August 26th, 2008

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emergency room suck.

I don't know if it's bad form to post frequently here. If it is, I apologize.

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Oh, and random old woman who came in around two AM?

I don't believe in your God, at least not in the way that you'd like me to believe in him. I don't need a lecture on how people who die by suicide go to Hell, or whatever it was that you were trying to tell me -- I'm not sure on the details, given that I was half-asleep at the time.

I listened to what you had to say about how God is forgiving and I probably still had a chance at Heaven, since I didn't actually die. I smiled and nodded and pretended I actually gave a crap, and I closed my eyes and played along when you decided that we should pray. That probably would have been it, had you not grabbed my wrist to see the pendant on my bracelet.

Yes, I'm wearing my pentacle. I'm Wiccan, you see, and I enjoy wearing a symbol that has meaning to me and my faith. You probably wouldn't even be able to see it, had I not chosen to wrap the cord around my wrist so I could hold the pentacle and take some comfort from it. Usually it's neatly tucked into my cleavage so it doesn't offend people like you.

I was already sick, in pain, stressed out, and tired. I just wanted them to figure out the details of how to transport me to the hospital in the next city because there wasn't room for me in this one; I didn't want a lecture about how I had been corrupted by Satan and that's why I tried to off myself. I guess I should be grateful that you stormed off and didn't try to pray with me again. D:

All the other stuff aside... am I right in thinking that having someone come in to pray with a patient who may or may not be at all interested, and then having that someone give a huge lecture or two, is bad_service?
holy flaming baseball bats

CavTel, why can't i quit you?

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The other internet service in the house is Verizon, so we're just sticking with the one line from now on. At least we have a spare router in case his fries...

this was written while on the phone/on hold, so it may seem slightly "out of place" at times.  apologies, if it reads kindof funny.