August 27th, 2008

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Sushi service - Sushi = :), service = D:

So I've been waffling about whether or not to post this & about whether or not it really was B_S, but here goes.

Weekend before last I had my 26th birthday & my mom decided to treat me and my younger (24 yr old) brother to lunch. I was craving sushi, and since I know she likes sushi too I suggest a place downtown. My brother doesn't like sushi but we check the menu on-line and there are some "real food" options he could have instead. Well we go to the restaurant, we're seated, we're asked about drinks (we all just have water) and we start on the menu. 

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ETA   TL;DR - Menu was akward, my order came well after the other's, we ran out of room for plates & they let us use a check but called us back because they don't take checks.
Also ETA I didn't mean to start some kind of check-wank. Maybe I'm used to my hometown but here people still use checks fairly often. My town's "foodie" website lists 235 restaurants; 116 accept local checks, 69 accept non-local checks. So here it's more common to take checks than to not. Even most delivery places will accept checks. 
ETA again because I fail at math 116 of 235 = it's about equally likely for a restaurant to take checks as to not.
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Pus filled toes scare people!

This was a few years ago, this one. I'm in the UK for reference.

Back then over a period of weeks I'd developed a massive pus filled infection on the big toe on my left foot. It was pretty painful to the touch and annoyed me when trying to put socks on, so I eventually relented on my non-liking of doctor's surgeries and booked an appointment.

For some reason the doctor I'm registered to was on holiday and I got booked in with a nurse. She was welcoming and told me to sit down. I told her about the toe and she nodded and told me to take off my shoe and sock. So I did, took off the makeshift bandage as well and the first few things out of her mouth were.

"Ewwww, god!! That's DISGUSTING!" o_O

Took me back a bit, without a doubt not something I expected from someone in the medical profession. I thought she was kidding, but when I looked up, nope...


Incidentally, the swelling went down eventually after I woke up in extreme pain in the night. Turns out I'd kicked the luggage trunk that sits at the bottom of my bed, really hard and it... burst. >_< Ow ow ow ow...

EDIT: No, it's not the worst thing ever, but she didn't even help me either. She was grimacing most of the time I was there and just said "here... take some antibiotics and it'll be fine..." and pretty much got me out as soon as possible. :P
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A new one...

I'm just posting here because my company just lost a new customer because they just HAD to charge $30 to prime & start a furnace. Now, I realize that people run businesses to make money but it's known that we're not the lowest priced oil company in town. We've lost quite a few customers for the new heating season because our prebuy is $.20 more than one of our competitors. Priming and starting used to be only $20 - I don't know when it went up to $30 but seriously, it's not a $30 job.

I felt really bad for the guy. I asked my dispatcher (boss) if we could do it for free because he was a new customer, new to oil and he'd actually chosen to go with us. NOPE. I know that sometimes you just can't give all customers an inch or they will take a mile but I don't feel that would have been the case here. I also think that if I could have gone above me boss to the owner, he would have done it but then when I do that, I get bitched at for going over his head.

Despite the fact that I work for this company, I feel that was bad service. It's not the first time I've witnessed them providing bad service either. This is why I'm searching for a new job. I don't like to be forced to provide bad service. :-( Sorry.
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Just Remembered


So...I am scared of needles and have rolling veins, but make it a point to donate blood every 3 months. The reason? My youngest was premature and spent a month in Intensive care, thankfully, she didn't need a transfusion but I would like to think the blood would be there if she did. Because of this, despite my fear, I donate. 


Now on to the bad service. I went to do my tri monthly donation, when I was having my temp taken and they were testing my iron I made it a point to let the nurse know about my fear and my rolling veins. She said it was not a problem, that they would be able to catch the vein and would cover my arm so that I can't see it. OK. 

We sit and they prep me for donation. She puts up the cover and tells me when she's about to stick me so that I don't flinch. Great so far. She missed the vein. Not so bad in and of itself but then she said in a very exasperated tone, "why didn't you tell me you have rolling veins?" Um...I did. 

