October 25th, 2008

United Wireless does not want your business

Recently I bought a used phone without a backing to it at a United Wireless store. The buying experience that day was itsself mildly annoying.
I was told I could have my information flashed from my old phone, and it wouldn't take long or cost extra. I jumped on that so I wouldn't have to reprogram the numbers. I was met with a "holy crap, 65 pictures!? God this is going to take forever, are you sure you need them all?" ... Yes (it took roughly 3-4 minutes).

That day, I was given the option of taking the phone without the faceplate over the battery for 30 dollars cheaper, or I could wait a week (and potentially lose it because they had another 'interested buyer' coming back for it) and pay in full with the back. I chose to take it then and there- and asked them to tape the battery in (they did and really well, it never fell out). I was told the back would be coming in in less than a week.

I waited a week to check on the progress of the back-- their supplier sent the wrong color (gold, I had a silver phone). Understandable, "give us another week" they said. So I gave them two because I went on a pre-planned trip for a few days.

I come back and was told "they gave us the wrong color-- GOLD! We need another week" was their response. I asked if I could leave my number so I wouldn't have to keep going up there* to check on the progress of a tiny piece of plastic. No dice. So I wait ANOTHER two weeks to go in-- and this time just for laughs. At this point I had wizened up and priced out backs to phones on-line (I could get one in my phones color for 8 dollars including shipping) and ordered it. Keeping in mind this is about 5 weeks later, they were sent the wrong color- I keenly ask again, what color? because if it had been black or even some color remotely close to my phone I would have taken it. By golly, they were sent gold again. Oh and this piece of plastic would be costing me that 30 dollars they originally took off, "if you could pre-pay it, we'd been forgetting to tell you that".

So I kindly told them that I was going to be taking my lack of business with them else where to a company who actually would want my money.

At about 3:00 today I got a call on my phone. "Ms. Smith this is RealShittyWorker from United Wireless, we received our order and we are just letting you know that the back to your phone was sent in the wrong color. Let us know if you'd be happy with a Gold piece, otherwise we will send it back tomorrow. We will call you again in a week when our new shipment comes in".

First- they had to have gotten my number from the records from when they switched my phone over.
Second- why couldn't they have saved me 3 trips to the store and done that from the beginning?
Third- I told them I wasn't interested anymore, and NOW is when they get courteous.

*The reason I had to keep driving up there is they would never answer their phones. I had been in there before when the phone would ring and the employee would not answer it. I figured some companies take priority in in-store customers, this must be their policy. Apparently they take priority in no customers as I have also witnessed the same kid fiddling with his phone while the store phone rang.

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this is a really weird bad_service that actually happened to me some time ago, before i discovered this community.

my local mall has, as most malls do, various stands and kiosks that line the center of the aisle between the larger stores. there's one for proactiv, one for verizon wireless, one for airbrushing tee shirts, various things. one of them is for those metal things that you hang in trees that "change shape" as the wind blows and you view them from different angles (is there a name for those things?), and i was walking by that one when this exchange took place.

young man working at hanging thing stand - "hey! how are you today?"
me - "i'm well, and you?"
ymwahts - "good! have you seen these things??" *points to hanging things on display*

all right, i get it, i work in retail too. there are things that your company forces you to upsell and you have to ask unsuspecting people to buy regardless of whether or not they are evidently disinterested and are staring at you as though you've asked for the head of their firstborn. it's uncomfortable for everyone, but it's not this gentleman's fault.

me - "yeah! i've seen those before, they're pretty cool." *smile smile, is still walking away from him to display how little she cares for a hanging thing tutorial*
ymwahts - "you have?? where have you seen them before??"

by now i'm damn near shouting distance away from this guy, so i just smile once more and turn my back. maybe it was rude, but i wanted to get on with my shopping.


i turn my head and see this dude jogging after me. he was literally CHASING me in a mall full of people, dodging them and trying to catch up to me. i was a little shocked and totally weirded out, so i turned around and began walking faster.

ymwahts - "WAAAIIT!"

i saw people turning their heads to look at him and, completely mortified, i hauled ass into jc penney and from there i walked around the outside of the mall so as to avoid going down that wing again.

retailers, please do not chase potential customers around.
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I don't know if this is more of a bad_service or just an annoyance. I'll let you decide.

I had a bad day yesterday, so I decided as a way to relax myself I was going to go get my nails done. I've been going to the same place for about a month/month and a half and I really like what a good job they do on my nails. I got there right around 6:30 (maybe a minute or two before) and they were hanging around outside so I asked if they were still open and they said "Yes". The guy told me to go sit at his table. I noticed the store had a "closed" look to it, so I went and looked at the sign...just to make sure I wasn't intruding on closing. (Like, say, they close at 6:30 but since I got there right at the time they were going to take me.) Sure enough, they close at 7. Knowing that it takes longer than half an hour to properly get a new set of artificial nails I asked if they were sure they didn't mind doing my nails tonight. The guy said "We open until 7. If we have no customer we go home early, we just ready to go home but you here and we do you." So just as he was getting ready to start he asked if I was paying cash. Um, nope. I never have cash on me. It turns out that they had already shut down their card reader for the night. I ended up having to make an appointment to come back on Monday.

Now, I understand they are a privately owned business, but...open until 7, in my eyes, means open until 7. Closing early, or shutting down your card reader before that, feels like bad service to me.

I don't know who this is...

But to Willy Anderson and Justin Elkens...

This company has been trying to collect a debt from you for a year now. They call me about once a month, with their automated telephone messages, and their too cheerful computer lady voice.

It is really bothersome. I have now called eight times, telling them that neither of you men are =here=. And now that makes EIGHT TIMES, that they have 'fully removed my number.' Now, for a month or two there, they were calling three or four times a week, but thankfully that has stopped.

So today, I called and talked to the supervisor. She wasn't helpful at all.

First, she asked me if 'This number XXX-XXX-XXXX (mine) was the one they were calling, FIVE TIMES, throughout our conversation. I told her yes. She kept asking me if I knew Willy, and no, I don't! That's why I'm calling.

But to make matters worse, she went to go see if anyone had called my number recently... and hung up on me.

YES! SHE HUNG UP ON ME! *seething*

I called back, and talked to Beverly. Just a regular employee trying to earn a decent living. Maybe Beverly has kids, maybe she's trying to survive in this bad economy. I don't know. It's not her fault I'm getting calls as early as eight in the morning when I work evenings and nights. She 'removed my number' from the account.

Now, to wait a month and have them call me yet again...

I don't even know what this company is! I just know it's a debt collection attempt. I swear I am going to hear that woman in my sleep!!! Automated system... lull me to slumber...

I want to pull my hair out and cry

Hello Everyone!  Long time lurker, first time poster.  i have kinda have had enough and needed to vent

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tl:dr  mental health services make it change my doctors with out telling me and make it difficult to get my drugs,  motorcycle shop mixes up my days for service.
  oh and i apologize about no caps but i did my best on spelling and punctuation but i just wanted to get it off my chest please don't grammer pirate me thank (:
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Hibachi Japan at Bowie...I hate you

This is going to be short as it happened weeeeeks ago. My mom, sister and I went to Hibachi Japan at Bowie Town Center in Maryland…obviously to order some food. Before hand, my sister went to the atm to get $40 dollars since she literally had no cash on her. Anyway, so after getting the cash from the atm machine she goes to Hibachi and orders her food, I decide not to order but I’m just hanging around waiting for her. Anyway when she orders, they ring her up and she gives them a 20$...
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