August 21st, 2008

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Quick McSuck

Went out late last night/early this morning (around 3am) with my husband to get some McDonalds. We've been on a weird body clock schedule recently thanks to Civ IV (happens every time!) so it was kind of like our lunch. Luckily, there are 3 McDonalds within a 20 minute drive of us that are 24/7. So, we went to the closest one, at Paralowie.

We get to the little monitor/speaker, and a recording says something along the lines of, we'll be with you shortly, thanks for waiting. Then a gruff voice says, "Place your order." That's it. No please, nothing. So, I order - a large Big Mac meal and a large Double Quarter Pounder meal. It comes up on the screen just fine, and the guy says "$13.50." Once again, that's it.

So I pull around and find this unshaven, bored-looking guy at the window, wrinkled shirt opened a few too many buttons at the top. He opens the window and says nothing, just holds out his hand. I give him exact change, he mumbles something and turns away.

I pull forward to the last window, and proceed to wait about 10 minutes for my food. I can see him ambling about inside, and then some other guy appears, not even in McDonalds uniform, and they're both chatting and having a laugh, while I wait. Eventually the first guy comes to the window and hands me my drinks, saying "Drinks." As he did so. Then he hands me my bag and shuts the window again. A cursory check of the bag seems all is well, fries are full enough.

Get home and discover my husband has been given a regular Quarter Pounder instead of the Double. They're in the same box, so unless we had actually opened the box and pried the burger apart, we wouldn't have known.

I want to complain, more about the shoddy service than the burger, but a month or so ago I complained about the service at our closest McDonalds (which isn't open 24/7) and they rang me up and gave me a free meal next time I came in, and my husband said I shouldn't complain because I'll seem like some kind of serial McDonalds complainer. I don't think two complaints within a couple of months is a huge amount, but whatever. How hard is common courtesy?

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So my mom and I went to a beauty supply store today because my mom was going to get some hair dye so she could dye over her gray hair.  My mom has dredlocks.  She's had them for twelve years now.  Everybody always think their fake, which I don't understand.  Not every black woman has a weave.  I'm just going to type it in script form because it will be easier.

Me: n______n
RBSL: Rude Beauty Supply Lady

RBSL: Hi, can I help you today?
Mom: I was looking for some hair dye to cover my grays.
RBSL: Well, you need to start by taking those things out of your head 
Me: O.O
Mom: This is my hair.
RBSL: Oh, please.  That is not your hair, and if you're trying to dye it, you need to take those things out.

I thought my mom was going to slap her silly, but she just grabbed me and stormed out.  People can be so ignorant sometimes.

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This just happened a few minutes ago, and it's not TOO bad, but bad enough.

I had gone to Arby's to get me some deliiiicious roast beef sandwiches.  I also ordered a lemonade.  I don't drink sodas AT ALL, so this is my drink of choice.

When I receive my food, I pull forward to let the other people get their food.  I take a nice big gulp of my drink.  The syrup has run out, and now it tastes like water with a tiny hint of lemon.  Disgusting.

By that time, no one's in the drive through, so I go through it again to give them my drink.

Me - ME!
DTL - Drive Thru-Lady

Me - Umm, I'm sorry to bother you, but this drink has run out and now it's pretty much just water.  May I get another one please?
DTL - We have to change it, can I get you something else?
Me - I'm sorry.  *really guilty face*  I don't drink sodas.
DTL - You can have water.
Me - *confused* Uh, then could I have my money back?
DTL - *blank stare*
Me - I really don't want a drink then.
DTL - Fine.  We'll change it.  You're gonna wait.

So I give in and wait for my new drink.

*ten minutes later and a line of cars behind me giving me the evil eye*

DTL - Here.  *shoves drink at me and slams the window closed, not even seeing if I'm okay with the new drink*

I mean, seriously.  I change the soda machine at my work all the time.  Honestly, it takes less than two minutes.  Really, it's not that hard.  :(  And you'd have to change it anyways for more people to drink.  Geez.
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Amazon Marketplace

It's not terrible service yet, but definitely annoying so far. At this point it could go either way.

So I ordered my textbooks online like I have for the last couple years. More than enough time to get them in before the semester starts.

I ordered a HARDCOVER copy (mostly because I will need this book for more than the one class, and having a hardcover would be advantageous) of a marketing book for one of my classes, at $40 off the list price of $165. As soon as the order goes through, I have an email from the seller of this particular book, stating that she just realized this was listed as hardcover and she had a paperback book. She asked if I still wanted it, but there was another hardcover listed for yet-cheaper than list price, at $100 in like-new condition. I thanked her for her honesty and said no, I would order a different hardcover.

So I order the hardcover at $100. It came in a couple days ago and my dad just brought it to my place, and huh, didn't I order a hardcover? because this is a softcover. With a GIANT crease in the front cover, obviously from someone getting it caught as they put it in the envelope and not paying attention as they creased it.

But uh hi, I ordered a hardcover, and there IS a separate listing for softcover, so WTH?

At this point, I don't care about what I GET--I don't NEED a hardcover book, but it IS what I ordered and paid for. And I'd prefer not to risk trying to order another book now with ten days till classes start. So I'm willing to keep my paperback--at the paperback price!

I just checked the listing guidelines and by my interpretation, since everything above "acceptable" says "cover in tact," I would call this "acceptable" condition (besides some corner damage that MAY have occurred in shipping which I won't argue, but they should have padded it better). There is a paperback copy listed at acceptable condition for $35, so I asked for a $65 refund. Even if they argue that it's in better condition, a very good book is listed at $50, but I figured I'd swing low and hope to get SOME sort of refund.

This is the email I sent the seller:
I ordered a hardcover book that did not have any damage listed in the description. I received a paperback book with a SERIOUS crease in the front cover and a few lesser creases on the front pages. The paperback in this condition is currently selling for $35 on Amazon. I would appreciate a $65 refund on this sale.

We'll see how this pans out.

"You can't have that, you're vegetarian!"

I'm vegetarian, so sometimes it's difficult for me to find something to eat, that's not always grilled cheese, or fries.
I was at the mall today with the boy and the chinese food place had a special where when you purchase a combo, you get a free order of dried ribs. 
Easy enough right? Wrong.
I got the #1 combo [it was all vegetarian] and I get to the till, and as I'm paying with my debit card, I ask for my side of ribs [for the boy, but they didnt need to know that] and the lady says to me "You can't have that, you're vegetarian!"
I tell her it doesn't matter, I ordered a combo, and I should still get it, whether my combo contained meat or not.
She turns to the other lady working and they start talking in another language [rude, in my opinion. obviously Im going to guess that they were talking about me] and then looks at me, and goes to dump the ribs on top of all the food that was in the container. [they would have never fit anyways, because the styrofoam container was too full
I asked her if I could please have them in a separate container, and she looks at me like I have three heads, I repeat myself "Could you please put them in a seperate container than the rest"  and she just keeps looking at me.
I finally got pissed off enough and I was just like "You know what, don't even worry about it." and we just left. 

I know it was something that was free, but it doesn't matter. I bought a combo, and should've gotten the ribs.