August 20th, 2008

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Somewhat minor, but it really bothered me.

I was at the checkout lane at my local grocery store when my debit card got declined. Not insufficient funds, not incorrect PIN, just... declined. With no explanation. I was lucky that my roommate, who I was shopping with, was willing to put my nearly $100 of groceries on her credit card, with me promising up and down that I would pay her back as soon as I got it all figured out.

Immediately, I went home and called my bank. After being on hold for 40 minutes, I was told that my debit card had been locked because they suspected it had been tampered with or otherwise compromised. That's fine, and I was glad they did that - but I got no notification. No email, no phone call, no letter, not even a notice when I logged in to my online account (which I'd done that morning to make sure I had the funds for groceries that day). I had to use my card, and have it declined, and then call them to find out they'd locked it.

It was just... frustrating. And then I had to wait almost 8 hours between the time that I set up a new PIN and I could actually access my money. So my friend who was coming in from out of town that night... yeah, I wouldn't have had any money had I not tried to go grocery shopping earlier in the day.
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Female sandwich artist, please do not be giving me attitude when I said I'd was sharing a sandwich with my mother. It is not your place to assume and get frustrated when you had to throw away that second piece of wax paper. Footlong sandwiches are freaking two meals, and if you eat like I do FOUR.

Also please listen, I don't wanna have to go all Navi on you but I will if I must. I said it loud and clear the vegetables I wanted, and you were all like WHAT WHAT? WHAT?! LISTEN DAMNIT.

Now sandwich artist's manager who was acting as cashier... please be HANDING us our meal's cup. Do not point at us and go UH DON'T YOU KNOW? For all you know we could have been frequents at Quizno's forever and never went to Subway. If me or my motherhad decided to grab the largest cup because you didn't follow up, you guys would have had to suck it up. You're supposed to hand all items of a person's meal, not assume they know right away.

Now back to the FSA, don't be surprised when I said something after I heard you tell your manager about how dumb the "fat cow" and her daughter was as we are leaving. Lying to me about how your manager was the owner was doesn't help me when I tell the real owner about your location's absurd behavior.

Of course, me and my mom will never return to this particular Subway location. I just got the owner's information from the location near our house and I will be writing a complaint.

But seriously people? WHY ASSUME THINGS? I don't know, but I think it only takes an extra second or two to ask. "Will you both be getting sandwiches today?" Or "Your meal comes with that size cup there." THEY DO IT AT ALMOST EVERY OTHER SUBWAY I HAVE GONE TO.

(The only reason we didn't ditch the place is we were ever so hungry. :( )

Thank you.
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Mod note: Credit card transactions

A lot of us here use credit cards, and we'd much rather not be screwed by other people while we're using them. Hence, many of us are pretty protective of our credit and debit cards.* One thing that we should remember is that merchants would also not like to be screwed by other people, and there are rules on how credit card transactions are handled and verified.

For every credit card purchase, the merchant needs your credit card number/expiration date and one of these three items:
(1) Your name and address, including the zip code and sometimes your county of residence (AVS, or Address Verification Service).
(2) Your credit card's CVV number.**
(3) An imprint of your card, or an electronic swipe of your card.

Now, if I recall correctly, online stores such as Powell's Books ( uses method (1). Porn sites usually use method (2), or uh, so I've heard. Places like Pizza Hut and Gamestop use method (3).

For those merchants using method (3), if they can't swipe your card, then they need to make an imprint of your card. Having a delivery driver doing it is no different than having a clerk in front of a register doing it. They're still transferring the embossed portions of your credit card to a piece of paper. There's also no difference between doing a thermal rub of your credit card's information and using a manual credit card machine (other than needing to buy a machine that does the same thing as rubbing a pen across thermal paper).*** And the merchant would need an imprint of the whole front side of your card. It's to prevent mistaken or fraudulent chargebacks.

Here's the relevant information from Visa's website:

For key-entered or voice-authorized transactions, make an imprint of the
front of the card. The imprint proves the card was present at the point of
sale and protects your business from potential chargebacks if the transaction
turns out to be fraudulent. The imprint can be made either on the sales
receipt generated by the terminal or on a separate manual sales receipt
form signed by the customer.****

Since you don't use your CVV number to make most pizza delivery purchases online or over the phone, the imprint is required. This is because the merchant had to manually enter your 16-digit account number and expiration (or the website only asked for the 16-digit number and expiration, and not including the CCV code on the back of your card).

