September 17th, 2008

Mild bad service at American Apparel

I bought a rather cute dress last night at American Apparel (no, it wasn't shiny or skin-tight! It was actually one of their more simple pieces). As the cashier was ringing me up, another worker came behind the counter, carrying the same dress I was buying. She started talking to the guy at the cash register, saying "Ugh, I HATE these dresses. They're so ugly. They're worse than the ___ dresses."

All the while, the dress I was buying was still on the counter.

Probably not best for business to insult the products customers are buying!

Taco Del Mar

I love Taco Del Mar. My fiance and I eat there every weekend we have his kids because kids eat free on Sundays. So I went to my neighborhood Taco Del Mar and placed my order. First of all I think they ripped me off. They charged me $20 for two adult combos, one two taco combo and one burrito combo. I've never paid more than $16.00 for those. I was in a hurry though and didn't think much of it.

I got home and dished out the food to everyone. First of all, my fiance's son has an auto immune disorder and is on a really strict diet for the time being. No dairy, no wheat, no gluten, no soy. I ordered him a taco on a corn tortilla with no cheese. They put cheese on it. Then on my tacos I specified no salsa because I hate tomatoes, with sour cream added. My tacos had salsa and no sour cream. I scrapped the salsa off and took a bite. Cartilage. I spit it out in disgust and looked at the taco, it was all cartilage. So was my other one. I will never ever go back there again except to lodge a complaint.

Couple things...

So today was our office potluck...and because of a few issues, we decided to order out to Jimmy John's (sandwich shop)...

Out of 11 sandwiches, 4 were screwed up. Mine was supposed to be just roastbeef and swiss on french (I didn't want veggies or mayo..and we told them this...I still got veggies and tons of mayo). 1 co-worker's was supposed to have mayo on the side, another's was supposed to be on whole grain (she got french), and the last one was supposed to be roastbeef and swiss on whole grain (she got veggies and mayo on hers too).

Oh..and the one who had her sandwich on the wrong bread...yeah...her french bread smelled like cigarette smoke.

Apparently this is always an issue with this restaurant. It doesn't matter if we have them read it back to us (which we did), they still managed to screw it up. somehow a telemarketer got my name and decided that they were going to send magazines to my house...Miami Valley Publishing Company. Today at work there was a message on the machine (we're closed on Wednesdays) from these people confirming that they were going to drop off my first order of free magazines and fabulous prize at work Friday or Monday, because they need a $26 check to start the subscription... What do I do? They didn't leave a number. I thought about just refusing the delivery. Will that work? I have no idea where these people got my info.