October 16th, 2008


Perkins Suck-age

So, last week my boyfriend and I were driving through Kansas City.  We'd been on a really long car trip (he had an interview way out in Kansas and we were on our way back to the mid-MO area) and were hungry and had to use the bathroom.  We pulled off the highway onto State Ave. and after driving up and down for a while, decided to stop at Perkins.

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A Bad Example

So there we are, looking for a checkout with someone actually operating it. This is why I use those self checkouts.  However my parents are scared of self checkouts and I have to deal with that.  I don't have anything to purchase, however my mother and father do.  I watch and observe a Wal Mart employee going through the 20 items or less with a cart that exceeded 20 items, pile her crap onto the counter.  The checker being a co worker did not say a word about it, just checked her out.  The queue was getting deep behind us and the discussions were "How rude", "Doesn't she work here", "That's a bad example to customers" and that sort of thing.  The lady directly behind us said "I can't remember her name".  Well I have been in the lady's check out line before so I remembered it.  We will call her ML here.  I told the customer behind me what her name was.  She said that someone should report it to the manager but it would not be her.  I was not in the mood for managers tonight.  I just wanted to get out of Wal Mart.  I only went to carry bags for aging parents anyways.  Still it sort of gripes me that a Wal Mart employee did that, why was she too good to wait in the other queue like everyone else?    It just did not seem right.  And why did the checker let her by with it?

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