September 24th, 2008


Photo service WTF

One of the reasons I love my digital camera and photo printer is to avoid situations like this. I very rarely use my film camera now and boy oh boy do I not miss those days of dropping off the film, waiting, and paying money to find out that half the pictures I took on vacation were total crap with grainy, out of focus, cut-off heads and poor lighting.

But at the end of August I was on vacation in Florida and a friend and I went to a waterpark for the day. Like the lame tourist I am I spent $20 on one of those underwater cameras so we could be goofs and take pictures of ourselves getting hit in the face with blasts of water coming down the slides. FUN!

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TL;DR version: Superstore photo lab tries and fails to make me a photo CD. Twice. Not 100%bad service, because the staff there were friendly and helpful, but WTF service from the lab. More amusing than annoying (to me at least). I will laugh if I go back tonight and the CD still doesn't work.

ETA: Just got back from going to pick up the third CD. They misplaced my order. It's Photo Farce! But at least they eventually found it and I have my picture CD now, and everything is working as it should be.
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Hi! I'm a member over in customers_suck, but until now I haven't had any real reason to post here.
Anyway, this is a long-term bad_service. Nearly 3 years ago, I got a 'new' cell number (it was my brother's before mine). Quick note: I answer all calls in case there's something important, and the names in here are changed.

About 2 years ago, I started getting these calls. They were always for a man I'll call 'B Williams', from a bank, saying they were about a loan.

First call went sort of like this (it's been a while, I don't remember exactly):
Me: Hello?
Man: Hello, this is 'State Bank' calling for B Williams with important information about his loan with us.
Me: Sorry, there's no B here. You've got the wrong number.
Man: Oh, I'm sorry. Goodbye.

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I kept getting calls off and on for about a year; it must have been 20 calls in a 12 or 13 month span. Mostly it was during times in which I was in class and unable to answer, and when I did answer they'd always promise they'd remove my number from their systems. I tried complaining to the callers and to 'State Bank's' customer care department, and nothing helped. My dad finally told me to threaten a harrasment suit if they didn't stop calling. So the next time they called when I could answer, that's what I did, and they finally, really stopped.

Guess who called today.
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Best Buy bad service

This isn't an "OMGWTFBBQ I'm never shopping at Best Buy ever again!" bad service, but it's one of those "walk away shaking your head" bad service.

About a week and a half ago, my husband brought his laptop into Best Buy for service. He had a catastrophic hard drive failure a couple of months ago, and when he took it in for service then, they suggested that he bring it in to fix some dead pixels in the screen. It was nearing the end of the warranty, so he decided to take advantage of the warranty that he paid for and get it fixed.
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tl;dr: Best Buy assures husband that a power cord problem on husband's laptop, but does not write it on the work order. Of course, power cord problem is not addressed.