September 23rd, 2008


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This is more of a funny bad service turned good service...

My boyfriend and I went to Burgerville(for those of you who are unfortunate enough to not live in the Northwest, Burgerville is a fast food place but waaaay better than most fast food) and I ordered a cheeseburger. They brought our food to us, they forgot my BF's hashbrowns with his breakfast platter, but eh, it happens, and I took a couple bites of my burger and thought, "something is amiss here" so I took off the top bun and realized there was no patty! wtf?
So I went up to the counter and the person there said "can I help you?" so I took the top bun off and showed him the meatless burger. We both started laughing, and more employees came over to find out what was so funny.
I showed them the burger and they all started laughing as well. They then called the manager over and said "There is something wrong with this burger" and I showed him, and he started laughing. So me, my BF, about 5 employees and the manager are standing there cracking up laughing over this meatless burger. My BF wasn't even mad that they had forgotten to give him hashbrowns because this was just too funny. So they gave him his hashbrowns, and made me a new burger, and even threw an extra patty on there for me.

I am just glad it was me this happened to and not someone who might have flipped their lid and turned it into a customerssuck. Me, I have a sense of humor about these things, especially since it's something so weird.
Anyway, just thought I would share cause I thought it was really funny.
What the Hell Do You Think You're Doing?

Car towing scam at Rite-Aid #3825

My wife & I are recovering from what looks to me to be a car-towing scam at one of our Philadelphia-area Rite-Aid stores.
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Needless to say, we are never shopping at that store again and, unless we hear something ameliorative from Corporate (not monetary; we just want an apology), never at any other Rite-Aid, ever.
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Or should we let STDs scurry free?

This doesn't take place at any specific establishment, but I've found that it happens frequently enough to cause me irritation.

I'm 22 and female, but I always look slightly younger than my age. Most people peg me for 1-3 years younger than I really am at any given point in my life. This only seems to cause problems when I do one thing.

Buy condoms.

I am getting sick and tired of receiving dirty looks, sidelong glares, and the silent treatment when I buy condoms. It started when I was 16 and continues now, and I find it utterly incomprehensible. I'm not sure if these people think I'm too young to have sex, or dislike my personal choice to have sex outside of wedlock (even though you can't tell if someone's married by looking at them), or if they believe birth control is immoral, or because they believe men should buy the condoms, or maybe they just dislike touching a box of condoms, or if it's some combination of the above, but it's incredibly frustrating.

There's little as insulting to me as engaging in a light small-talk conversation with a cashier, only to have him or her suddenly lapse into tense silence when my box of Trojan Magnums comes gliding across the conveyor belt. Seriously. It's just a box of condoms. It's not a purple double-headed fourteen-inch studded vibrating iPod-compatible OmegaDildo© with extra lube on the side. It's a box of latex baggies. Ooooh how kinky.

Unfortunately, this behavior is always subtle, so I can't exactly speak to a manager or outright protest without appearing to be an over-sensitive whiner. It's one of those life annoyances that I've come to expect, but I felt the need to rant about it here.

Does any else ever experience this phenomenon? Does it apply to another 'purchasable unmentionables' besides condoms? Just curious.
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