September 11th, 2008


If you're unhappy with our landline service, would you like to purchase a cell phone plan instead?

This happened a couple of years ago, but it's definitely worthy of revisiting!

A couple of years ago, I moved from one apartment to another. Prior to my move, I arranged with Bell Canada to have my landline transferred on a specified date. They assured me that this would be no problem.

So to make a long story short, I moved into my new apartment and subsequently went two weeks without landline service. Every single day during this period, I'd call Bell Canada from my roommate's pay-as-you-go cell phone and file complaints with Bell Customer Service Representatives about the lack of service for which I was paying. Every day during that period, three times per day, Bell Canada promised that:

(a) "You'll have telephone service by 6pm."
(b) "You'll have telephone service by 9pm."
(c) "A Bell technician will come by your apartment tomorrow between 9am and 6pm."

Weeks went by, and a Bell technician never showed up, and I still didn't have landline service.

So one afternoon, I once again called Bell Canada and once again spoke to a lovely Customer Service Representative who was curious to know why I was so "anti-Bell". The lovely Customer Service Representative actually asked, "Have you had a bad experience with Bell?" To which I politely shrieked, "I haven't had a landline at my apartment in two weeks, and every day you promise me a technician who doesn't show up!" How did the lovely Customer Representative respond to that? By offering to sell me a Bell Canada cell phone plan, of course! Because if I had a cell phone with Bell Canada, she explained, it wouldn't be such a big deal that the landline that I was paying them for wasn't operational. *head-desk*

The lovely Customer Service Representative then kindly offered to send me instructions on how to rewire the telephone jack myself, seeing as the technician that I had been promised for two weeks wasn't likely to show up. The rest of the conversation went like this:

Me: Okay, send me the information.
Bell: Do you live with a man?
Me: [Confused] Um, yes, one of my roommates is a man. Why?
Bell: Maybe you should give the information to him.
Me: What? Why?
Bell: Because you know, men are more technical than women.

I'm sure that the lovely Customer Service Representative's eardrums were pierced by my shriek. Literally. I screamed. And within the week, I switched to another telephone service provider.


My family's been signed onto Sprint for about 14 months. I pay an extra $15 for unlimited data/internet access on my phone. This has been part of our plan since we first signed onto to Spring, and I've been paying for it every month.

This month, we received the bill through the mail. This is a little weird, but not a suck, because normally the bill is electronic. While checking out the bill, we noticed that we're being charged for MUCH more than usual. We look over the details, all the normal charges are there... except they're charging my phone number $75 for internet.

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Annoyance at the register

This isn't necessarily bad service, but I want to know how you guys handle this irritation...

So, I'm at a store, paying for my stuff, and this situation happens more often than I'd like:

Them: Would you like to join our discount club/buy more stuff/sign up for our e-newsletter/purchase an extended warranty/gargle my balls?
Me: No thanks, I'm all set.
Them: You can save $10 right now!
Me: That's ok.
Them: It'll only take a second!
Me: Nope, not interested.
Them: We send you coupons on your birthday!

And so on. I know these poor cashiers are forced by management to bother me with special offers and shit, but I am never and will never be interested in what they want to sell me. Part of me just wants to tell them to shut up and ring up my purchases so I can get the hell out of there.

Any tips?

Pollo Tropical

I work for a company who provides products to restuarants/fast food places/hospitals and other businesses. As a part of my job I have to speak to employees of these locations quite a bit. I could write a novel on the sucks I encounter, however, I mostly save such rants for customers_suck.    

This, however, I believe to be bad_service. I called a location regarding one of our products that was returned. The product in question was for an employee and I needed some further info on his return. When I called, a woman answered and identified herself as a manger and gave her name. I asked her about said employee and she said I would have to call back for two other managers because they were familiar with the situation. She advised me to call after lunch and I did so, about 3pm so it was well after the lunch rush. When I called, it was the same women I'd spoken to and asked for either of the two managers, she muttered "hang on" and put the phone down and I heard her tell them to answer the phone and that I was a "pain in the ass". Now I'm sorry that you don't know what's going on, you probably have other things to do and are having a hard day, but what right does that give you to call me a pain in the ass? I have a job to do just like you do. And worst of all, she was a manager! I plan on filing a complaint through their website because I find it extremely unprofessional. I really don't think I was being a pain in the ass either, I was just calling because I have to. They returned something so I figure they would want some kind of compensation or else they're going to be calling us and bitching and she has the nerve to call me a pain in the ass? We'll see who's the pain in the ass now, lady!  
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The last post reminded me of the smallest service suck...

I am 7 months pregnant. The other day I was at the grocery store checkout and the cashier asked me if I needed someone to help me out to my car. I NEVER let someone help me because I like things just so when putting groceries in a car and also am a bit embarrassed by the messiness of my car.... and honestly enjoy my grocery trips as a slice of just me, myself and I. It is my calming "me" time. I said "No thanks, I need the exercise" as I always do.... and she replied with a disgusted look and said "You know you REALLY shouldn't do that, right?!" It wasn't even heavy stuff!! I was offended but didn't say anything else to her....

Edit: To clarify, I appreciate the offer for help... but not the disgusted look and her saying "You know you REALLY shouldn't do that, right?!"  She was implying I shouldn't lift because I was pregnant.

FYI: Best Buy Geek Squad

I posted this in my personal LJ, but I want to warn as many people as I can so this doesn't happen to you!

Just wanted to warn anyone who may read this not to take their computers to Best Buy for repair, especially repairs that require your computer to be shipped for the repair. I took my laptop in a few weeks ago because the screen was going out. I got a call tonight telling me that it was back, they fixed the screen problem and also replaced the hardrive. Replaced the hardrive? That was NOT what I took it in for! It was done with neither my permission nor my knowledge. Supposedly they can put in an order to send the hardrive to the store I brought it to or a copy can be sent. But what if they can't get that? Everything gone. Photos, music, MASTER'S THESIS. Luckily I've graduated and have other copies of my thesis on my desktop and flash drive. But everything else, including personal information? Gone. NOT COOL. NOT COOL AT ALL! That could be an identity theft risk.

To make matters even worse, when I called back after receiving the message and demanded a supervisor for the Geek Squad service center, the girl gave me Best Buy's 1-800 number and told me they could connect me. So, after I called it and waited on hold for someone for 10 min, what did they do? Transfer me back to the store! Then the Geek Squad manager proceeded to tell me that they don't have a number for the service center and that all they can do is email them. I want to speak to the technician's supervisor and give them a piece of my mind. I want that technician fired. You don't mess with peoples' stuff like that. I will probably be going into the store tomorrow to speak to the actual store manager about this.

I am apalled at what happened and the way their "customer service" people dealt with the situation. Mind you, I was and still am very upset about this, but I wasn't screaming on the phone. I thought I was rather polite under the circumstances. I just cannot believe that this could happen and wanted to warn all I know.

And yes, I've been told numerous times already that I should expect the hardrive to be messed with when I take a computer in. I've never had to take a computer in for repairs before, so how would I know this would happen? Especially since I was told that my hardrive would not be tampered with when I asked.