September 21st, 2008

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Last night, we were craving pizza really badly, so we decided to order in. (Note: This exchange takes place in the UK, but I am from the US.)

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I am, however, considering writing a letter to the manager, requesting that the phones be moved to a more quiet area of the store, if possible. Not that I plan on ordering from them again.

I haven't had a reason to update in a while

Back in Feb, I wrote about how my insurance covered a truck wreak that our vehicle was involved in. Now for the bad service

I got a certified letter a few weeks ago from my old insurance. This policy wasn't even in effect when the wreak happened. Hadn't been for 2 months.

I played phone tag with the adjuster for a week before I finally got her supervisor.

The truck was being driven by BIL and had 1 passenger. Both refused medical attention by both the cops and our offers. The passenger said if he went, he would use his insurance. We removed our truck because no medical attentiion was being accepted and we couldn't drive the totaled truck.

The insurance supervisor opened the file and gave me the name on the claim. It was the passenger who went to the hospital after he told us he wasn't going. The medical bills are over $50,000.

I never gave permission to the hospital nor to the passenger to file a claim.

This wouldn't have been so bad, except it was claimed under a dead policy.

I called the hospital and they told me I was liable for the bills if the insurance didn't go through. I tried to explain that the policy information given was a dead policy but they still say I am liable.

However, we were not driving the vehicle at the time, my BIL was.

So now I am at a dead halt at what to do. Am I still liable for this, even though it was filed under a dead policy and the passenger ref used medical at the time of the accident?

Am I going to be sued for Insurance Fraud?

The bad service in this is that the hospital didn't get my permission to file this claim, and it was filed under a dead policy. I had no knowledge until I got the certified letter in the mail from the old policy.

A little help please.
When in doubt > Taylor


These center around my recent credit report struggles, but stem from bad service.

I know that I've mentioned these before in comments as responses to other people's posts, but I don't think I've made my own post about them. (I apologize if you've already heard me gripe about them though.) I'll try to be brief about these.

T-Mobile: I was on a college internshp out of state, and cut off from the parents. In searching for a new cell phone plan a girl at work had TM and loved it, so she put me on the internet, we picked out a phone and a plan, entered my cc info, and waited for the phone to arrive. Collapse )

tl;dr: TM charges me for overages that should've been included in the account; reps won't help (most aren't even nice about it, even got one that's got a very 'neenerneener' attitude), they charge my card just two weeks after I made an obligated payment (when it was supposed to be a month later) and overdraws my bank account.

QWEST/DirectTv: Since graduating high school, the deal with my parents always was that I wouldn't get a "real" job while in school, I'd work for them to make spending cash. I had done enough during one summer that my dad decided to help pay for my internet/tv bills the following fall. My mom (who does the books at their house) decided the easiest way to do that was for me to set up an account and put my mom on it. Collapse )

tl;dr: Qwest cancels our service, accepts our payment of late fees/last month, and still filed it as unpaid

Another suck on this, related to my credit: There are two different collections agencies asking me for $125 each. Both are representing the Qwest/DirectTv bill (that we already paid), and both are asking for the full amount. This can't be legal, can it?

I've heard stories (even posts here) of credit companies harrassing someone for a debt owed (which isn't cool), but if I hadn't been checking my credit report paranoid-iously I wouldn't have known these had showed up there. No one has bothered to drop a note to my mailbox or call me even once to say "You owe this, how are you going to pay?" Not that I'm by any means asking them to harass me over these debts, but if I have no choice but to pay them, couldn't they give me the option too? I've googled the sites and I think I have corect contact information and I plan to write a letter this week asking how to go about it. But how does one expect to get paid if they don't ask for payment or provide a way to get paid? I'm doing what I can, I just am baffled that they haven't even communicated to me once over these.

Ticket trouble rant

So, way back in March, tickets were released for a WWE house show in London. My boyfriend and I are wrestling fans, so now that the show would be at least roughly on the same continent as us, we decided to go. The day the tickets were released was insane, but after many many reloadings of ticket page/calls to the phone queue, we finally got two tickets. His address was taken, name, phone number, everything.

A couple of days later, the payment for the tickets was withdrawn from his account. Great! Tickets on the way! Or so I thought.

Days turned to weeks turned to months. Now, these things can take time, especially since we're in another country. But when we hadn't received the tickets in early June, I started bugging my bf to get in touch with the ticket company. Were we supposed to go get the tickets ourselves when we came to London, or what? He tried e-mailing and didn't get an answer, and tried phoning every now and then though usually only to end up with a busy signal. Also, phoning is pretty expensive, so he didn't call all that often.

