September 25th, 2008


College Advisors

At my school, the Natural Science & Mathematics academic advising department has a horrible reputation for being disorganized, inefficient, and useless.

I had an appointment with my advisor today.  I am on scholarship probation and am required to meet with my advisor several times over the course of the semester to evaluate where I stand and how I'm doing with my semester's workload.  I walk into the advising office and look for the sign-in sheet for my particular advisor.  I don't see it, so I ask the secretary where it is.

"Oh, Dr. ______ is on vacation."

At this point, my jaw drops.  This was actually the advisor I liked.  My previous advisor either was fired or quit in the middle of last semester, so everyone under her wing was split between the remaining advisors, and I got this one who I ended up loving.  She's normally very nice, very informative, very encouraging, etc.  But I just cannot believe this because she scheduled my appointment herself , and she seemed to be the one who had her act together.  I didn't get a phone call or an email informing me that she was out of the office.  Nothing.  On top of that, I have to get my meetings in before a certain due date, or they will assume that I don't care about my scholarship and take that into consideration as to whether or not it will be revoked.

I tell the secretary that I had an appointment that Dr. ______ scheduled me for herself, and the secretary looks at me in disbelief.  I told her to check the calendar, and she finds that I do indeed have an appointment.  She doesn't know what to do, so she asks the other advisors what to do, and they decide to move me to next week.  She ended up being very helpful and apologized repeatedly to me about what happened, to which I smile, thank her, and tell her not to worry because it wasn't her mistake at all.

There are a bunch of other things wrong with that advising department, but those stories all belong to my friends who share my pain.
puppet, sock puppet, hand puppet, sock Suck apparantly knows where I live even better than I do! 8D

Let me begin by prefacing this with the fact that I haven't shopped with Amazon since... well, years. And I've just remembered WHY.

Because my teachers are useless and can't figure out how to tell the university bookstore to order books (hint: IT'S NOT THAT HARD), half of my classes have required books to be ordered from outside sources. As bad as this is (I now get to wait in line AND scour the internet), I figure, why not buy from Amazon? Fewer buyers to deal with, and Amazon is well-known and safe to order from... right? 

Well, you'd think so, except for the fact that, along with how confusing their check-out process now is, apparently they have seen fit to change my shipping address, which I didn't even notice until, a month later, the books have still not appeared. Turns out, they decided to just randomly switch some of the letters and numbers around, now turning my address into some kind of nonsensical location which is 'undeliverable'. It seems like I should have noticed this at the time, really, but I guess I wasn't at the top of my game that day.

I'm not saying that is a complete beast-- slowly, as each book is marked as 'unable to deliver', they refund my credit-card payment, slow though it may be-- but I now have assignments due from these books, and unless I shell out beaucoup bucks for priority shipping, there is NO way I am getting them in time. So, hence, I am quite a bit pissed.

I am currently in the process of writing an angry (but civil) customer service complaint letter to Amazon, but I strongly doubt that anything will come of it. And I am still going to have to explain this to my professors. :( (And to spare some questions-- yes, I should have noticed that the books were missing before a month had passed. However, because one of the books was coming from a private seller, today is listed as the 'last possible day' that the book should have arrived. Hence, I was foolishly still holding onto the hope that it might make it here in time.) 

I'm just ... so, so furious, both at myself (why wouldn't I notice that they were delivering to a nonexistant street!?), and at Why couldn't they just leave my address ALONE!? This post is a complaint, but also a warning: doubly-double check your address before doing ANYTHING with, because they know where you live better than you do! 
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Summary – One government office accidentally sends us enough of someone else’s information to cause serious damage if we were not honest and didn’t seem to care when it was reported. Another calls before 8 am, upset that (what he assumed was an unemployed person) was sleeping at 7:50am instead of out looking for a job.