September 27th, 2008

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Does it count as bad service...

If there's no service at all?

It's been a few weeks since this happened, but I haven't actually thought to post this here until now. It's happened several times (Maybe three or four, I suppose) so it isn't a one-time thing. Keep in mind that I normally have no problems here. I visit this place quite often. The worse problem I've ever had was when they got my order mixed up with someone else's, and the occassional red-onions on my burger. I can eat them, but I don't like them, so I say 'no onions on the burger'.

I had a hankering for red meat. Every now and then I get a 'protein' headache. I need red meat to get rid of it. These headaches get pretty bad if I ignore them. So I hopped into the car and hit my favorite burger joint that 'throws down the gauntlet'. Their drive-thru closes at 10 pm. It was 9:30 when I pulled up to the the board. Lights were on, cars were in the lot (Presumably from the staff, as the lobby is closed to customers at 9 pm) and the drive-thru board and speaker were powered up.

I wait a few moments.... Nothing.
"Hello?" I call... And am answered by silence.

I wait another minute or two before pulling up to the window to make sure that: A) Closing time was still posted as 10. And B) that there wasn't someone waiting at the window, possibly having trouble with the speaker.

The time on the window actually says 11pm, and there was nobody there.

Irritated, I pulled out and around to leave. As I'm pulling around, I can see into the store. Someone wearing a headset comes out of the back and doesn't even glance at the drive-thru window to see if someone is there. I was suitably pissed...

So I ended up driving the 15 minutes to the only other burger joint open at that time (That isn't McDeath's, since I get sick every time I eat there).

::EDIT:: Please note, while I do frequently suffer from crippling migraines (it's genetic, every woman in my family, and at least half of the men, have suffered them. Very probably this is linked to a blood-vessel condition at least three of the women in my family have been diagnosed with. I do plan on addressing my concerns with a doctor now that I have health insurance), the headaches I'm describing are NOT migraines. Migraines leave me completely unable to do anything but cry and hide in bed. Sometimes I can't even cry.

I have experimented with the triggers for these headaches. I have also experimented with 'cures'. Red meat is the only thing that seems to stop these things. I only call them 'protein' headaches because it is the only thing I can think of that could be at the root of my problem. I will concede that it could be any of the other micronutrients that red meat contains. But I don't know and it's just easier to call it a 'protein headache' instead of a 'one of any number of nutrients headache'.

A plant based diet does not mean a vegan diet, as there seems to be a controversy going on in the comments. Play nice or I'll disable comments. This was not intended to start drama. Seriously.

I think that addresses the major issues here?

Drug Testing Woes...

I'm starting a new job next week that requires a drug test beforehand. I was sent by my new employer to a specific site that they have a contract with. They pay the center to run tests for them on new/potential hires. My appointment/directions told me to show up Friday afternoon, between noon and 5 PM, because that's supposed to be the time set aside for this company's drug tests.

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And your mascot is annoying, too.

Has anyone else ever tried to set up Verizon internet service? It seems like they don't care about new customers anymore, just people switching from another service, since it's impossible to get through to them over the phone. And when you finally do the recording keeps reminding you that it's so much easier to "sign up quickly online!" Yeah great, but if I had the internet I wouldn't be calling you, would I?

A few weeks ago I called Verizon to ask about service. I'd tried before, but they told me DSL wasn't available in my area. I am a poor college student, I don't have the money for Fios. One morning I heard my neighbor across the hall using AIM (with the volume up, clearly) and I asked her what service she was on, and what speed. She said Verizon DSL.

This time when I called I told them about my neighbor. The woman, speaking to me like I'm five, told me that I wasn't inside their DSL service area. I asked her how that was possible, when my neighbor across the hall was inside. Literally, I could touch my door and hers at the same time. Our building is a converted house. Sparing no attitude she repeated the same mantra about the DSL service area. So I asked her to check the other apartments, and she informed me that out of the four, mine is the only one not within the service area. I said I was surprised, since apartment 2 is directly below me. Her answer to this was to push Fios some more. Apparently the DSL service area is like Tetris, and I'm the awkward empty square.

I'm summarizing, but this was a very frustrating call. Not only did I have to retry three times because they kept forwarding me to a menu where every option resulted in a "this number cannot provide the service you are requesting" and a hangup--but then they insisted that there was no possible way I could have internet in my apartment unless it was Fios.

I told her, politely, that I was going to call Comcast to see what they could do. "Go ahead I don't care" was her reply. Seriously? I was pissed but I had kept my voice steady and been polite the entire time.

I called Comcast which, for the record, is 1-800-COMCAST, not "go to our website and play Russian Roulette with phone numbers until you have to pretend you're canceling service to get through to a human being." (And I had to get all those numbers from a friend over the phone.) I was given ONE menu, picked new service, and an associate immediately answered the phone. She offered me high speed internet for $30 a month for six months, which is fine by me since I'll only be here for another 8. She was polite, very understanding, and offered me a discount on my installation. The tech, by the way? Smelled glorious and looked like sex in denim. Not that it mattered, I just wanted to throw that in.

Why make it difficult for me to give you money? I had every intention of going with Verizon, but it's like they don't want internet customers. No idea, folks. No idea.

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Comcast. Ugh.

This will be a short post because I am not sure how long my internet will hold up.

Internet has been cutting in and out (more out than in) for the past couple days. I finally got online long enough to get their phone # and my account # (I am signed up for paperless billing so I didn't have that lying around anywhere). They didn't even attempt to troubleshoot, just took a look and told me -- yup, my connection no worky. Lovely.

I just took 2 weeks of vacation to go to Japan, so I absolutely NO time off left at work. Of course they don't have evening or weekend appointments available for the tech to stop by. The closest they had to an "evening" appointment is 3pm-5pm a week from Monday. Awesome.

So I just stare at my modem, making sad blinking attempts at connecting with the outside world, and hope for a few seconds to hop online and check my email.