October 18th, 2008

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Back in June or July, we had a hail storm which damaged our roof (top layer is sheet metal). The next day there was an insurance agent at the door who said he could get the insurance company to cover it completely, including supplies and labor, so my dad held on to his card. Couple days later he decides to call the agent, and within a week or so I guess he had an agreement with the insurance company and some contractors.

Basically, the supplies were delievered a couple months ago and those delivering them were instructed to put them in the back. I came home from work that day to find them blocking my garage door, and part of my drive way. When we called, we were told the delivery service was separate from the contractors and they were not responsible, so no one was going to move it. The contractors were supposed to arrive the next day to fix the roof so I figured parking out back for one day was not a big deal.

Except they didn't show up. We tried calling for a week and we didn't hear from them again til the end of that month. No one apologized. Their attitude was "oh haha just kidding we meant we were coming on September 1, not August 20. So...okay. Whatever. Now they're coming on the following monday.

Only no one came. And it was a tireing charade of "We're coming tomorrow. It will take only the one day." "It's 9am. Where are you?" "On our way!" "It's 10am where are you?" "We're coming tomorrow". Rinse, Lather, Repeat. For a month and a half.

They didn't show up yesterday, and wouldn't answer any phone calls. But, someone showed up at the door last night at about 8pm, and said he had to put some permits up in the window because the roofers were coming by in the morning. So he put them up on the outside of the window, and spent about ten minutes checking out the material still in the driveway. I thought maybe he was one of the roofers, but the way he was pulling at some of it I thought he was going to take it.

So this morning at 6:45 am I hear card doors slam, and WOMP-BAM, WOMP-BAM, WOMP-BAM of ladders hitting the side of the house, and of course, every little thing they do on the roof. 6:45 am. The sun was barely up. BARELY. I usually have to get up at 4am during the week for work and typically try to sleep past 7am on weekends. And I usually try to let the dog out before people get here, because he's still in training. They also blocked my car in and the one guy I talked to about it said "Ha. Good luck getting them to move out of your way" leaving me to believe I'm blocked in until they decide to go home. They're also throwing all their coffee cups and napkins and such in the yard.

I guess my question is...6:45 am on a Saturday? Who does that? Is this fairly typical and I'm just out of the loop or is this as crazy as it sounds?

Perkins and the nastiest waffle in...ever

I go to Perkins and get a waffle with a side of bacon because waffle plus butter plus bacon = cholesterolic heaven.

So I butter my waffle and go to lick the knife (I never said I was all class,k) and the butter tastes like...

...rotten fish.

Ugh. Sometimes I am oversensitive so I swish some water in my mouth and cleanse my palate and taste a little MORE of the butter and it still tastes like...

rotten fish.

So when the waitress comes back to check, I tell her the waffle is great but the butter is off. She argues with me a little bit (whatever, I know people scam them all the time) but brings me another waffle with the butter on the side.

I make my partner taste the new butter and he RETCHES. It is really, really off.

I eat my waffle without butter, whatever. She walks by again and asks me if the waffle is good. So I say "No, actually, the butter is off. I don't want a free waffle, I ate it, I'll pay for it, but you need to know that the butter is bad."

She got super pissed and was arguing with me right in front of these old ladies. I felt bad telling her again and again that the butter was really nasty in front of other customers, because I'm sure it's not typical of the restaurant, but she keeps arguing with me.

She didn't apologize at all which pissed me off. I know it's not her fault and I don't expect her to grovel but a simple "oh, no, sorry" wouldn't have been difficult, would it?

She then told me it's the same butter they always buy from the same people. NOT THE POINT. The butter was rancid. Meaning it's been out too long or their fridge is the wrong temp or whatever. They really need to know before they make someone SICK. But she would not acknowledge it at all.

So I had to go snag someone ELSE and tell them that the butter was rancid and they needed to throw it out. That woman was really concerned, actually apologized, and went back to the kitchen to tell the cooks. If I hadn't told a second person, would they have just kept serving it because one person wanted to be stubborn?

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It's here!

