October 21st, 2008


Three THREE sucks in one!

So my adorable almost 2 year old has learned to climb out of her crib. To stop that we decided to buy a crib tent.
I call Burlington Coat Factory/Baby Depot to see if they have them. I'm told no. After searching all over town I'm by there and decided to see anyway. AHAHA a whole shelf of them. it's $20 more than I can buy it online but I can have it now, so I get it.
I get it home, it smells like smoke and is missing pieces. I call to tell them I'm coming back and to please hold one at the desk for me (so I don't have to haul a toddler through the store). When I got there I told them WHY I was returning it.
A week later my crib tent frays apart at one of the seams (it's nylon so they obviously didn't give it enough seam allowance) this is a manufacturer error not a problem on Burlington's part but I call to make sure I can return it to them, sure no problem. I go back, get the last one the have on the shelf. The box is taped shut. I asked to open it before I took it. HEY it's the one I returned that smelled like smoke and had missing pieces! I told the manager flat out that I couldn't believe they would put that back on the shelf.
They have no more and it'll be 14 - 21 days for more to come in. I just ordered it for $20 less online, I'll probably still get it faster.
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Oh, Sallie Mae

I swear, Sallie Mae is the most crooked, criminal company out there!

I graduated last May and consolidated my student loans through Sallie Mae. They broke my payments up into twice monthly segments; 99.13 for my small loan at the middle of the month and 206 for my big loan on the first of the month. I've been paying them on time and in full since November 07. I recieved a ticket book for the 99.13 loan last October that has tickets for 99.13 until Janurary 09.

Yesterday, I got a letter from Sallie Mae saying I hadn't been paying my small loan in full for months and that I owed an extra 5.40 on it. I know this is a small amount, but I was instantly panicked. I've been paying the 99.13 in full every month! I never got any letter saying the rate was going up (to 99.67) or a new ticket book or anything. You'd think if I had been paying the wrong amount of months, I would have gotten letters saying so, but it was nothing but silence from Sallie Mae.

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So, usually my dealings with AT&T are fine, they are my ISP and I rarely have trouble with my internet connection being down but when I do, I call them and can usually get it squared away within the hour. Now, this account was started when my brother lived with us (a couple years ago), we never changed the name on the account and instead simply changed the credit card on the account from his to mine. Like I said, I hardly ever have to call so it didn't seem like a big deal. He gave me all the pertinent info so if I ever had to call I could authorize the account.

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On a good note, the original rep I was speaking to called me back and got the internet turned back on the same day. He apologized for the supervisor and said there were no notes on the account as to who I spoke to (surprise, surprise!) but he would put in a request for a trace to try and get that info and lodge a complaint about whoever I spoke to.

tl;dr: AT&T turns my internet off for no reason, I speak to a supervisor who interrupts me and when I call him on it he hangs up on me.