September 18th, 2008

Lil' Jedi

Jimmy John's :(

So there's now Jimmy John's by my office (Yay!) and on my way to work last week I decided to stop for a sandwich. I didn't get a sandwich.

Because apparently in JJ-World...
The door being unlocked.
There being no posted hours.
There being no "closed" sign.
The lights being on.
People sitting inside eating.
A dude behind the counter slicing something.

...equals being closed for the night.

Good to know.

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i'm a theif, my big score this week? 12 cents worth of soda

so, i went to my local Jack in the Box, i don't normally eat there but it was the only thing open close by. i sat at the drive though for a good 10 minutes before anyone took my order, i had to wait 10 minutes for my food and the girl was extremely rude. after she handed the bag to me she slammed the door shut in my face. also, i had said no mayo.

i get home, i eat a fry (stone cold and obviously hours old) and then i take a bite into my sandwich. OMFG i have NEVER in my life had something so disgusting in my mouth. i ordered this promotional burger they were advertising (i don't remember the name but i was basically a steak burger on sourdough bread w/ cheese) and it was REVOLTING.

it was a soggy sourdough roll slathered in mayo (i'm talking over 4 tablespoons here). it had 3 slices of american cheese, NACHO CHEESE (no lie, nacho cheese, i didn't even think they sold an item that required squirt cheese there), one tiny burger patty that has also been cooked no less then 8 hours ago and one brown-ish tomato. when i took a bite it literally exploded condiments everywhere. i wanted to puke. it was like drinking lukewarm cheesy mayo on a sponge.

at this point i had eaten 3 or 4 fries and had a few sips of my drink. i have never returned fast food before, but, there is a first time for everything. it's normally cheap enough that i throw it away, but this was so disgusting i may never recover from having take a single bite.

i wrap the food back up, it's 4am mind you, and drive back to return it. i am dead tired, hungry and recently made to feel very nauseous. this meal was over $8 as well, and, i'm not made of money lately.

the girl cracks up laughing at me, which i didn't appreciate, and goes to get the manager. apparently it's funny that she serves shitty food. the manager doesn't want to give me a refund based on the fact that i had drank some of the drink.

i was like "excuse me, but you really think i drove all the way back here at 4am to steal three sips of soda from you?" that was really what he was implying. that i inconvenienced myself to that extent for 12 cents worth of soda and a couple fries.

i got my money back and told him i will NEVER eat there again.
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Pharmacy suck and insurance suck

I will preface this by saying that I've never had a problem previously with my pharmacy of choice (Walgreen's). They take my insurance, have always been very courteous and helpful, and they always answered my crazy IS THIS SAFE??? questions when I was pregnant with my son and my doctor hadn't called me back yet (lol).
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First Post on this Comm.

Howdy kids, I usually lurk over at customers_suck, but this little bit of WTF-ery has been chewing on my nerves.

"Victims of the almighty, your phone company hopes that you will die honorably. However, should any of you wish to beg for an extension on your phone bill, the great AT&T will...... not hear of it."

Seriously, my mother-in-law got her phone service shut off because she didn't get to pay her bill before Hurricane Ike hit us.
Now, it's true that no power = no land-line phone service anyway...... 
BUT  when she called the phone company from her cellphone and explained to the rep that they'd just been through a hurricane, the rep said:
"I don't care."
Who says that?!?!?!
Yes, it's true that she could have paid the bill before Ike hit, but still, you could be at least a little sympathetic, even if you don't give an extension.

EDIT: Sorry this thing got so out of control.... The fact of the matter is that the bill was due the day before Ike hit which was Friday, and she managed to call them today and got it paid. So, yes, she went 6 days past the due date. I'm not defending that, I'm just saying that the rep was really rude and, circumstances not withstanding, it was totally uncalled for. ^_^;;
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never too late

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I'm staying with my father thanks to Hurricane Ike knocking out our electricity for a solid week. I have a seventeen-month-old boy who needs his milk chilled, and besides, I am an internet addict. My father lives in a wealthy area. Everything there costs more, but when I went to go grocery shopping (all our food had spoiled) I was prepared for that.

While I was checking out, the checker girls cooed over my son and played with him. This is normal and I am used to it - my son gives off an aura of cheerful cuteness, and he flirts with girls, playing shy and such, giving them bashful smiles and then giggling his head off.

The bagger, however, looks at my son and says "What happened to his FACE?"

My son has a hemangioma on his face surrounding his left eye and across his cheek. He has had it basically since birth, so I'm also accustomed to this question, though usually adults show more tact. I told my usual lie - "Nothing, it's just a birthmark!" - because the truth requires a long explanation. Usually people let it go at that. No, not this bag boy.

"Man, if I had something like that on my face, I'd make them do something about it."

... Wow. Thanks, asshole. Actually, we already have. Collapse )I am honestly not irritated when people ask about my son's face. I'm used to fielding questions. But there is absolutely no call for that sort of comment.

Edited to fix cut.
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