As continued from this post I called corporate to find out where my book was. I was told that the book probably wasn't going to be delivered and I could cancel. I had meant to go to the store and cancel but it kept slipping my mind until last night when I got a phone call from the original store. Turns out the book had finally arrived!

I went in this morning to get it and the cashier who had scolded me for not having a receipt saw me and asked another cashier to take over for her. I'm just happy to finally have my book but there was a paper inside it saying the book had arrived on Wednesday night and I hadn't gotten a call until 9:00pm Friday that it was in the store.

:D But I have my book now!

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FedEx Express

Preface: I used to work at FedEx Ground, and at one time was a shareholder of FedEx stock. They are my preferred shipper, and my employer does tens of thousands of dollars worth of business with them a month.

I purchased a ticket to the Penn State-Michigan Game on Saturday, October 18 (today) I was unable to make the game, and after one ebay bidder backed out after the auction ended, I sold the ticket on Wednesday night...

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I cannot believe what I just heard... literally, wow.

so not more than 10 minutes ago, I called Apple because I was having a new issue with my older generation iPhone. once I updated the software on it, a new issue started happening. I'd be sitting here and my phone would ring. the screen would flash once and then black out, giving me no way to answer the phone. even if I pressed the button ontop of the phone and/or the home key - nothing. the phone would still be vibrating, the call obviously coming through - and when the phone would finally light up again, it would say I had a missed call.

so I call into Apple and get a technical support representative.. the conversation goes as follows.

*I explain the issue above*
Rep = "do you have a case on the phone? lately we've had an issue with the older phones blacking out while they have a case on them that is built for the new 3g iPhone"

Me = "yes I have a case. wow I never thought that could be the issue. I've had a new case on my phone for about 3 weeks, but this has only been happening since I updated the software about a week ago."

Rep = "well why don't you take off the case and mess around with the phone and I'll wait while you do that"

Me = "Ok" *takes off the case, makes convesation while doing so* "it's funny you mention the case, because it's brand new so I'm assuming it IS built for the 3g. that's weird"

Rep = "Why don't you just stop talking, and do what I say"

Me = "....... EXCUSE ME???"

Rep = *3 seconds of silence, then a click. she hung up*

I was livid. I've done telecommunication customer service, technical support, and sales. we all need to let out a little steam when customers are being wanks, but I was being SO nice to this lady - just making casual conversation to fill dead air while I played with my phone. I called back immediately and spoke to a manager. they told me she didn't notate my account, thus they have no way of tracking her. I still filed the complaint and agreed to live with my phone case-free for a few days to see if the problem still happens.

if you have to have such negative thoughts toward a customer who didn't do anything or say anything wrong, at least learn how to use your mute button properly.

Slow Fast Food?

 I don't normally eat fast food, because it's kind of disgusting, but seeing as everyone was getting it for dinner tonight, I went with to get it, since I needed something at AC Moore nearby.

 So we go to AC Moore, I get what I needed, and we go to Burger King. We order our food (which takes forever because of my uncle being a slow orderer for some reason) and we pull up to the window, pay, and wait for our food. We wait ten minutes before she asks us to pull up to the trash can so she can get the people's money who are behind us. So we pull up. We wait about twenty more minutes before we get our food, which of course, isn't right. So my uncle goes inside because the girl who brought out our food refuses to go back inside and get what she forgot (which was especially annoying because she's a friend of mine).

 So we got our food. Nothing horrible, but it just took a ridiculously long time for fast food, especially the drive through. It wouldn't have been as bad if they were backed up for people walking in to order, too, but they got their food almost immediately.

Are all burger kings like this or is it just us?

Bad Service at Shoe Pavilion

My mum and I were in the mall today, and we saw a Shoe Pavilion that was going out of sale (40%-60% and even more off heck yes!!!). The store was an absolute war zone, with shoes mismatched and on the floor, on tables, everywhere but she saw a pair of running shoes she really liked, they were comfortable, and under the 60% off sign, but there was no box and no marked sticker price, there was however a bar code on a tag (the shoes were held together by one of those annoying plastic things), so I went to the cashier to ask the price.

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