September 1st, 2008


Verizon Wireless

On August 1, my sister bought a new cell phone. In order to do this, she had to agree to extend her contract (she's currently on a plan with my mother). When the receipt printed out, it itemized the phone and their plan, which has 700 minutes/month.

About a week or so ago, my mom gets the cell phone bill. It's higher than it should be. As she's trying to figure out why, she notices that the plan has changed from 700 minutes to 1,400 minutes. So she calls Verizon to find out why the plan changed.

The CSR tells my mom that the plan was changed on August 13, and that someone must have called and asked for the upgrade. My mom is outraged - she didn't call them. The CSR asks if she's sure about that. My parents were on vacation that week, so there's no way she would have done that while away. She offers to send them ticket stubs from the baseball game in Boston they went to on August 13. The CSR looks up the receipt from August 1 and sees that it clearly says 700 minutes/month. He then asks if my sister called and changed the plan. She most definitely did not. The CSR admits that there's no record of anyone actually calling on August 13.

My mom explains that she's been a Verizon customer for a long time, and she's really annoyed that this happened. She wants to go back to her old plan and for them to refund the difference between the plans, as it's clear that no one authorized the change. The CSR then tells her that her "old" plan has been done away with, so she cannot go back to it. Well, how convenient!

My mom demands a supervisor, to which the CSR quickly explains that she doesn't need one. He's going to put in a request for her to be transferred back to the old plan. However, there's no guarantee that Verizon will actually do this, because, of course, that plan no longer exists. She'll find out on Wednesday.

If they don't agree to change it back, I think the entire family will be shopping around for a new cell phone provider.
You Plonker

Cracker Barrel Service

Before I begin, I realize that this place was more crowded than usual due to people on the interstate and Gustav but this is ridiculous .  My family went to the Cracker Barrel last night.  We understood waiting a few minutes on the porch.  Frankly it was so nice and cool we really enjoyed it.  We made the most of it by talking and carrying on with one another.  Not a bad deal.  The bad deal was when we got to our table.

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Wendy's does make some delicious salads

I once ordered the "Crispy Chicken Caesar salad" at Wendy's. I paid for it and waited patiently as my salad was retrieved, as well as a bag and a fork, since it was to go. I even got croutons in a little bag. Finally, an employee came out and told me they were out of Caesar dressing.

"Oh. Well, it's a Caesar salad..." I pointed out. EDIT: I should point out that I said this not to be passive-aggressive, but in the hopes that this would help trigger someone realizing that they should give me the option of ordering something else.Does anyone have advice for what I should I have done in this situation? I would have been happy ordering something else, but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect to be told when you place an order that they're missing an integral ingredient. Or to be offered a refund/exchange immediately. I mean, I can't be the first person to whom this this happened.

EDIT: I don't expect employees to know instantly when they've run out of something, but to be able to respond more quickly or offer an alternative rather than just stating a fact that doesn't help me obtain something I already paid for. In essence, I felt like I was being told, "We don't have what you ordered, so too bad." The bad service is in having no idea what to do or how to respond when you can't deliver something that has been promised. And yes, I agree, it's not that bad of service, but it was annoying and inconvenient and therefore worth sharing and seeking advice on.

Used food

This is more a WTF crossed with bad service.  Went out to dinner tonight, stopped at a little place we've not been to since it changed management.  Everything was pretty normal, the waitress was sort of slow but I don't think it was because she was lazy, she was just spending more time chatting up her regulars.  Not a problem for me, but rather long periods of time went by without her checking back with us.

So we order and it seems they are all out of vegetables except for baked eggplant (yep, baked eggplant).  So we decline the veggies even though each of our meals is supposed to come with two.  I leave the table to use the ladies room and when I return our meals are there and there is an order of fries on the table we didn't order.  BF asks if I ordered fries.  I said no but maybe they sent them to make up for the lack of veggies.  So I eat a couple of the fries, they're pretty good.

Five or so minutes later our waitress shows up and says she has to "confiscate" the fries.  OK she made a mistake, whatever.  Most places would just leave them or at least ask if we wanted to add them to our bill, but no big deal.  I did tell her I ate a few.  She laughed and said that was no problem.  She then took said fries, the ones I had my potentially contaminated fingers in, the ones that I could have coughed or sneezed on, and served them to another table.  My BF said my eyes were all O.O   

At least we weren't on the receiving end.  Needless to say, we will not be returning.