September 22nd, 2008

Disabilties Office

I have a lot mental health issues mostly pertaining to anxiety problems so I have a file with my school's disabilities office. I basically had an episode of the crazy that last for the whole night and I have not slept at all. Right now I am way too anxious to leave the house. Leaving my room alone is terrifying. So you know, I called my school disabilities center to ask them for help.

Lady: Answering phone calls, sounding really angry all the time

Lady: Ross Center for disabilities?
Me: Hi my name is Polina and I have file with you. I had an episode last night and I have no slept at all and I cannot make it to class, could please contact my pro-
Lady: Have you called your professors?
Me: No, I wanted you to contact-
Lady: You need to call your professors. *click*

Now aside from the fact that this woman being incredibly rude and not letting me finish a single sentence and hanging up on me, isn't the Center supposed to help me? I mean I did hand them over years a medical files for a reason. (I hope.) The whole point of Center is doing have very special extra official documentation for all your professors so they how to help you. Now most of classes are on the larger side this semester so I imagine my professors have hundreds of students in many classes to keep track of and require some sort of reminder that any given student has a certain accommodation. I don't know I could be just overreacting because I'm still anxious or I really need to sleep and calm down but I am not really okay with this ATM.

/end crazy rant

Do I look like a penny machine?

I left the house this morning with exactly $7.  I cleaned out my change purse last night, so I had no more than this, no less.  I went to the post office, was charged $5.05, so I went into the grocery store with exactly $1.95.  I knew that what I was getting would be around $1.50 before tax, so no problem.

Cashier lady rings me up, then says my total is $1.61.  I hand her $1.70, because I couldn't find the nickel I'd gotten from the post office.  The following conversation kinda blew my mind.

Cashier lady:  "It's one-sixty-ONE."
Me:  "Oh, did I give you one sixty?  I'm sorry, I thought I gave you one seventy."  (I pull out my wallet to find another dime.)
CL:  "Nooo, you gave me one seventy, but it's one sixty ONE.  Do you have just a penny?"
Me:  "No ma'am, I just got that change from the post office, it's all I have."  
CL:  "You have all that change in your purse, but you don't have ONE penny?  Not even in your pockets?"
Me:  *blink* "No ma'am, sorry."

Now, I have a good sense of humor, and would've thought it funny if she'd have been kidding, but she was giving me this annoyed-grandmother affect, with the tongue clicking and the looking-over-the-bifocals and the brow furrowing and head shaking.  Like I disappointed her for wanting change.

She then opens her drawer and starts pulling out change.  I wasn't paying attention because I was putting my wallet back in my purse and checking the time on my cell phone, etc... but she starts talking to her bagger, saying "I'm gonna need more pennies.  Nobody ever has the right change.  I always bring change when I'm going to the grocery store.  I'm near out of pennies right now.  She don't never give me enough pennies."  (I was assuming she was talking about the manager.)

She gives me the super dramatic sigh that my horrible mother-in-law always gives me for the smallest reason, then gives me my change.  I figured I would be getting a dime, since she was so low on pennies that she didn't have enough, or that she'd be giving me a nickel and 4 pennies.  No, internets.  She gave me 9 pennies. 

On the way to pick up my son from school, I called the manager and she said she'd "have a talk with her." 
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Kinda-Minor Bad Suck

I am a member of the AE All Access Pass. For those who don't know, it's basically a rewards system based on how many things you buy from AE. Different items get different point values and getting to certain points gives you percentage rewards.

They currently have a "triple points" promotion, where you get (obviously) three times the points you would normally get. I bought two things in one day, on different receipts. I enter both at the same time. The first is quickly processed and the triple points were automatically applied. The second took quite a bit longer (About 5 days instead of the "maximum 72 hours" advertised in their email), and the points were not applied.

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When in doubt > Taylor

Passport and an LOL

So I got invited to do this trip with my dad in November. We fly to San Diego and cross the border into Mexico. In previous years, I've been able to use my driver's license to get back into the states. This year, I was told, just this month, that I would need a passport to get back in. So I looked up the fees online, as well as where I could go to get this done, and budgeted for a passport book and overnight fees.

So I go into the post office next to the police station, as it's the closest place to work that does them. Outside are all these "Get your passport here' signs, but inside, nothing. So I wait in the line for the post office, and ask the first available teller (is that the right term?). He tells me it's down the hall to the right. Okay no worries.

I get to the door which is open, and I turn in to see. There's a woman there, at a desk, talking to someone in a chair behind the door. The chairs look set up to be some sort of waiting area, so I figure she's talking to a customer. But the conversation is in regards to a vacation, turns to myths like when your ears are burning someone's talking about you... finally there's a break in the conversation:

Me: Excuse me? Is this where I need to be for a passport?
Lady: I'm on my break.

"Oh, sorry. I there someone else that can help me? I have to have -

"I'm the only one."

"Oh, um then, how long is - "

"Talk to them" *points at the wall, I assume she means the post office tellers*


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And some LOL service in case you need a laugh:

Taco Bell Guy (at DriveThru): HI! How are you today?
Me: I'm great thanks. How are you?
TBG: I'm great. How are you?
Me: ...I'm great. How are you?
TBG: I'm great how are you?
Me: ...Great.Thanks.
TBG: Order when you're ready

I consider it Bad

When the hurricane came through the state I live in, millions of people lost power. Over the course of the week the hard working crews of AEP restored power to almost all of those people. I applaud those efforts and those crewmen.

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Teel Deer version: I reported a down power line and broken meter and advised that the power was still working and therefore possibly dangerous. AEP's solution to the problem was to cut power before informing me that the meter was my responsibility to repair. So, now I'm without power whereas before I had power. And, because the "problem" was "fixed" when I call back to get my power restored, that will be a new issue and I go to the back of the line in queue.