October 31st, 2008

Oh, USPS, you are so awesome.

You know, it's interesting. I was home from 3:30PM on, and I was sitting in silence, working on Friday's comic. I'd checked the mail before I got in and there was none. Tonight, I go to check the status of a package I'm expecting, to see if it changed--I'm receiving from overseas, and so the status hadn't been updated while it was in customs. To my surprise, it said "Notice Left"!

According to the website, they had tried to deliver my package at 5:15PM.

Now, our apartments are secure--to get into the building, you need to buzz in, however, the mailboxes are inside so the postal workers have keys. I heard neither a buzz from the outside door nor a knock on the door, and as I said, I was working in silence.

I can't get to the post office tomorrow, and more than likely I will be out at a NaNoWriMo meeting during Saturday delivery times. After three attempts, they send it back. To the UK. Normally at this point I'd just fill out the card they give you and ask them to hold it, but...

...they didn't leave a card.

Of course.

Not the worst bad service in the world, but now I have to find time prior to work tomorrow to get on the phone with them and make sure they'll hold my package so I can pick it up on Saturday morning. Good job, USPS, good job.
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AMEX can bite me

May American Express rot in hell. And I'm enjoying the fact that they're cutting 7,000 jobs. Well...only kinda.

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AMEX lowered my limit over something on my credit report that was later proven to be not me, refused to work with me for any options, and lowered the limit below what we spend every month.

I plan on sending them a letter expressing my displeasure as well as including the letter we got with our new rewards card from CapitalOne with a 20k limit. =P
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My lovely SO whisked me away on a trip to Disneyland earlier this month and it was entirely wonderful, except for the hotel B_S.  I have been trying to find the address to send this letter but it seems like HoJo has no headquarters and will only let me email them with my complaint.  I don't want to email them because I would like someone to take my complaint seriously and not just let it sit in a mass email inbox somewhere.  I wote this shortly after we got back from Southern CA and I am still irritated that I cannot send this with any sort of confidence that it will get to the right place. 

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SO feels terrible that our hotel ended up being so awful but I would at least like to let someone know!

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AAFES Car Car Center Bad Service

A lovely story of bad service from the Always and Forever Exploiting Soldiers Car Care Center in Seoul Republic of Korea.

I have a 150cc motor scooter that requires a battery charge about every six months. I have been in Korea over a year and have taken the SAME battery to the SAME car care center twice to get it charged. They are cheap and fast and it is usually a one day thing. 

Today the hubby and I bought the battery to the car care center to get it charged. The lady tells us that they can not charge a battery that small. 


We tell her that we have bought that exact SAME battery there twice before and have had it charged TWICE before at the same center. She goes back in the back room and talks to someone, comes out and says again that they can not charge a battery that small here. Again my hubby tells her we have had it charged there twice before with no problems at this very center. She still insists that they can't do it and that they have never charged batteries that small there but takes down our information so they can write up a work order for the battery. While we are giving her the information she then tells us that they have TWO battery chargers and the smaller one is broken which is why they can't charge the battery.

So long story short AAFES lady lies to us and keeps us there for over 10 minutes instead of telling us their equipment was broken and directing us to another place we could have the battery charged.


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recap: Boss deleted some invoices by mistake, so financial lady asked for a resend. Took them 3 weeks to resend (mean while, we paid the others in full) and UPS shut off our account. Later, they blamed us for not applying payment "soon enough" because we mailed in a check AND had them charge the card.
Update: We got a call earlier this week saying "Uhm...we have a cc payment from you, and a check for the exact same amount. What's that about?" So we explained, and the woman applied it as a credit towards our account.

recap: Hail storm destroyed our tin roof back in June. Contractors agreed to fix in one day, after 9am during the week. Finally showed up 4 months later at 6:45 am on a Saturday. We were told they wouldn't finish Saturday, wouldn't work Sunday, and would finish Monday.
Update: They finished today. But, they didn't take a magnet to the yard as promised to pick up the excess nails and whatnot. They ripped siding off out front where the roof becomes two levels, and only came back today to fix it. We provided the siding for them, and they were more than obviously annoyed they had to come back again. They took a leaf blower yesterday to the perimeter of the house and the nails and such all ended up in the grass, where they are well hidden. We're working on getting them to come back with the magnet to get all this crap up. I also found a huge piece of scrap metal with jagged edges from the gutters out back too.

My company
recap: Sales guy/assembly guy was on vacation this week. He filled the assembly orders as best he could before leaving and ran out of parts. Boss told him which parts to order, and he did. Turns out they were the wrong parts so we had to wait for them to come in. Boss is also incredibly lazy when it comes to actual work. He likes to sit in his big cushy chair upstairs and just watch the world go by or something. It was his responsibility to complete these orders (which, he would've had to do most of them anyway even without running out of parts) and he failed at it.
update: Customer called in repeatidly all week, and all I could offer her was more apologies. I notified Boss every time she called, and gave him reminders to call every hour or so. He actually did assemble about 5 more hoses for this customer and shipped them out overnight on the customer's UPS account (well, the financial lady fixed this so that we would pay the shipping since she and I agreed that was a good thing to do: cover the rushed shipping since it was our mistake). Her order is no where near complete but she's at least satisfied that he actually made some hoses this week. HOPEFULLY the sales/assembly guy is coming back next week (though the way Boss treats him I wouldn't be surprised if he finds a new job and goes there) and he'll finish the remainder of the orders.
And in a new suck from our company: Boss decided to play musical chairs with our outgoing packages yesterday (this is only a tiny percentage of the co_workers_suck involved in that) and sent all the wrong parts to all the wrong people. He then proceded to talk to the customers like they were idiots when they complained they got the wrong parts.

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Bad UPS Service

This is my boyfriend's bad_service, but it's such a sucky situation. Granted, UPS is doing (somewhat) what they can to remedy the problem. But in reality, it never should have happened.

My boyfriend and I go to college in one part of the state, but he is originally from another part. Adam* is still on his family's cell phone plan. His family all became eligible to upgrade all the lines in their plan. Since Adam's phone is 2 years old and literally a piece of shit, this upgrade came at a nice time, since his mom was going to be getting 5 new, free phones from their cell phone provider when they signed the new contract.

Adam's mom gets all the phones, but since she is in another part of the state than Adam, she decides to ship Adam his phone using UPS, along with some pants and shirts (oh mothers!). She insured the package and opted to have a signature required when the package was received.

Two weeks pass and Adam hasn't received his package. He starts doubting his mom actually mailed it like she said she had. A week later (three weeks since she sent it), it arrives, looking as if it had been opened. When Adam opens his package he finds the pants, the shirt, but no phone. At first he figures his mom forgot to put it in the box. When he calls her, she freaks out and calls UPS.

What happened you ask?
UPS shipped the box to the wrong address. They left the box without requiring a signature. And then the box was returned to them, because it was left at the wrong residence. However, apparently, somewhere between box going to the wrong house and box getting to the right house, the cell phone magically vanished, because cell phones apparently have the capability of disappearing whenever they feel like.

Since the box was insured, UPS agrees to pay Adam's mom $100 for the insured package. $100 is all fine and dandy, but to buy a phone out of contract is about $200-$300. So because UPS failed, Adam will be without a new phone for two more years, until they can have their cell phone carrier comp another phone.