October 15th, 2008

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Bank Woes

Several years ago I opened up a bank account with my father to keep money I received as a gift for a special family event.

When we opened up the account, both he and I made sure the money would be safe and that it would always be there. (It was a Savings Only account. )

Five years later-

I go to close the account and take my money, since in the last year I opened up a Checking/Savings account with a different bank so I figured I'd just put all my money in there.

They tell me since I didn't touch the account in a certain number of years the money was sent to the state as "unclaimed funds". Nevermind that it was a Savings Account, and I did periodically check on it. (I just had no reason to take money out or put money in.)

They even had records of me contacting the bank about it many times.

The kicker is, they tried to tell me they tried to contact me about it. Both me and my father, who are on the records, were never reached. (We're both good about answering phones/emails.) The statement they tried sending was sent to an address we haven't lived in since BEFORE I opened the account. (Also different from the one on record.)

So now my dad is going through the hassle of getting my money back and I'm just like "WTF, bank."

It'd be one thing if this was a couple hundred. Eh, for me that's just a little something to cry over. But this is way more than that, and I need it to help pay some bills.
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Ok, I had DirectTV a few years ago and never had a single problem. I signed up again last year and now I keep having nothing but problems.
I started out with the premier HD package, which is probably the biggest package I think. Well since I decided to start budgeting myself more carefully and because most of the movie channels play shit, I decided to downgrade to a Choice Xtra package and add HBO. Called, and set it up, thought everything was good.
Well after awhile I start getting these HUGE bills. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on, but I noticed that instead of being downgraded I was being charged for Premier AND for the Choice Xtra, oh and also an extra fee for HBO (which comes w/ the premier package) just to add insult to injury.
Anyway, I called last month in September to get this all figured out. Turns out, at DirectTV they must assume that it's impossible for them to make a billing mistake, as you are unable to talk to customer service if you owe them anything past due (whether you actually do or not.) So lucky me, I get to pay a huge bill that I don't even owe, just for the luxury of talking to somebody in customer service. Wow, what a good way to run a business.
So I get it all straightened out with the customer service gal, so I think. She apologizes for the mistakes. Tells me that I have hugely overpaid and that I am owed several credits (you think?). So she tells me that I am up to date on my account and because of the credits, I will have a smaller October bill. So yay.
So today is October 15th, and guess what? My fucking satellite was shut off for nonpayment.
So I call today and of course, just in case you have forgotten, DirectTV doesn't allow you to talk to customer service until you pay your past due balance (WHETHER YOU OWE IT OR NOT). So I end up looking DirectTV in my phone book and calling the installation number. Telling them the problem and they give me the customer service number that I have been calling the whole time. I explain to them that the automated system will not transfer you to a customer service rep if you have a past due balance. So finally, they are able to transfer me to someone.
So this new chick tells me that I owed 96 dollars still on my September bill. Um ok?? How?? She says that even after the mistake was corrected that I still owed 96 bucks and had I paid that in September my satellite service wouldn't have been interrupted. So I tell her that if I still owed money in September, why exactly was I credited for my October bill?? She can't explain why. All she can do is say that she is sorry for the "miscommunication" and that if I wanted my service reinstated I would have to pay that past due balance as well as my current October balance.
So do these people all have their heads up their asses? The first rep fucks up my account so that I am charged for 2 packages at the same time. The second rep fixes that and tells me that I'm overpaid for September, so that my October bill is going to be less than usual after she credits me. And third rep tells me that I had a past due balance still for September and that I have to pay that plus a full October bill just to have my TV turned back on. So wtf. And WTF is with not being able to talk to customer service if you have a past due balance?????? Perhaps it's my period, but I am feeling somewhat homicidal today.

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I've seen other employer sucks on here, so I think this fits.

My first two paychecks from my new company were paper and came right to my house, very timely and all was well. The day of my third check, I thought it was odd that it wasn't here yet, but thought maybe it was a day late. That happens. After two days, I located the "pay period" page on the company intranet and checked. It had suddenly changed, with no input on my part, from paper to direct deposit, to an account with a bank I've never even heard of. I haven't yet been able to talk to anyone either with my employer or the bank, and someone suggested that they create new accounts for new hires so that they can do direct deposit. As far as I can tell, that's actually true, but why is the bank four states away and why was I not told???