August 24th, 2008

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University Bus System

Neither I nor any of my friends have ever had any problems with the university bus system until tonight.

At night, you have two bus options. You can wait at a designated bus stop (they're all over) and ride the late night bus, which just makes its rounds across campus at night, or you can call a different bus (called the Link), and have it come pick you up where you are and take you where you need to go.

So at about two thirty in the morning, a friend and I wanted to go home, which was way on the other side of campus, and we're not stupid enough to walk there. So we decide to call the Link and have it pick us up. So we call, and told the man who answered where we are and where we'd like to go. And he informs us that the Link can't pick us up, because it doesn't make pickups on the roads where the Late Night rides. So he says, "Ride the Late Night," and hangs up. Well, we've called the Link and had it pick us up at the same place we were trying to be picked up from tonight. Also, we had rode on the Late Night earlier that night, and as we were getting on it, the Link was picking people up a few hundred feet behind us.

But he had already told us he would not send the Link to us, so we decide to just wait at the bus stop for the Late Night. After about ten minutes, it finally shows up...and drives right past us. We were standing right on the curb, under a streetlight, at a sign that clearly says, "Bus Stop - Late Night" and the drivers are supposed to stop at all the designated bus stops. But nope, it just keeps going.

So now it's about 2:40 a.m., and us three girls are just chilling outside at the bus stop. So we call the Link guy again, and explain what happened, that we waited for Late Night, and it drove right past us, does he know why it would do that, and is there any way he can help us? He says, "No, I don't know why it did that, but I'm not sending the Link out to get you. You'll just have to wait for the Late Night again," and hangs up.

About fifteen minutes later, the Late Night came back around, but we were not happy. The Late Night and the Link are supposed to help us. They exist as a safety measure so that college kids don't have to walk across campus downtown at three in the morning. It was bad enough waiting outside on the sidewalk for a half hour.
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tmobile corporate info? ANYONE?

this is in relation to my bad_service post at

to make a quick summary: i have STILL NOT RECEIVED MY $123 BACK. when the "order" finally arrived the box was EMPTY. it had a nokia user manual in it, and that's it. WTF. i called customer care AGAIN and after spending like 40 minutes on the phone, was told my order would be credited back to my card in 7-10 days. i waited 10 days and called back, and AGAIN, nobody had any record of canceling the original order, nor did they have any record of my PROMISED (TWICE NOW!!) refund! the agent told me that she is "sorry" i was told i'd get the refund credited back to my card because that's "not how they do refunds"! WTF? so she said i'd get a CHECK in the MAIL in about 30 days.

that last phonecall (one of many!) was july 28th, it's auguest 24th, still NOTHING.

at the moment, i am on the phone with tmobile. have been for about, oh, an hour and 20 minutes i'd say. i will check the exact time when i hang up, because my phone won't display it until i do. i've talked to 3 different people, and am currently holding for my fourth person. THE FIRST TWO PEOPLE HAD NO NOTE OF ANY REFUND. NOTHING. the third person finally found something in his computer that confirms i was owed a refund for that original charged and my check was mailed on 7/28. FINALLY some results, right? well, NO. he then informed that he works in "telesales" and he doesn't know WHY my call was even transferred to him because he cannot help me. hence, on hold for person #4.

WHERE IS MY MONEY? oh my god. i am flipping out, livejournal, flipping out. this is a nightmare. i am due for another bill payment on 9/8 and i'll be DAMNED if i'm paying it. not until i get my money. i've had it.

does anyone here have any corporate contact info for trmobile?? because i can't find any, and this is absurd. i'm so done.

EDIT: one date change, because of typo!
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kroger pharmacy suck

Since Kroger is the closest pharmacy to me, its where I take my prescriptions to be filled.

I have one I refil every month. Having an actual prescription for it is new to me, I was having to run to Planned Parenthood during their weird hours to get my refils. Pharmacy makes it easier.

This month, I did the easyfill rx online system, because if i go in, no matter what it is or how busy/not-busy they are, its a minimum of a 30 minute wait(my medicine is on a blister card. not counted out into a bottle. just a card, and a plastic case). I put in my info, the prescription number, and the particular pharmacy's phone number, all easily visible on my label. I choose that its ok to pick it up the next day. This was friday afternoon. I get a confirmation screen with the address of the proper pharmacy, and that it will be ready after noon on saturday. I had a busy weekend and made it over there today before my every-other-sunday gaming group, which i was already running a little late for, due to other circumstances. I have to stand at the counter for about 5 minutes before the guy gets through text-messaging and comes to help me. He goes to look for my prescription, can't find it. I say it should be, since i submitted it 2 days prior on the easyfill system, and got a confirmation. The girl working drive through SNARLS at me that its not there, and how its not THEIR fault, and the guy tells me i can come back later, they're open til 6. At this point I'm getting a little bit livid, as I'm running late, I don't feel good, and I don't have time to come back. I mention that I really don't have the time to wait, and the drive through girl snarls something about how poor planning on my part doesn't constitute an emergency on their part. So I'm getting pretty close to raising my voice, and just ask if there's someone else I can speak to. They tell me no. Finally the pharmacist comes over and starts shouting me down that they'll go GET my medication, and no one ever said it would take 30 minutes(which, true, i guess. i did presume that since it always does.) 10-15 minutes later, they hand it to me and ring me up, glaring at me the whole time. Apparently one computer had "no record" of it, but another one did?

I guess can understand that things get lost and all(though its rather annoying since that system is meant so people don't have to wait around, and i had a confirmation message that it went through), but there was no reason for the attitude they gave me over it.

(tl;dr-pharmacy clerks quite rude towards me for an error on their/their systems part)

Trying too hard?

Has anyone here ever had a store/restaurant/etc try SO HARD to give "good service" that it became annoyingly bad service?

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tl;dr Sales Associate repeated attempts to "find" me a fitting room while I waited for my friend (who was trying things on and needed my opinion) was incredibly annoying and felt like the furthest thing from customer service.