October 30th, 2008

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Forever 21...am I just expecting too much?

My sister needed a dress, so we went to the mall. We found our way into Forever 21, which is a store that is cheap, highly disorganized, but has a great deal of variety, and good for clothes that are a one shot deal. Since she only needs this dress for one night for a school trip, it was perfect for us. We find a dress we like...but of course it's the only dress of that kind, and it's not the size we need. So we literally hunt down someone to show us where the dress originated from. We found the dress in clearance, but it wasn't actually on clearance. Boooo! Then my sister goes to try on the dress...and I look into the accessories part of the store for something that would match. I'm gone probably at least 5 minutes and she's still waiting to try on the dress. There's no one back in the fitting rooms, and you need to be let in the doors because they're locked. She couldn't find anyone, except for the person at the register who snapped "Oh there is someone back there!". Leanne is 13, so she's not very assertive, so she just headed back there. She finally tries on the dress, we decide to take it, and walk up to the register. No one is in line, so we're like "Finally we can be out of this miserable store!". There are four people behind the register. They all kind of look at each other, look at us, look back at each other...and three leave, and the last one starts tidying up the area. UM, wtf? Finally she mumbles "I can take you". She doesn't thank us when we leave, or tell us to have a nice day or anything. I know I *look* young, but I'm 20 years old. I'm a seasoned shopper. I hate getting shitty service all the time just because I look young!

Ugh and Hollister? Can you please CHECK your clothes for sensor tags? That same day as the above bad_service was the third time they've forgotten to take off sensors, and the gentlemen at Best Buy found them for me. UGH!

So was I expecting too much?
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Disgruntled midnight servers?

Well I had quite the experience at a Baker's Square some months ago.

Me and my friends were hanging out, and decided to go out to eat. There were about five of us in the group, all aged 18-20. Keep in mind we are not rowdy teenagers or anything; we're the ones who don't drink/party, and just stay home all day playing video games. Harmless.

So one of the few places still open at ~11pm was Baker's Square. We decide to stop. We get seated pretty quickly and look over the menu. Me and a friend decide we want soup.

The waitress comes, a 50-something women who says nothing and just stares at us. We sit there quietly until one of us speaks up. The waitress is very short with everyone, and then comes to me. I order the soup. She informs me "Um, there's no soup left." She says this as if it's the most ridiculous request she's ever heard and doesn't understand why I wouldn't know. I say okay and order some fries instead.

I also decide I want some ice cream. I ask her if there's a small ice cream dish, like a kiddie sundae. She says yes, there's a kiddie sundae (in the same tone). I ask for it. She gives me this LOOK and says "Are you 10?" in such a rude way that I couldn't possibly describe, and rolls her eyes. I am flabbergasted.

Now, I don't know if this woman just hates teenagers, or has had a really bad day, or SOMETHING, but I say her behavior was uncalled for.

We actually timed how long it took her to get us drink refills. 15 minutes. Keep in mind we were THE ONLY ONES IN THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT. Our food came COLD (how, I have no idea), and she said nothing; not a smile, didn't even look us in the eyes.

It took even longer to get our check, and needless to say there was no tip left. I know the general stereotype of teens leaving bad tips, but I assure that I always leave at least 15%. However I think we should have had a free meal or something with the horrible service I got.

I've had the same waitress another time later, thankfully I was with a different group of people and I don't think she recognized me. Luckily her attitude was a little less... grim, but the food was cold again and she spilled a drink all over my friend (and we were in fancy getup).

Now the "Are you 10?" quote is an outstanding joke among my friends, and from now on we choose Denny's in the later hours.
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