November 8th, 2008


2 in 3 days....

This is starting to feel like my personal journal, and for that, I'm very sorry for ya'll.

We moved out of our apartment on Sept. 15th. In ohio, they have 30 days to either return the deposit or tell ya why they didn't. To date, we've heard nothing. I'll be honest, I kind of forgot about it for a bit (new job, etc), but damnit, that $300 would be really helpful! I can never get them on the phone, so I stopped by this morning to see what was up.

The girl was trying to be helpful, but she really didn't know what to do. She checked her records, thinking that the check had been returned for some reason, but there was nothing. No record of them ever attempting to send us anything!

So I'm pissed. I was fully expecting them to deduct from it for some reason, and I busted my ass to clean it as much as possible (wasn't able to vacuum the living room due to the power being out for 3 days -- yay random Hurricane Ike windstorm!), and I wanted something back.

The office manager is "supposed" to get back to me Monday (I'll believe it when my phone rings), but to get the ball rolling, I was thinking about sending a certified letter basically saying "pay it, or see you in court". Good idea, bad idea? Keep playing nice, wait for her to call? Forget the letter and file the court papers? It'd be small-claim, but I'd prefer to not to go that route and take a day off work.

I have a draft of the letter under the cut if ya'll be so kind to critique it (details left out to protect, well, me). I also can't find corporate's address -- should I just send it to the local complex? I've never had laws broken on me before, so I'm kind of unsure how to procede. Thank you!

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