November 7th, 2008

When in doubt > Taylor

Earth to Cutesie

I go to Walgreens about once a month to get my prescription filled. If I have time to wait, I end up wandering and buying a few more things. Today, it was some holiday stuff (wrappings, bows, etc) and a couple of gifts for a Secret Santa dealy I'm working on. So I went up front to pay for that stuff, while still waiting for my script.

I get in line behind a woman with a full cart of stuff (not a suck, at least, not in this case). The cashier is on her last couple of items to scan, and the woman swipes her card.

Cutesie = Cashier
L = Lady in front of me
Me = Me

L swipes card. There's an error and she realizes there's no money in that account. She apologizes and says she'll grab her other card. She can't swipe until Cutesie clears the screen, according to the card swiper.

L "Oh. Can you please cancel the other one so I can swipe this one?"

Cutesie stares off into space.

L "Uhm....Can you cancel the other one?"

Cutesie still staring.

L "Ma'am, please cancel the other one."

Cutesie: "Wha..oh."

L swipes card, it goes through, receipt prints.

Cutesie stares at her screen. "OH." and gives L her receipt.

I start setting my stuff on the little bitty counter, trying to keep the walgreens reuseable bag on top. Usually when I do this at a store they go 'oh hey, let's use this bag :D' but I don't mind asking to do long know...the result is using the bag.

She starts to look at my items (in addition to the christmasy things I had a laundry mesh dryer thing and mesh laundry basket) and just kinda oogle for a second. Eventually she started scanning though, and realized she couldn't fit the dryer mesh into a regular walgreens bag, so I said, "Oh. Well I was hoping we could use this anyway." *points to walgreens bag*

Cutesie either didn't hear me or didn't care because she got one of the uber big bags and started stuffing things in there.

Me: "Uhm, could we use the walgreens bag instead please?"

Cutesie keeps scanning and bagging. "Uhm..."

And then she earns the name 'Cutesie' by me.

I also picked up a few little TY beanie baby things (snowman, gingerbread, candy cane colored teddy bear and a white teddy). She picked each of them up indivitually and for each one it was "AWWWWW. Well aren't YOU SO CUTE." and "YOU TOO. You are just so cute!" to each one, until the last one, "Well I can't NOT say HELLO to ONE of you. HELLOOOOOO cutie!"

Slowly but surely she does get everything in the big bag...even the reusable bag... I swipe my card and click the receipt prints and I hold out my hand giving the polite-but-i'm-ready-to-go smile. She looks at me, looks at my hand, and folds up the receipt to put it in the bag, and stuffs it down in there between some gift boxes and bows. Kind of sucky but more on the wtf side so I just take my bag and turn around towards the pharmacy.


"I have to go get my prescription."


Yeeeeah. Not sure what all of that was about but it definatly was the weirdest experience I've had at Walgreens.