August 19th, 2008

nail bite

Yet another apartment suck!

This past year I've been living in the basement apartment of a gorgeous old victorian house from the early 1900s. It was owned by a couple that had moved into it in the 80's from east Germany. A really cute family that was really sweet to me the entire time I was there. So when this happened, I wasn't sure how to react.

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Bad Service at the Nail Salon

I apologize in advance for the length of this one!

My artfully-decorated fingernails are a source of many compliments and a point of pride with me. For years, I have been getting my nails done by Lena, who owns four nail salons in my area. I am convinced that she can do anything on a fingernail. She does art that I would hang on my wall.

My nails always have a design on them, usually a combination of airbrush and hand-painting. My two favorite times of year for nail art, though, are Halloween and my birthday – St. Patrick's Day. Lena always goes all out for those two holidays, painting a different fancy design on each nail.

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(tl;dr: The staff at the nail salons I've been going to for years gave me the runaround about getting my nails done, and outright lied to me about not providing services that I've not only had, but that they advertise in their windows.)

I just found out that Lena is back, so I have an appointment with her for Thursday. All my friends are saying I need to tell her the reason I haven't checked in with her since March (in addition to not wanting to bug her while she sorted things out) was because of how rude her staff was. I hate to do it, but she needs to hear it.

its called an instruction manual. Use it.

Our campus allows faculty/staff to buying parking permits early, since it lessens the huge "return to campus" rush on their end, and makes it easier for us, since we have no desire to stand in line when we are suppose to be back in our offices, serving students too.

Our permits were supposed to be in two weeks ago and classes start next week. Understandably, people have been calling the Parking Office trying to find out what is going on.

My coworker called various times this morning, and just didn't get a reply - no voicemail and no answer. So she walked over there and asked them what was up.

"Well, we have been getting so many phone calls about what was going on with the permits that we have just given up answering the phone."

When she suggested that they perhaps revise their voicemail greeting and allow calls to go to that (if you are a faculty/staff member calling in regards to permits, this is the situation. For everything else, please stay on the line) the reply was "But that is too difficult. I don't know how to work the phone menu."

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I ordered a book from a local bookshop about two weeks ago in order to take on a backpacking trip. The guy there was being a bit irksome and trying to flirt, but whatever, I just wanted a book. He tells me that is going to take one week for the book to come in.

Two weeks later I'm still waiting for the phone call, so I pop down there myself. At first they have trouble finding my order in the first place, and then it's finally revealed that the book is expected to take five weeks to arrive, not one. The person working there apologises profusely and tells me his coworker who did my order is new, and thus assumed it would only take a week. Of course when you type my name in the database the date it's expected to arrive shows up right at the top.

A bit annoying but it is a heavy book so maybe I'm better off not carrying it around the European countryside. But I suppose it can just be chalked up to the new guy not being trained properly. Or not being able to read :P. Ah well, you can't win them all, right? At least I'll be getting the book eventually.
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This is why I hate when you can't call or e-mail

I am canceling my old health insurance plan because my new job provides it. OHI asks that you send in a signed letter stating that you wish to cancel. I chose to FAX since it was somewhat time-sensitive.

I call customer service today just to confirm that they had received it, about three weeks ago, and they had absolutely no record of it. Grr. FAXes are expensive, people! I can't just keep spending $2.44 willy-nilly because you can't keep track of paperwork. I also can't just run out and send one right away because there's no Kinko's near my house, etc. I held onto the receipt but it wasn't much help when they simply "hadn't recieved" anything.

I totally get that they want it in writing with a human signature, but if I could have (a) called, I would have talked to an actual person and confirmed that they knew I wanted to cancel, or (b) e-mailed, I would have been able to show proof that I did indeed send something by a certain date and therefore shouldn't have to pay for another month of what is essentially double-coverage. I'm just saying, it's kind of lame when older-fashioned methods screw you over.