Eventually he got hold of them last week (the show is in November). They told him that for some unknown reason the tickets had been put into the ordinary British mail, meaning that they were now in limbo somewhere in GB. The ticket lady told him that she'd now canceled those tickets (so no one else could use them) and made some sort of note that we were to fetch our tickets ourselves when we arrived. "As long as you have photo ID you'll be fine. Oh, and it might be good to have the card you bought them with as well."

Yeah, if he still had that card, sure... it broke and he got another one. The original card is now in a garbage dump somewhere. I started to worry that we'd buy plane tickets, get a hotel room, arrive in London and find that we couldn't see the show. Now, yesterday, the tickets mysteriously appear in the mail. So are these the "destroyed" tickets? Or ones we're supposed to use? Maybe someone had forgot to mail them? He's back to trying to call the company again...

I'm just saying, if we arrive and they won't let us in, it'll make headlines. I'm usually not the confrontational sort, but that'll make me go berserk. I will layeth the smacketh down on their candy @**es. We have payed, we entered our information, they have somehow screwed up and are then almost impossible to get hold of. Bad!
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A comment in a previous post reminded me of this one...

In my college days, I occasionally had some money problems (yeah, I know, big surprise.) I had an instance where a deposit into my checking account was reversed about a week after it went in, then reposted about a week later. (I never did get an explanation as to what happened - one of several reasons I no longer bank with that company.) I had written a check at a convenience store in town, and knew that it would probably bounce due to the reversed deposit. I took time out of my day to go to the store & speak to the store manager, explaining exactly what was going on. I left my contact information, so I could come in & pay in cash if the check came back (so they'd still get their money, without me paying twice if it went through.) The next I heard was about 2 weeks later, from the county attorney. The store had turned it over to them, anyway, meaning I had to pay my bank's bounce fee, the store's bounce fee, AND misc fees to the county attorney (about the same amount as the bounce fees.)

EDIT to clarify timeline:
--Deposited check into my checking account
--Deposit was posted (as in cleared to use.)
--I wrote the check in question
--The deposit was reversed
--I spoke to the store manager, explained the situation, and left contact info
--Deposit re-posted
--County Attorney contacted me

Summary: I went in & explained that a check would likely bounce, due to bank shenanigans, left my contact info so I could come in to pay if it did bounce, and they still turned it directly over to the county attorney, increasing my costs.

I'm sorry, I can't hear you!

I recently applied for disaster assistance, to replace the food that had to be thrown out when we lost power for two weeks during hurricane Gustav.  I got a phone call today, as I was walking to work. I need to point out that I have a hearing loss, and the phone is very difficult for me. I just can't understand people. When I answered I heard a faint voice say something I couldn't understand at all. I asked her to please repeat. She did, but I couldn't understand her. I asked if I could call back when I was inside and the environment wasn't so noisy? I assume she said yes because she was no longer there. I never heard a word, but the call disconnected.  A few minutes later I called back, still with no idea who I was calling.  A woman answered but I was still entirely unable to understand her name, or why she was calling. I asked her again to please repeat, and I was still unable to understand her. I said to her "Ma'am, I'm so sorry, I don't hear well at all and I just can't understand you. Would you mind speaking loudly? Please don't worry about shouting in my ear, it's the only way I'll understand you." I always add that because I've had people say "Oh but I don't want to be yelling in your ear!"
What this woman said to me , quite loudly,was, and I quote: "Well I'm trying to talk to you but you're talking! The reason you can't hear me is you're talking! You need to stop talking and then you could understand me!"


But, just in case I'd been talking over her, because I couldn't hear that she was speaking, I apologized and said "I didn't mean to be rude, I just needed to let you know that you'll   have to speak loudly."

she said: "Well, you already TOLD me that! I'm not STUPID you know! Can I talk now or is there more you wanted to tell me?"

Ok.  Right. Clearly she adores her job.
So I asked her who she was and why she was calling.
She lost her mind and yelled that she'd already told me "a lot of times" and if I didn't want to listen maybe I didn't want my disaster assistance.

It turned out they needed a piece of information I'd left off my application, and involved calling another person. When I gave her the persons phone number she snapped, 'Is SHE gonna be able to hear me?"

I mean come on.
I don't even know who to say sucked, because I never DID get her name, and all I know is she was calling about my assistance application. I don't even know what agency she was with.

Fema? The state of Louisiana? The city of New Orleans? State welfare? City welfare? The red cross? no clue. I couldn't understand her and she wouldn't repeat it because she'd already told me "a lot of times."