I tell her to try again. She moves further down my arm and tries again. She missed the vein again. She says not to worry she knows what to do. She then grabs two butterfly needles, which I don't see due to the cover, she says just breathe. Then I feel a needle enter my arm. Before I can even ask if she got the vein I feel another needle enter my arm next to the first. I move the cover and she has the butterfly needles set up in a way to "hold" the vein in place while she tries a third time to stick me with the other needle. I jerked my arm away from her, butterfly needles still inserted, and said someone else needs to draw my blood or I'm leaving. 

She became very huffy with me saying that this was the best way to stop my vein from rolling. Um...just no. 

Her supervisor came over and said he would take over. He removed the two butterfly needles and apologized for the nurse. I calmly told him he had one chance to catch the vein and if he missed I wasn't donating that day. 

He missed. I calmly thanked him and asked him to remove everything from my arm because I was leaving. They became very upset with me and started telling me that by donating I could save three lives and by not donating I was as good as killing inocent babies. I burst into tears. At this point my cell rang and it was my mother. As soon as I picked up she knew something was wrong. I explained it to her and she was able to give me the strength to just leave. 

I felt bad about not donating but I couldn't let them stick me again. 

The worst part.

When I went to a different donation center a week later, they had flagged me as unable to donate due to a recent tattoo. That wasn't true, so then I wasn't able to donate for an entire year. So there went 4 donations for the year because of that one center. 

I don't go to them anymore, but I think about them every time I donate, today was my donation day, and now I have this very lovely community in which to share that story.


I love a good clearance sale and I heard Sears was having one on digital cameras so I go to the one that is closest to my house. I admit it's not the best area of town, run down half empty mall that has very little customer traffic but that doesn't mean the employees should ignore what few customers they do have and huddle around a display tv watching a movie.

I had been in the electronics department I would guess over thirty minutes and no one even looked around, I finally found the clearance stuff tucked away in a corner and the old display cameras in a locked case. I had to go and ask for someone to let me see them and this is this is where it gets fun.

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In the end for all the hassle I love my new camera.

Post office protip

Protip: if you have NFI how to do your damn job or follow simple instructions on a piece of paper, insisting instead that you need some mythical "caller service" number, handing me the paper your buddy gave you with detailed instructions is not so smart, actually.

You know. The paper that says to put in the customer's phone number, which you never asked me for, to bring up what box the online form assigned me.

The paper that says, "internet reservations do not currently support caller service numbers at this time".

Thanks for wasting 45-50 minutes of my time on Monday and making me late to my first ever biopsyche class. Your friend who handed you the instructions got my keys for me in about ten minutes. You, sir, fail.
Truly Outrageous

bad serice at local DQ

I've had problems with the service at the local DQ for years, but this took the cake.

I get the Blizzard of the Month coupons from the official website through my email, and I've had no problem taking them to the DQ a town over (since I prefer to go there, but it's a little out of my way), and they redeem them with no problem. However, yesterday I go to the local one with my BOTM coupon to save some gas money.

Now the cashier wasn't sure how to redeem it. I can understand that, I have no problem with that, so she calls the manager over. She takes a close look at my coupon, and tells me, "We can't redeem this."

I look at it, see that it hasn't expired yet, and point out that it's not expired yet. She gives me some crap excuse that A) the coupon has to have my name and my email address on it from the computer printout, and B) "this is WAY larger than the coupons we normally redeem, I think this is counterfeit."

Now I can't help it if that's how my computer printed out this coupon, but COME ON. I've had problems with the manager of this DQ before, one of the main reasons why I go tot the other DQ. I explained to her that the DQ a town over has had NO problems with my coupons, and I know for a fact it's not counterfeit because it's direct from the DQ website. She just repeats herself, "Well, I can't redeem this." NO "I'm sorry" or anything of the like. know, bad way for a manager to handle the situation, IMHO. I told her, "You just lost my business for good" and left. I told quite a few of my coworkers about it today because it was crappy service, and a lot of my coworkers agreed that they don't like frequenting that DQ either because of that particular manager.