September 16th, 2008

Comic book store bad service

Today I gave my little brother a ride to a comic book store he frequents.  I had never been before today, and the store was impressive, but the service sucked majorly.

My little brother plays the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game.  He invests a lot of money into it, but I construct his landscapes for him.  It's actually really fun, and I know my brother would glue his hands together or inhale too much paint if he tried to do it himself, so I'm actually looking our for his safety xDD

Anyhoo, we got to the store so I could help him pick out some miniature paint.  The store has everything you could dream of comic book wise, and they have strategy battle games, collectibles, trading cards, and some really cool Marvel and DC merchandise.  I had found a really pretty Evenstar belly button ring, so of course it was to be mine.

My brother and I went up to the register to pay for our things.  While the guy there was checking out my brother's things, I started chatting with my bro about what I was going to try and do with the ruined tower I'm making for him, then the guy behind the counter says, "You're not really going to let her touch your landscape, are you?"

I thought he was joking, so I laughed a little and so did my brother, and I said, "Actually, he is.  I build his landscapes."  The guy gets this disgusted look on his face, turned to my brother and sais "Girls don't know anything about battle games!  You shouldn't be letting her touch this stuff at all.  All they do is ruin it."  I was so peeved at this, but I didn't want to start anything, so I just leered at him until my brother was finished.  When my turn came up, I handed the guy the belly button ring and cheerfully said, "Actually I don't think I want this anymore.  Have a blessed day! :D" and walked out.  I still can't believe that guy had the nerve to say that.  No Evenstar belly button ring is worth being insulted.

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Disgusted With The Laundromat

The laundromat in question would be Milburn Laundromat, just off Atlantic avenue in Baldwin, NY. That's Long Island.

So, as normal, I came in, did about forty bucks worth of laundry. ( I tend to bring in every quilt, etc in the house. We have our own machine that will do pretty much anything shy of a king size, but if going, I save up and just get it all done at once. I do laundry for myself, and my adult parents.)

I get to the last load to go to the dryer, get almost all my bleached stuff out, and what do I find? Big balls of fecal matter. Now my mom packed that bag by hand, and I unpacked it by hand. There's nothing in my home that something like that could have come from, anyway, and trust me, it didn't come with my stuff. So, there I was, picking someone else's dog or small kid (probably)'s shit out of my white wash. The only comfort I had as I'd had the stuff all over my shirt and all before seeing it was that at least it had been bleached.

So, why am I so pissed at the laundromat? People are pigs, could happen anywhere, and I'm fine with that, BUT Woman INSISTED it had to be my fault. If it didn't come with me (Some animal I would be lying about that could do that, something large that miraculously 'snuck in through a window', or, my favorite, that my mom may herself have pooped in there, and not told me out of embarassment. Excuse me? She's old, but she's in her right mind, lady.)" So, since none of that happened? Still, all my fault for putting it in without ''looking better. Yes, because we all expect to find shit in the washing machine. Would not comp me the re-wash. So, after dropping four bucks to wash it in pre-existing shit the first time? Yeah. Had to drop another four bucks, and be there another hour, to get the shit off of it.

Told her she'd lost my business. Glad to relate the story to anyone who'll listen, too. Way to go on crap for customer service.

And thus my tale of genuinely shitty service.
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Angry Zack

The Saga of the Emersion TV

This bad service involves one 7 month old broken television and 3 useless companies.

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tl;dr: Television breaks and warranty company sends us to crappy repair company. Tv gets looked at and no one calls back. No one can get in touch with them. We are then given the run around and are made to call Wal-mart and Emerson only to be sent back to the warranty company. Emerson tries to charge me to fix their busted tv even though it's under warranty.
Tv now has to be sent in the mail to another company. Who knows when it will get fixed.
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