August 29th, 2008

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Teal Dear Maccas Bad Service.

I was debating posting this here, because even though it is bad service, it wasn't totally directed at me. I was just an unwitting participant for the major part of the suck. And it happened about a month ago, so I feel sort of silly talking about it now. But here goes. I suppose it would help a bit to understand the suck if I told you that I'm English, I live in the US (Colorado), and I'm fluent in Spanish. Maybe weird, I don't know. That's just me.

I woke up with a nasty headache at about half-one in the morning and realised I was out of headache tablets. The only place open at that time of night (near my house) is Wal-Mart, so I hopped in my car and off I went. Now, inside the Wal-Mart is a McDonalds. Since I hadn't eaten all day (probably the source of the headache), I decided to stop on my way out for something to eat.

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TL;DR: One Lakewood (CO) McDonalds may be recycling your food, and if you don't happen to speak Spanish, you may never know it.
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Oh your order is soooo canceled

I like browsing various resellers such as woot (and its affiliates), Yugster, and, until recently, Stootsi. The later two didn't have quite the reputation of woot, but fairly good as far as resellers go. This post focuses on the latter. While I am aware that business with resellers is a crap shoot, there are times when it goes too far.

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tl;dr: Ordered 100 random PC from Stootsi, didn't ship at either of two target ship dates provided to me. After holding my money (and that of many others who ordered) for 28 days, they cancel all unshipped PC game orders despite the fact that the cancellation offer had previously been extended and rejected by all still waiting. Then they sent a $5 coupon. Damned if I ever use it.

Twenty-eight days they had to prepare orders for shipping. 28! And nothing to show for it at the end of the day.

"Tis but a scratch!"

Okay, so it was worse - far worse - than a simple scratch. I found this letter that I wrote to UPMC's Presbyterian branch a couple of years ago when my younger brother was in an accident in his Wood Shop class. I never heard back (possibly due to me sending it to the wrong department), but what my brother went through definitely qualifies as scarily bad service.

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TL:DR - My younger brother cuts his finger off, and receives bad medical treatment.
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Pizza Hut suck

The McDonald's post reminded me of something that happened years ago that you might get a kick out of.

I called in a pick order to Pizza Hut. It was a simple pepperoni pizza. When I got there it wasn't ready and the guy behind the counter kind of seemed to ignore me as I waited. I remember him still because he had the word "THUG" tattooed across his knuckles. So I waited and waited and finally went back up to the counter to complain because remember I had called it in and it should have been ready when I got there.

I don't remember how long I had to wait because that wasn't the main suck. When I got to the car my boyfriend opened the box to check the order and it was 2 separate pizzas put together. They had 2 different halves and just put them in the box together. I don't know if they came off the buffet bar or what.

So I took it back in to get my money back and go somewhere else and there was another customer complaining to the Thug guy about his food. When the customer saw my pizza he bought it from me. I don't know why he wanted it but I had my money back so I didn't care.

That Pizza Hut was closed down about a year later.

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I had arranged for a technician to come and service our furnace and a/c system; just a routine service appointment to keep it all clean and working.  Messed-up furnace in northern New York is a Bad Thing (TM).

So, anyway, the day of the appointment arrives.  I work from home, but my office is at the far side of the house from the door.  No big deal - I can generally hear when somebody climbs the porch steps, and definitely hear the doorbell or a knock on the door.  So I'm not too worried about missing the appointment... that is, until I realize the appointment window (8-12) was well past (it's now 1:00 p.m.)

I called the office and was told that "since we weren't home, the technician had left."  I asked why the tech thought we weren't home - apparently it's because he spent a half-hour sitting in his truck in our driveway (just outside the view of the windows at the other side of the house from where I work) and nobody had let him in.  I never thought I'd have to explain the concept of a doorbell to a full-grown adult in the service industry... 
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I'm new to the commmunity.

Pet store employees should know what kind of fish they stock, right?

I shouldn't have went back to this store. Two years ago, I went in to have a look at their bettas. One of the EMPLOYEES had put a male betta into a tank with 50 females. Those who don't know anything about bettas should know that male and female bettas never be housed together because they will rip each other to shreds. They will even rip each other to shreds during the breeding process. This poor guy was floating on top of the water and his fins were mangled. I told an employee that he shouldn't be in that tank, and, referring to another employee, he said "I told her that she shouldn't have put him in there!" Well, I ended up taking the poor guy home. The next day, the fish had fungus, but after that cleared up, he was bouncy and happy.

