September 15th, 2008

Redskins Stadium Staff Suck

A little background, I suppose. My mom has had season tickets for the Redskins for years now. We've gone to many games over the years and our biggest complaint is that parking sucks. The parking sucks mainly, I believe, because tailgaters don't follow the rules, become drunken assholes long before the game even starts and keep people from parking in available spaces. This weekend, my mom and I went to see the Redskins' game but ended up leaving without ever parking.

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Now, admittedly, not all of this is really bad service. Certainly, I can't expect the Redskins staff to be able to stop the ignorant and rude comments from the drunken. But I believe they can limit issues like this if they just enforced the rules they currently have in place.

Taco Bell Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I received an apology and two coupons from Taco Bell in the mail today. I probably would have eaten there again anyway, but now I feel better about the 30 minutes I wasted.

Also my card was only charged in during the drive-thru transaction so I'm all around in a chipper mood today.
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My room mate and I went to Walmart last night to grab a couple things... we're re-modeling our kitchen and needed screws and those medical mask things. She also got a pair of jeans and some sheets and a couple other things, whatever.

I was paying for the kitchen table we picked out, she was buying everything else in the basket.

The cashier was a woman in her late thirties to early forties, while my room mate and I are both twenty.

When we picked out the table, we told the guy working back there and he cut the bar code off the box the table was in and told us we could just give the cashier the bar code and then have him paged to bring the box up front.

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Is it even worth complaining to walmart about? I got her name and was really obvious about it, which made her glare and slam things around and shriek to her two co-workers even more.

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Is it Bad Service if it's just an employee showing their ass?

We went to Arby's yesterday because it was one of the few restaurants in three or four cities that still had power. It was packed, of course, and had been for most of the day I would imagine. We went in because my car is finicky and if we had sat in the line it would have overheated.

We were waiting in line when an employee came out from the back looking extremely pissed off and going off as loud as she could without actually screaming, "They just have to wait. I've been here since 7! I don't care I'm getting something to drink, they can all wait." (This is what she said that I managed to make out. The rest was a bunch of ranting about being there since 7am and actually having to work). She managed to make her way through the line to where the drink machine was (it's in the lobby and you get your own) and when she made it back behind the counter she said, "They can wait I'm taking a break" and walked off looking at all of us like she wished we would all just die on the spot. Everybody was looking at her like she was crazy and the rest of the employees just ignored her. I don't even know where she was working because both registers had someone on them. I can only assume drive thru or back line.

It didn't mess anything up though, everybody just went on working like she hadn't even said anything and considering the lines and crowd we got out of there pretty quickly. Seriously though? The whole area is out of power and your restaurant happens to be open. You're going to be busy, and it's going to be non stop. Did you really need to throw a fit in front of a lobby full of customers? This wasn't a young girl either. This woman looked to be in her 30s or 40s so she knew better than to act a fool, she just didn't care.

I guess that's more annoying service than anything but I don't know of an annoying service community :)

EDIT: I'm just going to go ahead and edit to add that this was at about 3:30 or so. The power around here went out about 2:30. So, at this time the power had been out for about an hour. It may have been longer in that area but I doubt it because the wind storm didn't really start up until noon or so.
Even if she had been there since 7 they hadn't been slammed very long. Not to mention if she had been there since 7 and hadn't had a break by the time this rolled around then something wasn't right even BEFORE the crowd. Arby's around here are very rarely ever busy because their food costs so much more than the restaurants around them. The only reason we chose them was because the KFC, Long John Silver's, and A&W across the street were so busy you couldn't even get into the parking lot.
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Bad Gym Service Experience

I live in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and enjoy going to a local women's-only gym.  It's cheap, it isn't over crowded and it's right in between my home and work.  Perfect!  That is, with the exception of when I decided as usual to go to the gym after work today.  I walked in the building to find a woman standing in the stair case surrounded by a few others and heard a few apologies.  Confused, I asked what was going on and was told that this location had shut down on Saturday because it wasn't making any money. 

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Bad Service is having your gym just up and close and not giving your members any warning or written notice whatsoever.