October 28th, 2008

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BT Total Fail - the saga continues...

Hey all! Remember this post from earlier this month? Well, guess what? We got more red print from them!

This time they're threatening us with the debt collectors, omg yay!

We got the letter at the weekend when my parents had come to visit, and my Dad (ex BT) was instantly furious. He does quiet rage and sat there with the letter in his hand shaking visibly along with him.

My partner got on the phone immediately - he didn't want this going on his credit report after all - and was told by the CSR that there are 3 accounts for our property: one phone, one broadband and one for tv. Well that's all well and good, except these 3 are paid by direct debit and we've not missed a payment, so we know that the CSR was talking out of his backside. Not only that, but only one of those bills is addressed correctly - we live in a flat which was converted from the top two floors of a house. We are in "Flat A, [house number]", whilst downstairs is just "ground floor flat" or just plain [house number], so two of our bills are addressed to just plain [house number] and the CSR could not get his head around the fact that that isn't our address. My partner gave up. This extraneous account is also attached to a phone number that not only is not ours, it's not in service at all and we know this because we've repeatedly tried ringing it to check we're not going mad.

We're compiling a list of the account numbers and all blunders from the beginning, and my Dad has offered to write a letter for us to the chairman's office as well as to OfTel. We'll be requesting that all our accounts and address info is corrected, that the extra account is completely killed and that they stop the debt collection taking action (and removing any black marks they've put on my partner's credit report). All this will need to be done within 7 days of the date of the letter (the same amount of time they gave us to pay up, even though it took 7 days for us to get said letter).

I'll update with the letter and with the outcome.

Removing numbers

I saw another post that inspired me to write about last night.

When I got home at 5pm the phone rang. Before I got to it, there was a hang up. It rang again about 20 minutes later, and when I picked it up it was a woman from an educational information service (I don't even know what that means). I told her --nicely -- that I had no need for these services and please remove my name and number. About 30 minutes later the phone is ringing, but I'm taking care of my dogs and I miss it -- a hang up.

Another 15 minutes later -- different woman, same "service", informed her that no, not interested, and I already asked to have my name removed. She said the list must not have been updated yet. Ok, well update it.

20 minutes later -- they call again and my husband answers, not knowing the back story. HE tells them to remove our number.

For the next two hours, the phone rings about every 15 to 20 minutes. At this point I'm too angry to answer, and every call is a hang up.

At 8:49 the phone rings again and I pick it up. Some guy, same service. I tell him that I've already asked three times to have my number removed and besides, there is NO reason to call someone's house every 15 minutes. He says that oh no, it must be several different companies who have enlisted the educational information service's service, and I have to tell EACH company to remove my number. I basically call bullshit (no, I didn't use the term) since I have done nothing to get on multiple companie's list that I need educational information. I then asked for the address of his company and the company he's calling from.

Click. He hung up on me.
it's still me; fuckers!


Hey look, me & the below entry are almost twins! Weird, I posted this without reading that, haha!

Is there any way to remove my private cell number from the big credit collector in the sky?
I wouldn't have a problem if it was my own credit trying to be collected, but it's not.
I keep getting a call for some woman named Erica, & not just about her credit, it's her hair appoints, her gyno, her fucking Red Cross center, & I keep letting everyone know that no, there is no Erica here. No, you can't leave a message, because chances are it's not going to get to her; I don't know her. No, I myself am not Erica, as told by the very dude-like voice on my end of the line. No, you can't try calling back later.
Those are just annoying, but I've told three credit places already that it's the wrong number, please remove me, & I'll get another call 20-30 minutes later from another location but collecting what I assume is the same debt.

Any way to let EVERYONE IN THE LAND, know that I am not this person who keeps getting shitter credit by the minute.....

When in doubt > Taylor

Annoying Calls and one from my company

So I've been getting calls from a local number for about 6 months now. They call at work, in the middle of the night and for all these months, they never left a message. When I did answer, there was silence. I use a phone on a plan my parents are paying for so I was going to try to get this number blocked but got vetoed because they feared we'd have to pay extra for it. So last week this number calls again, and when I answer there's silence and then "HELLO? HELLO?!!?!" *click* So I avoided the number for another week. Today I answered again and it was a woman from the Rocky Mountain Post. She asked me if I was interested in receiving the paper and I said "Not at this time." I heard a "hurmph" before she politely disconnected.

Then for the next three hours straight, I got calls from three different numbers, not local numbers, sometimes leaving messages, sometimes talking to me when I answered. All were trying to get me to sign up for the Rocky Mountain Post. Luckily they eventually stopped but I was a little anxious/panicky there for awhile like WTF?

And one that my company is providing to another. There's a LOT of co_workers_suck entailed in this (more than I'll go into as this is bad_service) and while there's a clear root of the problem we're all responsible and have our own little prolems too.
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tl;dr: We got a big order. Boss says we have parts we don't to assemble it, tells sales guy to order the wrong parts which delays the order more. We promise to ship and never do. Boss doesn't feel like completing the order so he doesn't. All I have to offer the customer is apologies.

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Mainly, seems like WTFservice.

Before my shift I went to a different pharmacy to pick up my prescription since the weather was bad and this pharmacy was closer to my work.

The pharmacist seems to grow more and more annoyed with me by the second, even though I'm answering the questions as nicely as possible (what my address is, is this a complete transfer or only once, etc). She she gets even more upset when the customer behind me decides to (I don't know why?) pick up my umbrella and hand it to me, even though I placed it on the floor in front of me to begin with. She then tells me it'll be 15-20 minutes because she has to call for a transfer. I tell her to cancel it, I'll just go to my regular pharmacy (because I didn't have time to wait but whatever). She gives me that ~I don't have time for this~ look and wanders off.

As it turns out, I went back to the pharmacy after my shift (the weather was still horrible so I figured I had time to wait 20 minutes) and was served by someone much more pleasant who did the transfer under 5 minutes. So maybe there was a good reason for telling me it'll take 20 minutes, but what could it be? It was even busier when I went after my shift and that took less than five minutes. :/