October 2nd, 2008

Stab Myself - Hidan
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VERY long bad_service thanks to PC Doctors in Northeast PA

This bad_service was written out over several days in my personal LJ, so I am combining them with Part Numbers between them.

Quick backstory: My laptop is a Toshiba, going on 5 years old now. It still runs beautifully, actually, other then with only 512 RAM it seems slow and has trouble with bigger programs due to the smaller memory (like Photoshop). Lately, the speakers have been hissing terribly and the fan has gotten noisy, so to keep up the life of it I wanted them both replaced. My dad offered to pay for the parts and installation as well as giving an upgrade by adding a stick of 1 gig RAM. I was SO excited! So onto...

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TL;DR: Guy who is supposed to replace speakers and fan in my computer and add memory orders the wrong memory, then gives my laptop to a stranger on accident, leads me around with phone calls and their lack of, sucks at delivery, and in the end, I still don't have the memory I should.
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Telephone company has no phone technology

So, I recently ordered U-Verse a service offered by AT&T, you may have heard of them, small mom and pop Telco.

They had an install special that involved a $200 rebate when I ordered the service. Still hasn't arrived so i called them up, i get bounced around a bit with long hold times. after 45 minutes I am talking to the correct person and they attempt to look up my account. No Dice, no account found (still get a bill however) after checking a few ways the girl tells me she cannot find the account and i will need to contact customer service to look up the account and verify information then 3 way into their dept . . .

Me: Well your dept has long hold times so can you conference into them?
AT&T Girl: No we do not have the ability to dial out.
Me: The PHONE COMPANY does not have the ability to make a phone call?
AT&T Girl: Sorry, we are an inbound call center.
Me: *facepalm*

Now I did speak to manager to mention how ludicrous it was that the phone company does not have the technology to CALL another department in order to assist a customer. I did this with the knowledge that when I worked for the same company in an inbound call center years ago, i regularly called multiple departments as necessary to fix the customers issues.

In other news, google chrome does not recognize facepalm as a valid word . . . . or google for that matter.
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Still No Literature For You!

Long story short: Ordered a book on August 10th, was told it would take a week to arrive. After two weeks went into the store to ask where it was, and was it told it would take six weeks. When to the store six weeks later, was told the store received an e-mail 10 days prior saying it would ship within two weeks. Confused as to why no one from the store bothers to call me.

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I know I should have been more careful, but I lost it when I was packing, and I originally expected the order to take a week instead of nearly two months and counting. Besides, I have a new receipt from a cashier at the same store!