August 23rd, 2008

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I've spent most of the day reading the archives here (and was actually five minutes late to work because I got distracted - whoops!). I like to think I give really good customer service, especially since my momma raised me right and I am one of those dorks who pay attention to the rules and procedures you get taught in new jobs ^_^

My question is, what do you do when faced with a situation where the rules where you work would result in bad service?
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I think I have way too much fun reading these things. D: I've never actually posted to an LJ community before, but I need to vent, and this is the place, right? If I screw up, someone tell me.


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tl;dr: go to the urgent care clinic after my bad hip made a popping sound and started hurting like a bitch, get told nothing's wrong, have a sample pack of tylenol-3 thrown at me and am told that the urgent care does not treat chronic pain conditions.

also, only one of the doors worked, and it was marked "employees only" and in the back of the building next to the dumpsters.

I am so angry right now!

So, this is sort of an update to a previous post, which was here.

TL;DR/short background about the previous post: I rode a combination of the Jefferson Lines and the Greyhound from Albert Lea, MN to Philadelphia, PA. I arrived almost 12 hours late. I had purchased a round-trip ticket, but I flew home.

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TL;DR Jefferson Lines refuses to give me a refund for my return ticket, which I didn't use, because they're claiming I *did* use it.
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Future Shop

I bought a computer and warranty from Future Shop. This was my second laptop from Future Shop as I was happy with the service I got on the last one.

The computer was crashing a lot, no longer recognizing the Webcam\cd-dvd\usb and the power cord was coming in and out. Collapse )

Teeny little rant.

I feel lucky because so far in my twenty years of being I have encountered good service. The odd miserable cashier or being served by someone who stares at me like I'm a freak of nature, but otherwise I've had good luck.

Except when I turned 18.

Now, this is a tiny piece of bad service - it is by no means OH MY WORD HORRIFIC, it's just a little piece of "oh snap why?"

I had just gotten a nice sum of money and decided to go and buy Fable from Game in a town like 6 miles away, and was giddy because I had never played it before and oh how I longed for it.

Background: I look younger than my age. I currently lack any good ID so my poor fiance is never able to buy alcohol around me (he is 18! (ps. we're from England)) because cashiers think that he might give it to me and I look too young. I've always looked like a 12-year-old or somesuch, 16 at the oldest. I am now 20 and look the same.

So I hunted down Fable like a giddy fool and went to the cashier, with my Mother following behind.

She stood to the side out of the way as I handed the game over, just minding her own business.

The cashier suddenly looked at me, "Uh, you know this game is 16+, right..?"

I stared for a moment.

"Oh, yeah, I'm 18." I replied, feeling rather sheepish as this had never happened before (I'm used to buying 18-rated horror DVDs constantly)

All was well, he bagged the game, I handed over the money...

And he handed over the change to my Mother, a woman who was not even paying any attention to myself or the cashier, and was not even obviously related to me.

I just sort of stared, and then my Mother stared and said simply, "Uh, why are you giving it to me? He's buying the game."

The cashier just handed me the money without a word, and off I went. o_o

Uhm, okay then.


That rating is not a legal issue, it is a PEGI suggested rating to describe the content of the game - it is an entirely voluntary thing that games choose whether to use or not. You do not need to provide ID to purchase the game, nor would it have been illegal for me to purchase it under the age of 16.

Also, I was not asked for ID anyway.

He never needed to mention the rating in the first place.
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Rude cashier of the week

The manager of my local petrol station (gas station) has always been extremely rude to customers, but today the took the biscuit, managing to be Teh Complete Bitch to both me (customer) and her co-worker...

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And while I've mentioned the topic, does anyone else think that it's really rude for cashiers to read out the messages on the screen of the card machines as if their customers are illiterate?

Hi, you're RUDE.

I went grocery shopping at Winco the other day, and as I was leaning into the large freezer to grab some of those delicious microwavable burritos, my earring fell out. It went into this little vent-looking thing at the bottom of the freezer, and I freaked out.

I found someone who worked there and told him what happened. This guy had actually been stocking the freezer beside me when it happened. I was very polite, very calm, and explained that it was important to me because it was the only thing that was given to me when my grandmother passed away. I asked if there was anything that could be done to get it out.

Now, I could understand if there wasn't anything he could do, but I don't think this was the right way to go about it:

Him: Oh, is it a diamond?
Me: Yes.
Him: Well that's too bad then.

He was so cocky when he said it, and then he just walked away. UH WHAT? By then I started to get really upset. I didn't yell at anyone, but I was definitely crying. I went to a cashier hoping to get a manager, but after expressing her own, "Oh that sucks" she told me that he wasn't in and there probably wasn't anything he could do anyway. :/

Even if there wasn't anything that they could do, I just feel like they were really rude about the whole thing.

ETA I accidentally typed 'Costco' at first. Whoops.

ETA again I guess I should be more clear about his tone when he said it was too bad. Think of the way you'd say, "Ha, that sucks for you!" and that's pretty much it. I don't blame the store for my lost earring, I wasn't sticking around for coupons or anything, I just honestly wanted to know if there was anything that could be done about getting my earring out.
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