November 13th, 2008

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Where I live, EBgames and Best Buy are right next to each other in a mall. Tonight was a midnight release for an expansion to a game I am addicted to. It is illegal to sell a game before midnight of the release date.
I waited 4 hours in line (yay i was # 7 in line) to get my copy at midnight from EBgames.

At 11:09pm, (51 minutes before they can legally sell the game) Best Buy was letting people purchase the game and leave. More than 10 people in line went into EBgames to get a refund and went to purchase at BB instead (c_s as well, but I mention because it's b_s because BB is taking money from EB illegally).
EBgames manager was nice and thanked the ones who stayed and was very happy to hear that people would report BB for it. It is very unfair to people who wait over 4 hours to get a game, when people who walk in,pay,and leave within 10-15minutes.

**(OT, but I was wondering who I report BB to for the early release. anyone know? I contacted "tech support" by email for the game I play, but I doubt thats the right place.)

Frustrated Girl is Frustrated

So a month and a half ago I started taking antibotics as a preventative measure since I was exposed to TB (No, I don't have TB). Since then I've been dealing with the public health department of my county. I have absolute respect for these people because I have an MPH and I know it's a difficult field.

However, I still don't like bitchy receptionists.

Round One
Go to Health Department (HD) after chest X-ray to get meds. Lady (bitchy receptionist) says they don't do walk-ins, I need to make an apointment. I'm sorry, I didn't know since there is a huge "We take walk-ins!" sign on the front door. Well, they're not doing that NOW. Gotcha. Next available appointment is 3 days from then. I tell her I'm going to talk to some other HDs to see if I can get a sooner appointment. Turns out I can't.

Round Two
I call back 1 day later, I can't get any other appointments sooner, so I'd like to book one."I knew you'd be back." Gee thanks. The Friday appointment is gone, so I'll take Monday at 11:30, which I wrote in my day planner. "If you had just scheduled the first time you'd be in on Friday." Thank you Captain Obvious, but I didn't, my loss, here is some salt if you want to rub in the wound.

Round Three
Show up at about 11:20. My bad, my apointment isn't until 12:30, which is weird because I've never written a time down wrong. So I bum around local shops and get back at around12:20. "The nurses are out to lunch until 1." Gee, why was I booked for a 12:30 then, except wait, it was 11:30 when the nurses were still here. And her tone was so confrontational, like "Ya wanna fight me for it?"

A little while later a young Hispanic couple come in, don't speak a lot of English, and don't know how to fill out the forms. It becomes tortuous listening to the lady just repeat the same questions over and over and over in louder and louder and slower and slower English as if after the magical 17th time the people will say "Ha! You guessed our game. We CAN speak English!" The girl is about to cry so I use my 6 words of Spanish and a lot of hand gestures and drawing to help them fill out the form "(Excuse me, do you have a blank piece of paper?" "No." So now I have a pregnancy test drawn in my day planner.

Get back to the nurse who is nice as pie. We schedule my next appopintment, and since I'm driving from over 80 miles away she says afternoon is fine, anytime before 5.

Round Four
I show up with my appointment card. They've closed the lab. They lock the doors at 4:30 (so much for that 8 to 5 sign out front). They aren't doing walk-ins. I'm not a walk-in, I have a card. They stop doing services at 3:45. But the nurse said -- which nurse? I don't know her name. Describe her. She's African-American-- Black. She's black. Okkkkkay, she's black. Fine, I'll talk with her.

She comes back peaches and cream, the nurse said she'll take me "just this once" since I drove from Macon. No, North Atlanta (it's a 60 mile difference). Oh, she's just so silly. Sometimes she thinks one word but says the other, isn't that so silly? She was thinking Atlanta but said Macon she's so silly. Just wait one momment dear and the nurse will get you.

Wait a few minutes and go back to get my blood drawn. I really like the nurse so I'm feeling bad for keeping her so late . . . except it's 3:57. Lady argued with me for 5 minutes, talked about how "silly" she was for 3, and I waited for about 2. So I got there at about 3:47. Two fucking minutes.

I apologized to the nurse for the misunderstanding about times, I thought I was allowed to come later. Oh, she knows I'm coming from far away, it's no problem, it's noted in my chart, just next time maybe I should just call her direct line so she can be waiting out in the lobby for me.

Thank you nurse. Screw you lady.

wtf coffee shop service.

On Tuesday, my best friend and I went to the coffee shop (which is inside a market) in my dorm building. Wtf-ness ensued. We got to the counter (no one was there, though there were people in the other parts of the store) and waited for a bit before a woman walked up. I ordered a cold, blended coffee drink--which I think would probably be similar to a frappucino, if I had ever gotten to try it.

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I decided that I would go get coffee this morning at the library coffee shop, not wanting to press my luck with the employees of the first store.

Me: Hi, what is in the *insert non-english word I can't remember!*-macchiato?
Barista: *mumbles*
Me: Sorry, what's in it?
Barista: It's not for you.
Me: What?
Barista: It's not for you, pick something else.

Seriously, who says that? And why would he assume that I wouldn't like what was in that drink? Sadly, I think I'm going to frequent the Starbucks on campus a bit more often, as the university coffee shops are really starting to frustrate me.