October 29th, 2008


Small Pharmacy Suck

I went back home in August to get all my check-ups done because it's near impossible to do it during the school year. I got my new BC script, dropped it off at the pharmacy and promptly forgot about it. My mom calls me at school two weeks later to let me know that CVS called and they kinda want me to get my pills. Well, crap. So I call and explain that I totally forgot and I'm back at school and they can put them back on the shelf or whatever. They laugh, say it happens a lot with college students, thanks for letting them know, it's no problem. So yay, mini problem solved.

Through a crazy series of events that happened because of my checkup, I ended up back at home in early Oct. for an endocrinologist appointment (which spawned a hospital b_s that I keep meaning to post about). I get a script from my endo. and go on my way to CVS to get it filled. On the way there I'm like hey I should see about getting that BC filled too while I'm here. So I go inside, drop off the script and ask about it. The pharmacy tech says yeah, confirms the name of pill and that it's the new prescription (she said "The one you dropped off in August, right? Same pill you've been on for a year?") and tells me 30 minutes, I tell her I'll come back that night.
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I can't hear yoooooou, because I hate yoooou

M'kay, so I took this music preference survey once upon a time (couple of months ago) and since then they have been calling me nonstop.
I've asked them to stop calling numerous times, my husband has asked them to stop calling numerous times, but they call me, on average, at least four times a day.

Get it through your thick skulls that I want off your damn call list!!!! 

'Specially since you're calling my freakin' cell phone