October 27th, 2008


Great Clips

I usually never go to any chain like supercuts or great clips for my hair styling needs because I don't trust them. This time though, my hair was getting really long and difficult to manage, and I was short on money. I figured, I just need a trim, they can't screw that up. Oh I was wrong...

I told her that I wanted my hair cut to shoulder length. Simple, right? Well, she "decided" that it would be cuter to give me an a-line cut(shorter in back, longer in front) which I do like, and think is cute, but not what I wanted. It is shorter than I wanted and while it is cute, and I like it, I sort of wanted to be able to put my hair up. Yes, it will grow out, but it is frustrating that she didn't do what I asked. ugh. Never again.
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A minor bad service...

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Also, a little rant.

I'm a vegetarian. I've heard horror stories about people accidently eating meat or going back to eating meat and getting very ill from it. One time, the university cafeteria cooked my eggs in bacon fat (in my last mouthful, I found a huge chunk of bacon) and it made my stomach sore all evening.

If you have an allergy and are eating out, it's a good idea to inform the staff so that they go the extra step to make sure that the product doesn't come in contact with your food. But do I really have to start informing them that I'm vegetarian? When I order something meatless, I expect there to be no meat in it.

My friend and I were chowing down on veggie nachos the other day, and at the bottom of the salsa, there was a ball of bacon. I didn't see it, so I ended up eating it. The waitress came by just as I was putting the chip in my mouth. I spit it out in my napkin and apologized to my friend and the waitress. My friend was giving me funny looks so I told her that there was a hunk of bacon in the salsa. Waitress: "Oh, you're a vegetarian?" "Yes..." "I have friends who are vegetarian." and she walks away... no apology or anything.