October 24th, 2008

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Again with the postal workers suck?

(Quick explanation of my building: there's the front door, a set of stairs, and then two doors at the top of the stairs, mine and my neighbours'. Front door is always locked, just like any apartment building. Mailboxes are outside.)

For some reason, over the past two days, I've received no less than seven mis-delivered pieces of mail. For three different addresses, none of which are mine, or close enough to me that I could just go deliver them by hand. So, I wrote "Return to Sender" and stuck them back in the mailbox, hoping that the ones that were clearly bills got to where they were going on time.

Today, I come home from work. All the mail is gone, hurrah! Until I get to my door, and I discover every piece of mail, still labelled "Return to Sender", sitting on the ground in front of my door. My roommate definitely didn't bring it in, and I sincerely doubt my neighbours would have taken the mail out of our mailbox, especially being labelled as it was, and brought it upstairs.

Which means the postal worker got inside my building and put the mail in front of my door. Uh, what?

Popping the bad_service cherry, first post!

Mmkay, so I work nights, right? Decided I was too lazy to cook food to bring with, so me and the guy go to McDonald's for me to nom. He opted for Tim Horton's as is addicted to their veggie sandwiches. I am too, but was in the mood for greasy shit, plus had srs jones for a burger. Anyway, the lobby is closed at ten-thirty, drive-thru is open 24 hours, so we go through the drive-thru.

My order was a slight deviation from the norm, but not too hard to process or so I thought. Two Quarter Pounder meal,no onions, large fries and regular iced tea with no ice. CLEARLY, that is an exceedingly difficult request to fill at 10:37 pm. I checked the bag, as is my wont, and they shorted me my large fries (gave me medium) and one of my burgers. Receive drink, there's ice in it. So my parternpersonthing tells the girl who was wearing sunglasses, WTF? "Hey, you screwed up our order *explains what's wrong with it*"

Her response? "Oh, there's nothing we can do." and closes the window. Her supervisor (we could tell by the shirt) was RIGHT THAR and he didn't say anything. There IS something you can do, you can give me my other fucking burger and upsize my fries since I paid for those things!

We kind of sat there in the truck staring at each other, then the window, then back at each other before I went,"FFS, I have to go to work and don't have time to argue with the McDick's minions." Went to Tim's and got steeped tea and a sandwich to go with my cold lonely single burger and medium fries (I eat a lot, my metabolism is like a freaking furnace.)

So, I think I'll call tomorrow and complain or get my guy to do it, since I used to work there and they fired me because the owner doesn't like my parents. I think I have a legitimate complaint, don't you?

Oh, and they put onions on my burger. I HATE ONIONS, with a fiery passion. Srsly, my hatred for onions burns like fire in crotch. I tweezed them off with a paperclip.
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I finished work tonight and as it was pay-day I went for a little wonder with my husband who had picked me up. I bought some jeans and we carried on and he murmured: "Have you seen the Christmas shop is open?"

I am a bit of a sucker for sparkles and glitter and almost dragged him in there. It must have just opened this week as they were still setting up things in there. It was empty apart from the staff and us and we went for a mooch amongst the decorations. I know what I want and to be honest pretty as much of it was very little of it was to my taste.

I was looking at some jingles (my word for ringing bell decorations) that were almost perfect and I was actually contemplating buying them as they were really cheap when I heard a tapping behind me. It was a foot tapping and it belonged to a man who I can only surmise to be the manager/boss. He was glaring at us with his arms folded across his chest and as I looked over he did that "I'm not looking at you" head turn. I told my husband we were leaving and made a beeline for the exit while muttering quite loudly about people tapping their feet at customers. Buggered if I am going back there again.