a size 14 which is not the healthiest, but I really don't think that would completely explain the same back injury occurring when I was a size 5. When I told him this, he was just like "...uhhh, but you're overweight! That's why!"

For the question, I really have no idea. Is it normal procedure for a doctor to use a stethoscope on your breast? I know that there is a valve underneath the breast that needs to be checked on, but wouldn't that require lifting someone's breast up? He definitely put the stethoscope right on my breast and cupped the rest of his hand around it. Wouldn't the amount of tissue prevent you from hearing a heartbeat? I've never had a doctor do this before, so I'm just wondering.

Safeway suck

This happened to me just the other night, and I wanted this community's opinion about what happened.

I have been going to the same Safeway near my house for the two years I've lived in Seattle on almost a daily basis. I know every employee who works there and they know me. So I stop by on my way home from work the other day to pick up a six pack. I take my beer to the counter and a woman who I know very well is working the register. She rings me up and asks for my ID. I'm thrown off for a second because she hasn't asked for my ID for the past year and a half. So I hand it to her.

Now this is a little sucky on my part. I'm really busy and VERY absent minded so my lisence expired a couple weeks ago. She looks at it and tells me that she won't sell me beer. Not only that but she tells me that she KNOWS that I'm over 21, but she still won't sell it to me. Now I know a lot of stores have to cover their ass when it comes to IDing someone. You can get hit with a heavy fine for that, but I'm obviously not an undercover cop and she knows I'm over 21. I think there's a point where covering your ass ends and common sense and customer loyalty come in. Thoughts?

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Telstra suck (what else is new?)

I moved house recently (as in yesterday), into a house I will be sharing with my brother and his friend. Before yesterday, I hopped onto Telstra's website in order to disconnect our phone line at our previous address. Unfortunately, in Telstra's eyes you must be crazy to want to disconnect your phone line without reconnecting it at another address, so they won't let you do it online. So, I made a note to call them on Monday, and I also made a note to ask them when my husband's mobile contract will expire and how much it would cost to cancel the contract now (yes, we hate Telstra that much). Note: I had asked this question before and couldn't remember when it ended, but I remembered I was told $180 to cancel it then, so I was hoping it would be a bit cheaper now so we could afford to do it.

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Well, I promised an update to the terrible customer service I received from Tesco yesterday, and here it is.

First off, the email I sent to them:

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I know some of the grammar was off, and some of it was worded badly, but I didn't think too much as I was writing it, and unfortunately I was still quite angry when I checked it through, so it lacked proper editing. Still, at 4pm GMT today I got a phone call.

I didn't catch the guy's name, but he was, apparently, CEO of the Customer Care Team of Tesco, and he called me personally after reading my email and getting my phone number from my club card information. He was deeply apologetic, and said that manners cost nothing, and he could not understand why his employees had treated me as they had. He also said that equality was one of the cornerstones of the company, and that as he could not pin-point the individuals I talked to, the whole of the Club Card customer services team would be re-trained on this point. He was also thinking of adopting a form of sensitivity training. There was some more apologising, some more "This is not actively encouraged" and "I do not condone their behaviour and I promise that this is not representative of the service as a whole."

I was rather surprised to have a phone call, tell the truth, and it was nice that he had taken the time to contact me.

However, the email response I got...

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...didn't overly impress me. Am I expecting too much? Still, a nice phone call. At first I thought it was just an automated email, but it isn't. That was the actual written reply to my complaint. No personalisation, no nothing. Oh well. I wonder, did this guy now I'd been called, and so didn't bother putting too much effort in, or what? *shrug*