October 22nd, 2008

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I just want to park :(

I live in the heart of downtown. Which, as anyone who has lived in a large city knows, means limited parking. But lucky for us, they've set up "resident areas", where you can get a pass from the city and park in certain areas without being subject to the time limits (2 hour parking, etc). The front of my building is all parking meters, there's 2 or 3 open spots on the side of the building, and the entire back of my building is one of those "resident areas".

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is it Bad_Service or Ennui?

Two Weeks ago, I had heard from a friend that the Modesto Toys R Us was going to have a Thomas the Train day.  My  3 (nearly 4) year old son is majorly into Thomas the trai (what boy his age isn't?)  I called ahead Wednesday the 8th, and asked what they were going to be planning.  I was told:

1) there would be sales associates dressed up like Sir TopemHat (a character) and various conductors and rail men.

2) there would be activities for the kids.

3) there would be toy give aways

4) there would be special coupons and sales on Thomas the Train figures.

I called again on Friday night just to make sure that I had gotten the day right (I dont like to drive an hour for nothing with gas at $3.57 a gallon when I drive a guzzling minivan!) and I was told that Yes, it was on Saturday the 11th.

My Fiancee, his two kids, and my two kids drive an hour to get there.  We showed up at 10:45am (15 min early so the kids could watch the set up and look around) and nothing was done yet.  I thought maybe I had gotten the time wrong, and walked up to an associate to ask when it started.  She told me in ten min., so we wandered around looking at the Barbies and listening to my son ask for "James and Percy".

At 11:15, I overhear two associates talking.  Apparently the manager had forgotten all about the event, and when the first parent came up to ask when they started, they scrambled to get the table out.

The "Grand Event"  consisted of:

1) a card table

2) coloring book sheets with one picture, Thomas the train (and it was a photo copy of one sheet)

3) a pack of foil trading cards (3)

4) crayons (a pack of 3, green red and yellow)

5) a discount coupon for the tabletop train set (normally about $150, now 10% off! wow!)

That was it.  Now, am I just being picky, or was this sufficient for what I had been told?  And there was not an associate manning the table, it was a free for all, with no chairs even for the kids to sit and color the page, and a box with the trading cards inside with "Take One" written on the flap. 

I debated on the validity of posting this, but darn it, this chapped my hide!  The girls at the check out were even rude to me what I checked out.  I asked them if this was all they had for the Thomas day, and one girl said "Well yeah.  What did you want?"  (she got pulled aside for that too!)

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Gromit on the roof

Short and sweet

Dear Orange

I have just rung all four of your stores in *the vicinity of my office*, as listed on your website.

Three stores had numbers that were unable to be connected. The fourth rang twice, then an automated voice told me that 'there is no reply' and cut the call.

Therefore I am taking my custom to Carphone Warehouse instead, as they not only answered their phone, but also my query.

No Love

Drach- who had no idea that buying a phone charger on her way home could be so bloody difficult.
[spirit pokemon] feebas

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Dear Tom Thumb (grocery store, related to Safeway),

Thank you for selling me yet ANOTHER jug of milk that sat up and said "arf" a week before its sell date.

I'm leaving you for Wal-Mart.

No love,