August 31st, 2008


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A rant, and a plea for help.

I just bought a very expensive (well, for me) dress from Macy's and the asshole woman who rang me up was rushing (and barely listening to me), and she didnt take the security tag off, NOR PUT MY FUCKING RECEIPT IN THE BAG LIKE I ASKED so I don't have a receipt so I cant go back to get it taken off else it will look like I stole it. This was $60, and I don't have this kind of money to waste, and I really need a good interview suitdress.

Does anyone know what I can do either to get this tag off or prove that I purchased this dress? this was a huge investment for me and I am a little hysterical right now. I dont know what to do, it's really stuck on and I am afraid of damaging the dress if I keep pulling on it.

Minor bad service.

My dad took me shopping today at a small, trendy, ridiculously expensive clothing store at our local mall today. The clothes were cool, and the the workers were generally helpful. In fact, we got helped almost right away. I found an outfit I really liked, and one of the girls working asked me if I'd like to have a dressing room opened up. I said yes, and did she have one part of the outfit in a smaller size. She said she'd go get it and open up a dressing room (this store was the kind that locks theirs). 

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I called Friday to ask the cab company we use at my job about booking cabs for Sunday. I said I may need one for Sunday Morn/Aft and definitely one for the evening - how much notice did they need? Should I book one now and if the time changed (depending how quickly I finished the work I was coming in to do) to let them know?

I was told about an hour would be no problem. Fine, grand. I didn't need the one for the day, just the night-time one.

I call 10pm to be told oh we don't have anything until 12.30am.


I'm tired, hungry, my head is pounding and I've been here since 3pm.

THIS IS WHY I CALLED FRIDAY, to have a cab for when I needed it. Not to wait for 2.5 hours (company is paying and I have no money to pay myself using someone else and then claim on expenses) here feeling like shit because you don't have many drivers out on a Sunday. IF YOU KNEW THIS WHY DID ONE OF YOUR STAFF TELL ME NOT TO BOOK A CAB ON FRI??!!

EDIT: Make that 3 hours. *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh*
Bison Chill

Love that chicken from Popeyes

After a some shopping one day my roommate, his kid and myself decide to stop off at Popeyes on the way home for a bite to eat. We pull into the drive-thru and proceed to order. My roommate orders a 5 piece chicken strip meal for me to which the worker replied they were out of. Ok, no problem. I'll take a minute to pick something else. My roommate then orders a 2 piece drumstick kids meal for his son to which the worker replied they were also out of. Now frustrated my roommate asks them "Well, what do you have then?" To which this wonderful worker replied, "Chicken."


We just drove off after that. No words could describe that.