November 17th, 2008

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A bit of background.

I am a pre-op female to male transgendered person. I still have a more feminine sounding voice then I would like. I have, when changing my name with all my store cards/bank accounts/university departments sent a letter, with a copy of my Deed Poll certificate stating my previous legal name and my new legal name. I would imagine most of these are available, or at least a note about this information, is available on my information with these companies.

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Long and short of it:
  No one believes who I say I am, I try to confirm with one Customer Service dude, he tells me he has done what I asked but it turns out he hasn't, to top it all off it looks like they've changed my details without my consent? o.O

I've just checked my online account, which I can't edit the details of, and the account is now in the name of Mr & Mrs Leaveyoufordead. I think I'm calling Corporate.
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Sprint PCS annoyance

Backstory: after seeing Quantum of Solace on Saturday, my fiance and I went into Best Buy. We ended up in the mobile phone section and were playing with the Sprint phones since we're both due for upgrades. I saw that they had the Samsung Rant available in purple, and decided to check an actual Sprint store to see if the purple Rant was available there (might was well buy directly from the source, right?). Went to the Sprint store on Sunday, and the associate was helpful, but didn't know if/when the Sprint stores would be getting the purple Rant in.

This afternoon, during a lull at work, I called Sprint Customer Service to see if they might have an idea when the purple Rant would be available in their stores. It was...a special call.

L: yours truly
SD: Sprint dude (talks in a very flirty tone)

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My boss, who overheard the conversation, was both amused by the call and somewhat horrified that SD couldn't just give me the information I'd repeatedly asked for.

Not earth-shattering bad service, but an annoyance that made for an unnecessarily long phone call.
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