November 6th, 2008


I'm running out of cable options!

So bear (bare?) with me, this goes back over the years. I just want to come home, watch TV, and not worry about what they're going to do to screw me over again!

1.) Insight: 3 years ago, Insight decided we weren't paying our bills, or they didn't like our check, or something. Sent a guy out twice! to disconnect the cable. Except...when we got him to wait the first time, and called Insight up, we got an "oops! Our bad! You're current". Okay, fine. Fast forward 2 weeks, same thing except the tech doesn't wait. We did love the irony of them mailing us a refund and a "sorry we lost your business note" though. And we'll ignore the fact they lost my modem *after* i returned it, and was a serious fight (and faxing a receipt 4 times) before they dropped the collection calls/letters.

2.) Time Warner: We paid you every month on the dot. So after we leave you for someone cheaper, you decide we were somehow behind a month every time?? Something doesn't compute. I'm still fighting this one, though I think it's about done. That's the perk of on-line banking; I can see where I sent the money!
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Bradford Exchange woes

Not sure if this counts so much as service, since we haven't had much service from them at all but this is certainly a negative tale to tell about their company.

Back in May/ June (don't remember the exact date but it was late May early June) my mum ordered a figurine for me designed by Thomas Kinkade in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness (somewhat relevant), hoping to get it in time for my birthday on July 28 as their delivery times state 14-28 days. All well and good. My birthday came and went with no sign whatsoever.

Around late August, we received 5 envelopes through the door in one day, all from Bradford, all with my mum's name *and* gender incorrect (ie instead of Mrs Smith it was Mr Smtith, with names edited but same kind of mistakes). Small error, but a little annoying as our name is really easy to spell and even if the order had been placed over the phone, the way it's pronounced leaves no opening for miscommunication. We assumed one of them would be our bill, though had no idea what the other four would have been. Instead, on opening them, each one was a single colour leaflet advertising a single new item. They had all been posted in seperate envelopes on the same day. Not too bad, though for people who are very pro-recycling, the scale of the amount of paper wasted in all those envelopes when they could have put the adverts in the same envelope made my skin crawl.

Fast forward to mid September, after over 30 more single advert envelopes, normally each week's adverts arriving on the same day, and we finally receive a letter to say that the figurine was out of stock due to high demand and would be in stock again in a matter of days, upon which our order would 'be dispatched with priority as my mum had paid for express shipping', something I hadn't known about. Today, I finally got a bit cross (or at least more so than I was) and emailed them about it. It's been 6 months since the order was placed and we've had nothing but numerous adverts for other items and one letter to say the figurine would be here soon.

The real kicker? The site says nothing about any stock shortage of the item :(