I didn't go back to the store until now.

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Ultrasound Clinic Bad Service

Not mine, but this bad service was experienced by one of my office managers who is expecting her third child.

While she is happy to have another baby, but she told me and my collegues about a bad experience at an ultrasound clinic while she was pregnant with her first one.

This ultrasound clinic was close to her home and she and her husband decided to do an ultrasound to see their unborn daughter for the first time.

So the session begins. While my manager and her husband were getting their ultrasound, the woman operating the machine did not bother to let them see the screen. So they asked her if they could see their baby, BUT that woman ignored them. Throughout the session, my manager was constantly asking her if she could see the screen. No matter what, that woman did not answer her request and gave her attitude.

After the session finally finished, my manager asked for the last time if she could see the screen. Out of nowhere, the woman flipped out on her and said, "You want to see your baby? Here you go!!" She then turned the ultrasound screen towards her and her husband. The glimpse of their baby did not last longer than ten seconds before the screen was finally turned off. That made my office manager cry. (I had no idea if she had reported her to her superiors because she did not mention it.)

That woman's attitude was totally uncalled for. What kind of medical personnel would not let the parents-to-be see their unborn child?

Since then, my manager avoided that clinic and their daughter was born healthy.

McDonald's Suckage

The post below decided me on whether or not to post this ... it happened last night around midnight.  My girlfriend and I were in Wal-Mart, which has a 24 hr McDonald's in the store.  We checked out, wheeled our cart up outside McD's, and paused for a moment to decide whether we wanted to eat there or drive on and get something else.  After maybe a minute, we chose to eat there.  One gentleman in particular who works night shift at that location is always friendly, upbeat, and very quick.

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TL;DR : Employee mumbles, throws away our food, gets order wrong, then screws up corrected order.

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We got Comcast today.

I was a little hesitant, because it seemed that every time we went in the office, SOMEONE was complaining. However, anywhere I've lived, it seems to be the monopoly, and now that we're living in this small town, it's either Comcast or suffer. LOL.

I was also a little hesitant, because I worked all day, but my boyfriend was off. My boyfriend, as much as I love him, is not assertive and doesn't know much about hooking up TV/internet/phone. I used to work for an inbound call center that dealt with another cable provider, plus I took a networking class, so I can stumble by.


1) Drilled a hole in our wall without our landlord's permission. I doubt they'll mind, but it's the principle of the thing. He said running it through the vent was a fire hazard. That's understandable, except a) the vent is a cold air return, which is obvious when you look near the ceiling and see several furnace vents. and b) I've lived in this apartment before for nearly a year and a half, and we had not one, but TWO televisions wired through the vent by another Comcast tech with no issue.

2) Randomly moved my furniture around. Seriously. He shoved my laptop (the monitor is cracked) and monitor aside to put the modem and the phone, which was next to the TV. He also moved the fan into the corner because he decided to just get plug happy next to my desk. I'm genuinely OCD, plus I've spent nearly a week moving and putting things just so. To come home and see everything all clustered and messy freaks me out to no end.

3) Left no documentation on the modem. When we had Comcast in Colorado, we did the self-install, and I got a CD and oodles of documentation. This time...nothing. On top of it all, he led my boyfriend to believe that we wouldn't have internet until we bought a Best Buy. The closest store is an hour away, in Pittsburgh, because we live in BFE. WTF? Yes, we'll need one when the boy gets his desktop working, but to get the internet itsself? Uh, no. And thanks, I can get a nice, cheap Belkin router at Wal-Mart that works just fine.

4) Our new phone number is apparently attached to our account. I put it in when I started the automated system and the tech had my account up by it. However, I couldn't figure out why no one in my family was answering their phone. Even though the account is in my name, it's coming up Robert Rockwell. I guess that's better than it coming up in my ex's name, who also used to live here back in the day, but WTF x 2?

5) I'm supposed to juggle laundry, groceries and the digital box in the morning because the only way to get a DVR expeditiously is to take it down myself and exchange it, because I would have had to wait three weeks for them to install it if I hadn't. It's a waste of a box, because they're always low it seems. Whatever. I need to go down there anyway and sort out the phone issue.

6) The tech who I talked to about the lack of internet install documents basically made fun of my e-mail choice. Thanks.

The only good thing that happened was that he left tons of cable in the bedroom because we're still not sure how we're setting it up, and he did that so that we'd have more options than squeezed against a wall.