October 20th, 2008

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My small company does a fair amount of business with a large computer manufacturer. We get annual shipments of lease return computers which we distribute to our friends and family. It's a great deal, and the owner can elect to buy a service contract in their own name.

Co-workers brother purchased one of the laptops from us, and called LargeComputerCompany directly to establish a service contract.

Company orders a relatively expensive AIX machine, and it get's delivered to brother's house, in another state.

For reasons unknown, LargeComputerCompany changed our entire company address to this brother's. Brother insists he was not asked to verify any information, and by the by, can we please come get this thing out of his driveway?
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So I'm walking around with my friend in downtown Fredericksburg (VA) yesterday, when we see an antique shop that has a huge pile of Star Wars action figures in the window, and being the mega geek I am, I obv. have to go look at them. We go in, and there's nobody there except a cranky looking old man reading a paper behind the counter.

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Thankfully, the people at the rest of the shops we went to were friendly and nice, so the day wasn't totally ruined.