August 30th, 2008

Quiznos - Do any of them actually LISTEN?

First off, I admit to partial responsibility due to the fact that I should've paid closer attention.

I've been to this Quiznos a total of four times. Twice, my order was okay. So that means that apparently they fuck up orders 50% of the time, which is a lot, I think. I normally don't even like Quiznos, but have wanted them after being pregnant even though I'm not technically supposed to have deli meat. But oh well. Tell a pregnant woman with a craving that she can't have what she wants. I dare you.

So, every time I go in, I go to that first counter and order a Small Classic Italian with just tomato. That's what I say. Then they ask me about bread and if I want the dressing, which I do. So it's okay. One of the times I went there, they asked this, and I glanced up and noticed black olives all over my sandwich. I let her know, no olives, just tomatoes. She takes the olives off, apologizes, and I smile and say no problem. I get my sammich home, start eating, and find it's filled with raw onions (I like them cooked, but raw onions are horrible). I grumble and pick them off, wondering how the hell 'just tomatoes' means 'everything'.

The most recent time, same thing, I ordered my sandwich with "just tomatoes." He then proceeds to rattle off a list of vegetables, which I say I don't want. I repeat, "No, thanks. Just tomatoes." Totally not looking at the sandwich because I guess I'm not very smart. I get it home, and this time it has NOTHING on it except meat. Happily, I had a tomato at home that I added to my sandwich. So, now, apparently, "Just tomatoes," means, "Nothing on it."

Are they just stuck in their scripted way of taking orders that they simply don't listen to anything that isn't part of it? Is that what I'm doing wrong, here? Aside from not watching them like a hawk in order to correct mistakes as I see them.
Country girl

More McDonald's woes

Our recent spate of McDonald's-related bad service and those automatic questions that food service facilitators ask reminded me of this conversation that I had last September:

Background: I stopped for Happy Meals for my boys for a treat after a long afternoon of shopping.

Me: I'd like 2 4-piece McNugget meals please.

Food Service Facilitator (FSF): Would you like the girl toy or the boy toy?

Me: Boy toys, please.

FSF: We don't have any of the boy toys. Only for girls.

Me: Then I'll take the girl toys, then. (said with a smile.)


Not truly bad service, or I would have posted it way back when it happened. Just for reference, the nuggets were hot, the fries perfectly cooked and the toys...well, they were toys. Whoopie. They were happy with them.