So if you've bought some pizza with your credit card over the phone or through the internet, please understand that if the delivery person actually follows procedure and asks for an imprint, she or he is just doing their job.

*Except for you few people that keep yelling out your pin number to the cashier when you hand them a debit card.
**Usually a 3-4 digit number in the signature box of the card. Different companies may use another name for this number.
***Personally, I prefer the thermal paper, since that will fade away in a few months, and imprinting machines use ink which doesn't fade away.
****Page 21, from this PDF file.
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Dear Disgruntled Small Time Pool Hall Bartender,

    I am sorry that you were too busy playing pool and not minding your bar to notice that I tipped you a dollar for the $2 beer I had.  I am sorry that it must've gotten taken...that or you were too drunk too remember it.

However, since when does you somehow not getting an effing $1 once - which the 2nd time I was there with a friend he definatly did get a tip since it was on a credit card  - mean that when you see me out at another bar that you can be an ass to me?  I mean seriously, hoping that me and my friend get stuck in the flood that is happening in my neighborhood (which was the reason she was driving me home last night...and we did end up stuck...even in her jeep) from the tropical storm and telling me it is karma for not tipping you...which I did in the first place?  Then basically calling me a liar when I tell you yes I did leave a dollar on the bar - seriously, if you can't hold your liquor, maybe you shouldn't be around it so much. 

No, you don't have to go fuck yourself, but I hope you do.

No Love,

The person that will NOT be buying anything from you or tipping you ever again.

P.S.  Trying to bad mouth me to the bartender at the bar we are at won't work, considering my friends and I gave him a 100% tip around christmas time and always leave him a minimum of 25%.  Seriously, he was laughing at you.
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Mod Post: New rules

#0) Spamming and advertising in this community without the express permission of the moderator is prohibited. This includes affiliate programs and re-sellers.

#1) Leave comments enabled, unfrozen and unscreened on all posts. Do not delete or screen comments that don't belong to you. Let people comment on your posts, or don't post here at all. To further clarify: You may delete your own comments, and your own post. You are not allowed to delete or screen comments from others. If there is a problem, then notify a moderator with a link to the comment. Private messages can usually be sent through an LJ user’s profile through the “send message” feature.

#2) No flame-baiting. The point of this community is to rant about how pissed off you are, not to piss people off. Please refrain from using icons featuring explicit pornography or shock images. This will allow people to view this community while avoiding work.

#3) No off-topic posts. The post must relate to bad service in some fashion. Advertising related communities is off-topic without moderator permission (see rule #0). “Good-bye” posts will score you a permanent good-bye from the moderators and the community. Complaints about LJ and other LJ communities are off-topic outside of mod-posts. Also, name-dropping any moderators or LJ staff by the Original Poster within the post or the comments will result in the post being considered off-topic and subject to deletion. (Getting permission from a mod for special circumstances is not named-dropping.)

#4) No grudge posts. If you hate a particular store to the point that there's nothing they could ever do to be right by you, quit going to that store. This doesn't apply if you just happened to get screwed by store twice in a row, or are forced to eat at the only late-nite diner near your work. It does apply if you can avoid a store and don't.

#5) No personal (ad hominem) attacks, please. Attack the argument, not the poster. Also, refrain from bringing up issues in reply that isn’t part of the post to begin with. If Andrea Yates posts here about bad service, don’t bring up her kids. Flame wars and behaviour detrimental to the community will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Mod-posts are generally made to address topics that may be of interest to the community, and in some (hopefully rare) cases, major events related to LiveJournal or the world in general. This is not meant to construe major disasters or attacks as “bad service”; such posts are merely provided as a courtesy to the membership. It’s okay to disagree with the mod.

Many apologies for this taking so long. :( Feel free to comment on the new rules; I've reworded a few of the previewed rules, added one completely new one, and knocked off the one that the LJ Terms of Service probably covers anyhow. Tonight's dinner was succotash and chili-fried rice.

A proposed update for rule #1 is here.
A proposed update for rule #4 is here

eta2: The proposed updates have been implemented and are found in the community info as well. Also, today (Aug 21) is bad_service's sixth "birthday".

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