September 26th, 2008

short one today :D

my friend madii and i were in target yesterday. we bought quite a lot of candy, and at the checkout the girl ringing us up was being incredibly snerky, insinuating things about our weight, etc. after a while madii was getting so pissed off that she summoned the elusive manager and complained.

the manager looked me up and down, laughed, and said "you don't expect to be taken seriously dressed like that, do you kid?".
... okay, yes, i'll be the first to admit that the way i dress is ridiculous, but.. apparently now it's a-ok to give someone bad_service as long as they're dressed weirdly? |:

Dealership suck

So, my husband and I got a used car from a local dealership last November. Within 2 weeks, we realized that the remote starter that was factory installed was temper-mental and would start at best 3 out of every 4 attempts. We brought the car in because we got the extended warranty to see if it was fixable as this was a major selling point for us (I have major breathing issues so it is not good for me to get into an extremely hot or extremely cold vehicle). The day I was there with it, of course it started every forward to May and we discover that the thing has stopped working entirely. Well, we dumbly thought COULD be because it is warm and we are using the AC...maybe it's just a safety thing and let it slide. It is now almost October and getting cold again. The starter is still not recognizing the remote function although the doors will lock and lights flash like it is attempting to start but it never does.
I called the dealership to see if this was still covered under our contract. They said it's covered BUT we have to pay a $200 deductible before anything could be fixed.
Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this something that SHOULD be covered by them since we reported it immediately?!

Teeny Bad Service (Well To Me)

Background information very important

I moved from Lakeland out into what every calls BFE...Polk City.. Now while the *technical* Polk City is a "if you blink you miss it" sort of other words, a town so small, no redlights. Small town.

Our regular grocery ( the only one in Polk City) IGA shut down. We had to go back into Lakeland to get our food. Two weeks ago, the new place opened up in IGA's place.

Me and my hubby go in to get food. Yeah, we are happy, no more long trips. First thing we notice, Yes, they have a deli.

Hubby proceeds to purchase a half of a turkey breast, uncut. ( We have our own meat slicer).. Lady puts it on the black thing and wraps it up with the cling wrap and then thanks us for not having them cut it, then we mosey on around the store. Get what we need and get in line to pay.

The bagger was a young female..alright no issue.. Another bagger, a young male comes over to start helping because it's close to closing.

The cashier rings up the turkey breast and slides it down to be bagged.

The two kids share a look and the girl picks up the turkey and starts to poke at the package. The boy does the same. They didn't do this once but repeative times. And out of the mouth of this girl, I hear..."What is this?" *pokes the package yet again" The boy.."I don't know" *He pokes*

I looked at them and calmly said.. "Please don't poke the turkey."

They both looked at me like I was crazy. The girl looks at me, looks at the guy and says "This is Turkey?" *Then pokes the package yet again before dropping ( yes dropping) it into the bag that had our eggs in it.

When the guy asked if we  needed help getting the stuff out to the car, we said no thanks and as we walked out the door, he gave us a sneer.

I just blew the whole thing off and my husband then asked why I told them not to poke the turkey. When I explained, he was in shock.

Once, I can understand but when the customer who pays your paychecks asks you not to poke it and you turn right around and do it again, that's small bad service. Being a teenager, does not give you the right to disrespect the customer but the look on her face when I said it was turkey was priceless.
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Lying to your customers is bad service

I stopped by an expensive boutique called LF the other day because they were having a huge sale. I tried on some jeans that were originally priced at over $200 dollars and now were $67. I thought it was a bit odd that these jeans were so expensive because they were not a major brand like Seven for All Mankind or True Religion. I decided I would think about it and searched the store on Yelp. They're a scam operation.

And here. We. Go.

If you live in a big city you may have noticed an upscale boutique called LF. Things in LF tend to run between $150 to $450 at least (except during ridiculous markdown sales) and they will try to convince you that they are made by upcoming European designers. They are not. Sales associates are required to lie about the origins of the clothes in the store. The majority of the products in the store (with the exception of Jeffrey Cambell shoes and Paul's Boutique bags) are made in one factory owned by LF. They made up all the ridiculously expensive "brands" they carry. In terms of quality it is less like Diane Von Furstenberg and more like Forever 21. LF has also tried to pass itself off as a local boutique when they in fact have 30 stores across the country. Do not, I repeat do not fork over your money to them.
When in doubt > Taylor

Dog&House Sitting, and a WTF

So when my parents go out of town, I'm their go-to person for dog&house sitting. However, for this week while they were gone, I agreed to it before I had a [foster] dog of my own. So we had to find someone in a pinch to dog&house sit for me (I suggested they find someone to watch their house and dogs, so that it wasn't someone displacing me so I could displace them, but they insisted. And hey, it was closer to work so I got to sleep in 30 min each day this week).

I had asked a couple of friends (those who weren't busy didn't get the nod from the parents, who were chipping in to pay) but ultimatly my mom chose a guy she's known for a month or so from I-Don't-Know-Where. So he came over last weekend to meet the dog, get the low-down, etc etc. I let him know all he needed to know about the dog, and then told him about the tv/remotes and such. I showed him what in the kitchen he could help himself to, and what I'd appreciate he leave behind for me. I told him that if he ran out of dog food (there was enough to last the week, but I thought if he used big scoops it might run out quicker). I left him cash, the garage door opener, an extra set of keys, and important phone numbers.

I came back this evening to find the following things:
- No dog food. Not sure how long it's been empty, but the dog was whining pretty bad so I'd guess he was fed last night, but not this morning.
- Dirty dishy all over the sink
- Dirty sheets thrown on the floor (had they been on the floor in the laundry room I actually would've thought he was trying to be helpful. The way they were just seemed sloppy or lazy)
- No food. ANYWHERE. The stuff I told him he could have? Gone (thank goodness). Things I asked him not to touch? Gone (WTF?). My dad's food? Gone (I rent from my parents, so they can leave whatever they want here. And since he's diabetic he keeps a few snacky-foods around just in case).
- No dog toys. (Wut teh f--k?) The plastic bones, ropes, squeaky toys, everything is gone.
- S--t in the toilet. Yanno that little piece that gets left behind? Yeah a couple of those were left behind.

I mean... WHAT? The dirty dishes and sheets by themselves I can deal with. It's a little sloppy but not horrible. I'd even tolerate the ... toilet (because hell, that's awkward to be like hey dood, you made my toilet dirty lol) And it's possible the dog food ran out this morning and the dog was just overly whiney for food. But why are all the toys gone? That's the biggest wtf there. And taking all my food (particularly that which I asked him not to touch, and my dad's food?!?!) is majorly sucky. I wish my mother hadn't insisted on leaving 'her friend' cash-up-front. I definatly would take some of that cash back now if I could.


And a WTF from King Soopers the other day:

(recently the self-scan kiosk moved from the middle of the section to the outer edge, on the end)
Me *in self-check out right next to employee's kiosk scanning my lunch*
Dude: "So who here wishes they were on vacation?"
Me "Heh, I wish"
Dude: "No, Not you."
Me *blink* "Uh, sorry?"
Dude: "So who here wishes they were on vacation?"
*no one responds*
Dude: *looks sadly at me*
Me: *takes receipt and walks away*