October 4th, 2008

Excuse me?

So my boss went to Ann Taylor Loft today to buy some clothes. She said the sales clerk was very chatty and clearly new, but helpful overall. Forgot to bring a shirt to the dressing room etc etc, but still nice and pleasant overall. Now when my boss was checking out, the same lady (working as a cashier) started talking about Palin and how much she liked her. My boss was trying to be polite because she's very pro-Obama, like most Washingtonians, and then the clerk let this bomb drop:

Well I like Palin and McCain and that other vice president guy, because, you know, they are white. I wouldn't vote for that other one though.


Needless to say, my boss reported this to a manager (ironically enough, every other employee in the store was black, which made it more ridiculous, if that's even possible) and then went back to confront the woman. She was very upset and told her that she teaches children, many of whom are hispanic or black and it really upsets her to hear someone speak like that etc etc.

The whole thing blew my mind though. I mean everyone talks politics in DC, but it's not generally accepted for a store employee to start that sort of conversation with a customer and spewing racist junk like that CERTAINLY is not acceptable. Ugh.
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OK, really, what the &(@# is wrong with my housekeeper? I have told her over and %^*&ing over that the hamper is where the dirty clothes go, yet she continues to pile them on the bench by the door, and the floor by the bench, while the hamper sits empty. I don't even mean that I leave clothes laying around ambiguously: she has actively taken clothing out of the hamper in order to form this pile. Not only that, she continually puts clean, sometimes freshly folded clothes, which I have simply not yet had a chance to put away, off of the table/couch/floor in said pile o' crap. Now, I just found one of my shirts stuffed (as in, crammed to the point of stretching it out) with a bunch of towels and crap as if it were a laundry bag, while my actual laundry bag was laying empty on top of the pile in which I found said shirt. Not to mention said shirt was one those aforementioned clean items which was, though not folded, on a shelf in the bathroom, not the floor.


It's really beyond the point of being able to find the funny. It is seriously baffling, and I am actually in tears and contemplating violence under the force of this frustration and anger. I have to pay for every load of laundry I do with quarters that I don't have a large budget for, and this already quadruples my laundry because it makes the previously clean and folded clothes dirty and wrinkled. And now she's actively ruining clothing that I definitely cannot afford to replace!

I understand that English is not her first language, but I am beginning to think this is beyond language barrier and well into the realm of stupidity, considering I've now told her in Spanish about five thousand times, as well as English, and gone so far as to tell her English-speaking husband when he's happened to accompany her.

This is also on top of the fact that I actually found some of my sheet music books in a trash bag one day when I happened to come home in the middle of her cleaning. Why, you might ask? Because they were on the floor, so that must mean they were trash (nevermind that they had fallen off of a stool where I'd rested them).

If I could actually figure out what day of what week she intended to come each month, or get her to tell me, this problem could be easily solved, as I'd have everything picked up and ready for her to just come in and clean, and she wouldn't have to actually worry about any of my belongings.

ARGH! Honestly, I'd rather she were just stealing from me. At least then I would know things weren't being just flat out wasted.

If I could fire her, I would.

To add to Post Office bad service . . .

One time I was having a certified letter sent to me (from a LAWYER letting me now I was being SUED). I work hella far from home, and I'm about as far as one can be from the post office and still be in the same zip code.

Got the first slip, asked for it to be redelivered, since I couldn't just do the X. -- i.e. I had to sign for it. I asked for Friday (this was Monday) since I was taking that day off anyway. He came and went, never knocking on the door.

So I put on the slip deliver Saturday. Came and went, no knocking. If my post man was dependable, I'd have sat out there by the mail box, but sometimes he comes at 10, sometimes at 4. I tried to keep a close eye, but a girl's gotta pee sometime, ya know?

So I wrote on the slip "deliver Saturday, PLEASE knock" and that morning I put a sign asking him to please knock.

Got another slip instead.

That Monday I called the post office. They said it had been returned to sender. What? Oh wait, no, it's still here. PLEASE deliver on SATURDAY and PLEASE KNOCK. Ok sure, they can do that.

Another slip on Saturday, no knock. Now I'm really pissed, because I've spent 3 Saturdays at home watching out the damn window. And I had been assured that it would the guy would knock today.

So that following Monday I drove 50 extra miles (both ways), taking off work early, to sign for the damn thing in the post office. Of course, I was informed I could have just signed for it at home when the guy delivered the mail.

Of course.

Wow, that felt good to get off my chest.

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This was a few months ago but it still bothers me...I'm not a particularly hard customer to please when I go out to eat. But some waiters are just bad. Three friends and I went to a very popular asian place and got the last seat  (before they closed it) out on the patio. Our waiter was so...weird. Just weird, no people skills and a little creepy. But who am I to judge him on that, right? Let his service be what decides his tip at the end of the night.
So we ordered, got our food, ate, talked, waited....waited...waited...(note that we were only there for dessert) about half an hour after we had finished we were still waiting and no one had checked on us the entire time. It was getting pretty chilly even with one of those heating lamps on but we decided that we would wait a few more minutes until one of us went in to ask for the bill. When my friend finally did go in to talk to someone she informed the staff that if no one was out there within 10 minutes we would be leaving. I mean, it'd probably been almost an hour since anyone had talked to us at all and we were the ones who had to ask someone to come out! Also, there had been staff that had come outside to do other things, so they knew we were there. I think we ended up waiting around 10 minutes for our waiter to come out and he didn't seem to think anything was wrong....we got the bill and when I went to pay (on me: total about $40 I think) the tip was obvious...$1. I'm not paying for service I'm not receiving.
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Multiple Stores Bad Serivce

All by themselves, each of these is not all that bad- minor irritations. However, put together, they combined to make a shopping trip that was at least an hour longer then it should have been.

Every Saturday, we go shopping- Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and any other stores in that shopping center that we need to go to. Today, we also needed to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a wedding gift, and Lowe's for something to repair a drawer. Lowe's was the only place where we didn't run into problems.

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Well, like I said, by themselves, none of them are that bad. But put all of them together, and I was ready to get out of there.