September 3rd, 2008

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I'm looking for some advice. I have no idea who to call.

Quick backstory: I'm a college student, saving money for a year by living with my grandmother in her mobile home, which she owns. (Which makes it cheap to live here - I have to pitch in for lot rent and utilities and food. Much cheaper than living on my own. Anyway, not the point!) Water and trash removal are included in the lot rent she pays.

The manager for the park seems to have a problem remembering to pay his electricity. Which should not be a problem, since we have a separate light bill. We don't lose power when he lapses in his payment. But the pump house for our water does lose power. So, without warning, we lose our water.

This is the second time it's happened. Last time, it took two days to have it turned back on. It went out again last night and is still off. We've tried calling the light company and talking to them, but they just say that he needs to pay the bill.

Now, while I understand that it IS the park manager's fault for not paying his light bill, am I wrong in thinking that this is, in part, bad_service on the part of the electric company? They know that this electricity is powering a pumphouse and that a few dozen people lose their water every time they turn off the power.

This is a really tough situation. Any suggestions about who I can call about it? No matter what way you cut it, this is not okay by any means.

Taco Bell

I just went through the website and issued this complaint.

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I understand when people make mistakes and forget things like receipts but when it happens three times in a row and at two different locations then it becomes more then a mistake. I didn't worry about the first two times because I checked online as soon as I realized I didn't get a verification as to what was charged to my debit.

The issue with my husband was a bit more annoying as he worked over night and is locked into the store so he couldn't go back when he looked at the receipt and realized he was charged the wrong, plus the fact he wasn't given anything to actually tell him what he ordered so he could back the next day and fix the problem.

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Lil' Jedi

A open letter

Dear stupid little chippy at the JC Penny jewelry counter,

This morning when I approached you and asked, "Do you have any chokers? Not torques but actual (miming on my neck) collar style chokers, I mean.*" I was expecting one of two answers:
(a) Certainly, let me show you where they are...
(b) I'm sorry ma'am, I'm afraid we don't have anything like that in stock.
You decided to go for answer:
(c) Eww... like a dog collar? What is that, a sex thing?

Maybe you could tell from my expression and by the fact that your co-worker jumped in with (b) AND an offer to check the catalog for me that (c) = wrong.

I'm sure you realized that (c) = wrong when your coworker used (c) to get the manager to offer me a discount on my purchase.

Well the jokes on you because while your coworker couldn't find me a choker, she did find a lovely necklace charm (yellow gold child w/ CZ head and birthstone belly) that I decided would be a great birthday present for my mother's birthday... And since she has 10 kids I bought 10 of them... And of course charms are useless without a chain, so I had to get that too.  (You guys work on commission don't you?)

P.S. If I were looking for a "sex collar": it wouldn't be your place to judge, I wouldn't buy it at JC Penny, I would order something custom and I would be spending so much money I would make you drool.


*ETA: Just FYI - the reason I asked the way I did is because, for whatever reason, chokers aren't very popular in my area and people always try show me torques instead.
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Dear Vegetable Lady,

Why do you always throw my purchases onto the counter? Is it to soften them? Is it to ripen those bananas? Do you just particularly hate tomatoes?

Truth be told, I don’t really like my purchases being slung around, even if they are only fruit and vegetables. I tried smiling at you; engaging you in conversation; helping pack the bag. But each time, you scowl at me and fling. My plan of action now is to grab my purchases mid-hurl. Haha! Thwarted!

I began to think you hated me for being a foreigner, which was pretty upsetting, but I’m happy to report that this afternoon, you demonstrated your egalitarian qualities by practising your flinging on a feisty Catalan lady who promptly screamed at you and asked what the hell you were doing. Well, now I know that speaking out against your tyranny is pretty unwise.

Granted, summoning your elderly mother from the back of the store to throw her out was a little extreme. And she probably isn’t the child of a lady of the night, but that’s okay. I understand. Your scowl and fling wasn’t so bad this time, for now I know that I have company.


La Inglesa
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Landlord Bad Service

Me and a few of my friends are moving into a new house - well we were supposed to today, but unfortunately we've had some serious landlord bad_service.

To begin, we found this lovely place. 16th century high beamed lovely house with masses of natural light. We snapped it up - signed everything, post dated the cheques.

A month later, when the previous tenants had long left, I went to move some things in. At this point, we were all paying half rent over summer, being students, with the terms we cant live in there without paying full rent til the 1st of September. I asked permission to move some things in - just books and bedding and clothes and pots and pans - nothing electrical, and they said the whole place was to be cleaned, but I can put it in the living room and it'll be fine. So I did - on arrival I noticed the place was a bit trashed - messy and rubbish and a few things broken. The landlord apologised and said the previous tenants must've had a party, but of course it'll be fixed by September!

Cut to today - for more than a week our landlords phone has been mysteriously shut off, and we finally managed to contact the agency on Monday, which was when we started paying full rent (and noticed the cheques had been cashed!), we asked if we could move all our stuff in today, and we were told yes thatd be fine, the house still needs painting in one or two rooms tho - so if we can just leave it in the living room, the painting will be done by the end of the week, then we can move in for certain.

At this point, we were a bit miffed. We were paying full rent to not be able to live in there.

Not as miffed as we were today when we were told we couldn't have a key and when when we brought all our stuff in to put in the living room....

So yes. All my things I left there are covered in mouse urine and poo and torn and nibbled and of course, smell foul. And of course, we can't live in there - although one of the agents told me I could! Oh yeah, in a place with no smoke alarms, no working toilet, a leaking roof, full of mice and no inventory from the landlord.

Tl;dr new house, find its full of mice and they've destroyed most of my things, landlord says its ok, we can sleep there even tho we have no keys, working loo, working shower and the roof leaks. Anyone any idea of what we can do?
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